SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Who's Had the Biggest Celebrity Image Makeover?

SLIDESHOW: Biggest Celebrity Image Makeover?

Drew Barrymore
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Drew Barrymore

BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: Barrymore, of "E.T." fame, entered rehab at 13, and had a hard time making the transition from child star. Today the Golden Globe-winning actress' is also a successful producer and director.
  1. Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: We all knew Angelina Jolie had a checkered past, so the new photos from her drug days should not be a shock really. But how will she explain them to her six kids?

  2. Tim Allen

    Tim Allen

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: As a young stand-up comic, Tim Allen was arrested for dealing cocaine and served 15 months in prison. But Tim "The Toolman" Taylor transformed him into a Hollywood success story.

  3. Drew Barrymore

    Drew Barrymore

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: Barrymore, of "E.T." fame, entered rehab at 13, and had a hard time making the transition from child star. Today the Golden Globe-winning actress' is also a successful producer and director.

  4. Mickey Rourke

    Mickey Rourke

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: Hollywood had written off bad boy Mickey Rourke after years of dealing with his temper. But the comeback kid's transformation was complete when he won the Golden Globe for "The Wrestler."

  5. Madonna


    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: The queen of image makeovers re-invented herself for years, from "Virgin" to "Material Girl." Today Madonna, mother of four, is known for her humanitarian efforts in Malawi and worldwide.

  6. Robert Downey, Jr.

    Robert Downey, Jr.

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: Downey's impressive transformation went from being arrested for sleeping off a night of drugging in a neighbor's bed to his Golden Globe-winning performances in "Sherlock Holmes."

  7. Christian Slater

    Christian Slater

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: Slater, another would-be victim of child stardom, took a tailspin into years of drugs, guns, and rage, but turned it around to become a highly respected actor, and a loving dad and husband.

  8. Mark Wahlberg

    Mark Wahlberg

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg spent 45 days in jail as a teenager for assault during his bad boy, drug days. Now the former rapper turned underwear model is a sought after Hollywood actor.

  9. Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson

    Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: Fergie, the former child star and one time crystal-meth addict, gave up the dark side and joined the Black Eyed Peas to become one of the most successful female pop singers in history.

  10. Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie

    BIGGEST MAKEOVER OR NOT: After driving the wrong way down an LA freeway, Nicole Richie did 82 minutes in jail. Seems to have scared her straight as she's settled into family life with two kids and beau Joel Madden.

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The tabloids are buzzing about racy pictures that have surfaced of a young, mostly naked Angelina Jolie in her goth, druggie days. The photos, published in Star Magazine, allegedly show Jolie in compromising positions and in a heroin-induced haze. Props include dog collars, blindfolds, cowboy hats and black tape covering her nipples.

But we ask, is anyone really surprised by the images? After all, this is the woman who once wore the blood of her then-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, around her neck. It appears that the photos are from a new tell-all book "Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography" by Andrew Morton.

Clearly, Angelina Jolie has cleaned up her act. Six kids and a U.N. Goodwill Ambassadorship later, Jolie is known more for her humanitarian efforts than any past indiscretions. But the "Salt" star is not the only Hollywood bad girl (or boy) to undergo a major transformation. Others like Robert Downey, Jr., Tim Allen and Drew Barrymore re-vamped their images and came out stronger and more successful on the other side.

<strong>Which Star Has Gone Through the Biggest Image Makeover?</strong>
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  • DamonNemoBrown 2010/07/30 17:18:44
    This pisses me off! Most of us over 20yrs old know that shes had a wild past! She has changed her life around remarkably in the past decade and all that she has done to help people... for them to do this is "scumbag journalism" and everyone who buys these rags outta be ashamed of themselves! How about Robert Downey Jr., with all the chances he was given to turn his life around he did, and no one one F's with him about his past. Why is there a double standard when it comes to females? Why are women who you'd think would be supportive of another female, the most vocal opponents? Saying she "white-washed" her life? With her fame and millions of dollars she doesn't have to do anything to kiss up to people. Thats not in her character to be fake or a kissass. From what I have seen and heard, most of the females who have a 'bone' to pick with Angie even though her life has turned around and she has donated so much of her time and millions of dollars of her own money, are fat out of shape and not as attractive, they sound very envious and bitter.

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  • MrsDowneyJr (Iwish) 2010/10/25 08:53:14 (edited)
    MrsDowneyJr (Iwish)
    In my opninion, Robert Downey Jr has got the biggest makeover ....... He want from a man dependent on drugs, wandering the streets to one of the Highest paid, most respected Actors in the world. He deserves to be top dog :-) He's a better actor and more importantly - he's even more sexy than he was before the drugs xx respected actors world deserves dog actor importantly sexy drugs xx
  • soussou 2010/09/01 14:32:29
    no I don't think angelina is the biggest celebrity makeover because she is always simple angelina celebrity makeover simple
  • MIA 2010/08/29 21:13:50
    no she is not pretty here holy holy holy god save her!
  • Andrew 2010/08/07 01:21:21
    who cares about all these celebs and how they try to improve the ways they look? theres so many people out their that cannot afford plastic surgery, face lifts, or whatever to make them more beautiful. most of these people are just narcistic.
  • kalevmora 2010/08/04 11:36:54
    if the kids don't ask don't push it if they do she should tell them that as
    teens people do pretty stuipd things
  • KiKi 2010/08/04 11:12:51
    so common
  • vwacira 2010/08/03 20:40:46
    what are u talking about Hannah or Selena wear more make-up! I get pissed off when it sometimes comes to make-up! I only wear make-up for halloween! Do the weenies say hallo on halloween? Hahaha!
  • ေနာင္ေနဦး 2010/08/03 12:05:39
    whatever like that , whoever say what ..,gonna be makeup
  • gopaldossk 2010/08/03 09:07:51
    i think she's not.
  • Brenda 2010/08/02 15:33:54
    No, not Angie
  • maxwelj68 2010/08/02 13:47:12
    she is not,,even hot-she ain't.
  • Egool Dizzomanks 2010/08/02 04:52:34
    Egool Dizzomanks
    I think that somehow we outgrow bad vibes out of our system, one grow over befitting the size we all know her to be present-day, an ambassadress of goodwill. Well, I like her now and she's still mine to admire sans hoopla of her misbehavin' past, great lady!
  • Nina 2010/08/01 09:21:46
    It's called Bi- Polar disorder amoung other mental disorders.
  • Jackie 2010/08/01 03:45:54
    No she's still a wierdo. She just collects multi raced children now instead of vials of blood. I feel sorry for the kids. Shes a celebrity, so she is about as deep as a puddle.
  • DimixieDacosta 2010/08/01 02:48:55
    i certainly think so-angelina "well done"
  • softballer8931 2010/07/31 19:55:41
    Does it really matter who had the BIGGEST image makeover? Th important thing is that they DID reinvent themselves. We need more celebrities like these who can pose as a sort of inspiration for us teenagers. Most of those stars used to use drugs, but they gave them up. Its important we see people who have gone to the dark side of life and have come out stronger.
  • Brenda softbal... 2010/08/02 15:31:56
    How, please tell me, does an adulterer inspire teenagers. Our society is long gone on morals.
  • nautica123 2010/07/31 19:24:34
    i think Angelina Jolie because she is a pretty girl without doing this contest so i think Angelina Jolie* !
  • KMAN 2010/07/31 16:37:27
  • SONNIE 2010/07/31 15:54:07
    I don t care about her past but I do admire angelina jolie alot because she and Brad always donate to poor countries even though they donated lots of money to New Orlean from Katrina. She loves her childrens that expresses me alot.

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