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SodaHead Exclusive: Twilight Giveaway!

- This contest is CLOSED. Winner announced shortly.

Twilight fans: it's time to celebrate! Create a killer discussion about Twilight and win! One SodaHead Twilight fan will score a $50 gift card to Hot Topic for Twilight merch and more, and since we can't let a mortal like you go shopping alone, you'll choose one of your friends to score another $50 gift card of their own!

To win: Spark up the hottest Twilight discussion here on SodaHead! We'll judge entries by votes, comments and raves, so make it good and share with your friends!

1. CLICK the Ask a Question button below or use the link here. Do not ask your question in the comments, you must create it using Ask a Question to enter!

2. CREATE a question about anything "Twilight" - the books, the movies, the Cullens, the cast - anything goes!

3. SHARE your creation... this is how you'll win! Share it with all your friends and ask them to vote, comment, and rave your question to help you win. One of them will be winning with you!

Tip: Let us share your question for you using the form that comes up after you create!

It's that simple! Talk about Twilight and win! Now, discuss it!

Official Contest Rules

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  • 1twilightfan 2009/03/22 21:02:03
    im so happy that twilight is out on dvd. i just gt it!!!!!
  • TheyGotNothingOnYouBabbbby. xD 2009/03/22 20:24:18
    TheyGotNothingOnYouBabbbby. xD
    yay!!!! i love twilight!
  • alice 2009/03/22 19:34:55
    i cant even express how much i luv twilight i have such an obssesion with edward it isnt even funny and i would luv a tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • alice 2009/03/22 19:32:17
    i luv twilight it rockz!!!!!!!!!i luv edward i have read all the books and they both rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Brittany 2009/03/22 17:34:02
    OME (oh my edward) wutz up? I love Twilight it is my favourite. I have a very large obsession with it!!!! I mean wut is not to like?! I love it so much I love it almost as much as my boyfriend!!! That is alot of love!!! I can't even put into words how much I love Twilight!!!! I'm sorry I can't express my feelings for Twilight!!! =( It is so sad!!!!
  • hannah 2009/03/21 23:34:44
  • xHaleyx 2009/03/21 15:37:45
    where was this movie made? the setting is gorgouse!!!
  • Raindro... xHaleyx 2009/03/23 19:33:05
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    washington, i use to live there, its such a beautiful place
  • Anniie Raindro... 2009/03/24 01:59:04
    oh you used to live there. How is it? Did you live near Forks?
  • Raindro... Anniie 2009/03/24 14:34:27
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    No i lived in southern washinton on the columbia river but I have family in Forks and I've been to the La Push Beach a few times. It's really pretty up there, all of washington is
  • Anniie Raindro... 2009/03/25 22:13:49
    Thats AWESOME!!
    I'm so going to take a trip up there one day. I wish I was that lucky to have family there so I can visit.
  • Raindro... Anniie 2009/03/25 23:53:09
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    La Push is pretty but Forks is kind of boring, its just like any other small town
  • PaganFire 2009/03/21 11:04:20 (edited)
    So if I offer tours of the places in the "Twilight" movie and book series... will anybody in this forum care? I live in Western Washington! places twilight movie book series forum care live western washington
  • KW PaganFire 2009/03/21 23:49:23
    um i would so travel to washington except i got the movie companion and it said it was filmed in Oregon lol
  • KW KW 2009/03/26 03:43:23
    I may have been wrong i havent looked at the movie companion in a little while and i heard that it was filmed in washington...so if i am wrong disregard my comment above but if i am right lol well you get it lol
  • Brittany PaganFire 2009/03/22 17:36:31
    Omg!!! You offer tours?! That is so totally awesome!!! Lol! Are you a big Twilight fan like me?! It's going to be hard to beat MY obsession though!!! Lol! As you can probably see I love Twilight!!!!!
  • Leo --Name Subject 2 Change-- 2009/03/21 06:34:51
    Leo --Name Subject 2 Change--
    Wow. this is a really cool contest. I would totally do it, but i'm not really feeling like it. I'll bet a lot of people would get into this; Twilight is really big and there are lots of scandals that could start really heated discussions. haha.
  • GiGgLe_MoNsTeR_RaWr 2009/03/21 03:49:00
    look at mine!
  • ♥317♥ ~*Ϟιη hαяяy Pσттεя ι тяυsтϞ*~ΨρנατσΨ
    Ugh, why would I want to buy a sparkling piece of crap?
  • Love Me Or Hate Me Either W... 2009/03/20 23:49:18
    Love Me Or Hate Me Either Way I'ma Be ME!!
    Do you think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart should be a couple in real life?! robert pattinson kristen stewart couple real life

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