Social Video Game About Jesus: Awesome or Awful?

Gaming 2012/05/16 13:00:00
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Ever wonder what it would be like to watch Jesus duke it out with the Devil? Well, presumably, that's what you get to do in "Journey of Jesus," a point-and-click Facebook game by Lightside Games that's being promoted as "the first-ever Messiah-based video game." We couldn't vouch for the validity of that claim, but it's probably the first social game about Jesus. The strange game is picking up enough press to get a mention in Time magazine. So far, it's got upwards of 2 million users.

The gameplay is pretty straight-forward -- players controls a cartoony biblical version of themselves as they help Jesus and the disciples out by performing point-and-click tasks, like gathering wood to fix a cart or clearing a thorn bush to get to the baptism. The social part comes in the form of sharing -- users also get to share their progress with their Facebook friends and receive perks for doing so, kind of like "Farmville." Now, we're not sure if that fight with he devil is literal or figurative. Many of the ads show the Lord in a boxing ring with his sandal perched on Satan's chest, but that could just be because it was released on the same day as "Diablo III." Visit the game's Facebook page, click "Play Game" to give it a shot -- and let us know how you feel about the video game about Jesus.

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  • The Libertarian 2012/05/16 15:42:18
    The Libertarian
    I see nothing wrong with it, for those of you of seem to have a problem with this, go make your own app and put it on facebook.

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  • Gina 2012/05/17 15:26:35
    Unless he's portrayed as the Zombie Gawd!!
  • luke 2012/05/17 15:25:15
    Man created God in his image: intolerant, ignorant, sexist, and violent.
  • right-c... luke 2012/05/18 15:56:05
    Retare God is love try being less of a moron.
  • swp right-c... 2012/05/18 18:05:14
    You might want to re-read your bible.
  • luke right-c... 2012/05/19 17:37:58 (edited)
    I'm not the moronic one here, go look through this: http://skepticsannotatedbible... and try and tell me that your so-called "holy light" is loving again, because: 1) The notion of a god is fallacy created by humans to make other human be good little minions/thoughtslaves, ergo god doesn't exist 2) If it did exist it would be intolerant, ignorant, sexist, cruel, malevolent, malicious, and genocidal in nature.
  • NakedRei 2012/05/17 15:22:10
    I can see it as a good tool for teaching the "heathens" about Jesus, but for those who are already "saved" this is little more than a retread.
  • BranislavDJ 2012/05/17 15:19:04
    Too much religion...
    way too much
  • LewisCrise 2012/05/17 15:01:39 (edited)
    This is idolatrous and a total mockery of Christ.
  • John Tunmire 2012/05/17 14:52:40
    John Tunmire
    Jesus, was suppose to be the prince of peace. Not the prince of Ninja
  • issy 2012/05/17 14:39:29
    I think it's Awesome.......they have all kind's of Game's -EXCEPT 1's that are Christian Related.
  • Maci 2012/05/17 10:45:31
  • notw77x Maci 2012/05/17 14:27:38
    Don't worry Jesus still loves you! And wants to save you!
  • stevegt... notw77x 2012/05/17 14:37:26
  • Maci stevegt... 2012/05/17 15:52:06
  • stevegt... Maci 2012/05/17 19:49:39
  • Maci stevegt... 2012/05/17 19:54:21
  • luke notw77x 2012/05/17 15:26:00
    Jesus can do none of those things because he was an insane man in the desert and has been dead for quite a long time.
  • swp luke 2012/05/17 15:44:39
    ... assuming he was ever a real person in the first place...
  • Maci notw77x 2012/05/17 15:47:12 (edited)
  • chamcha... Maci 2012/05/17 14:48:35
    I can quote the Bible too.

    i can
  • stevegt... chamcha... 2012/05/17 19:52:59
  • chamcha... stevegt... 2012/05/18 03:50:50
    oh ya I forgot Christians like to pick and chose parts of the Bible.
    the Bible
  • right-c... chamcha... 2012/05/18 14:03:49
    Idiot born every minute, Those so called bans are not true. Rules were made for the times it was written because the people of that time could not adjust. And some to build respect and right thinking, and some were just bad for you, some culture. But it is clarified who wrote them - leaders or God, so do your research better and with correctness.
    2. You are not quoting the Bible, you are pieces out and not giving facts or complete reasoning which is give with those so called bans.
  • chamcha... right-c... 2012/05/18 14:52:03
    Some one seems upset. People wrote the Bible thousand of years after Jesus. I have done my research. I use to be Christian, until I got smart. I don't need a Bible to tell me whats right or wrong. I also don't need to fallow a God that kills.
  • right-c... chamcha... 2012/05/18 16:01:24 (edited)
    Yes you do, The Bible still hold true today, And if you do know right from Wrong why did you try to misslead people with your lies. Stupidity is your greatest protait of yourself.
    As for me I have seen Angels, I have seen real Mircles,(not the mircle of your stupiity) and heard His voice. and see the proof of His word come to life.
  • chamcha... right-c... 2012/05/18 16:16:22
  • swp right-c... 2012/05/18 18:12:24
    How do you know what you saw was angels?
    What was the real miracle and how did you know for sure it was one?
    Hearing voices could be a sign of a mental disorder, you should get that checked out.

    I for one have never seen a person walk on water without it being a trick. I haven't seen someone turn water into wine, I having seen anyone wave the hands and part a sea. Nor have I heard a buying bush speak. I wonder why these things just don't happen now that we have the tools and the means to tell when they might be tricks....

    I have seen lightning though.. so maybe Zeus or Thor is a real god...
  • right-c... chamcha... 2012/05/18 14:37:14 (edited)
    Things on your list lot of them seems like a right thing to do, and so you are just wrong, there was no Football or cotton./polyester - The seventhday is for are benefit so we can have rest - God dosn't need it. The shaveing thing was a culture style, and in New Testment God said let all be bless when given thanks for- that covers your food issue.
    Amazing the stupid (non intelligece, non important) people give us (christians) entertainment.
  • chamcha... right-c... 2012/05/18 14:54:40
    People like you are the reason why people turn away from religion.

  • right-c... chamcha... 2012/05/18 16:05:08
    No they turned way because they are already evil in there Godless Heart.
    They like you just try to find justification in others instead of there wicked ways.
  • chamcha... right-c... 2012/05/18 16:14:07
  • right-c... right-c... 2012/05/18 16:40:40 (edited)
    Well it's been fun watching you Back ward people try to defend your stupidity, I get a blast out of you 'll and what little you know about anything, just makes my day and puts a smile on my face, because I have to be right (because I have truth, proof, knowege) if you're so pig head because you can not disprove anything, just lip service of the dumb.
  • ABR2PWD Maci 2012/05/17 15:12:33
    Calm down
  • Maci ABR2PWD 2012/05/17 18:36:36
  • Mwanga ... Maci 2012/05/17 22:02:28
  • Maci Mwanga ... 2012/05/17 22:17:08 (edited)
  • Maci Mwanga ... 2012/05/17 22:19:35
  • Maci Mwanga ... 2012/05/17 22:34:50 (edited)
  • Maci Mwanga ... 2012/05/17 22:36:08 (edited)
  • right-c... Maci 2012/05/18 16:10:52
    idiot try to prove they have not come true.
    I give you on Jesus and John B-day was predicted 400 hundred before they were Born.
    Mary (Jesus mother) - wedding and birth also predicted and came true, and this has been prove true by other source besides the Bible.
    Anything else to show the lack of intellences.

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