Social Video Game About Jesus: Awesome or Awful?

Gaming 2012/05/16 13:00:00
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Ever wonder what it would be like to watch Jesus duke it out with the Devil? Well, presumably, that's what you get to do in "Journey of Jesus," a point-and-click Facebook game by Lightside Games that's being promoted as "the first-ever Messiah-based video game." We couldn't vouch for the validity of that claim, but it's probably the first social game about Jesus. The strange game is picking up enough press to get a mention in Time magazine. So far, it's got upwards of 2 million users.

The gameplay is pretty straight-forward -- players controls a cartoony biblical version of themselves as they help Jesus and the disciples out by performing point-and-click tasks, like gathering wood to fix a cart or clearing a thorn bush to get to the baptism. The social part comes in the form of sharing -- users also get to share their progress with their Facebook friends and receive perks for doing so, kind of like "Farmville." Now, we're not sure if that fight with he devil is literal or figurative. Many of the ads show the Lord in a boxing ring with his sandal perched on Satan's chest, but that could just be because it was released on the same day as "Diablo III." Visit the game's Facebook page, click "Play Game" to give it a shot -- and let us know how you feel about the video game about Jesus.

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  • The Libertarian 2012/05/16 15:42:18
    The Libertarian
    I see nothing wrong with it, for those of you of seem to have a problem with this, go make your own app and put it on facebook.

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  • wutwut 2012/05/16 22:27:22
    haha. christians, you stop it.
  • right-c... wutwut 2012/05/17 14:59:54 (edited)
    Why idiot, brainless wonders like yourself are always blasting the Truth just to make yourself seem better and with out sin. Christians have the right to tell the truth and disspell your foolishness and your act to change the truth and history, to blind out what is right from wrong (yes there is wrong so stop changing what is wrong to be OK , or choice- Your goal like many other perverts is to easer Sin) so you can live without Shame or guilt for your preverted ways. This is the main reason you don't like Christians (Others like you) , because we remind you of your own down fall. lack of right for wrong, morales, real values of life.
  • JennyDevio right-c... 2012/05/17 15:32:12
    No, we don't like you becaus you want to force those ideals down everyone's throats. Not because of what you believe, although some of it is pretty awful and extremly offensive. Stop trying to make everyone into a Christian. Some people just don't want to be. And you need to understand that if you want it to be ok for you to always be a Christian and believe whatever you want, it has to be ok for other people to believe what they want, even if you don't agree with it. My goodness, I'M preaching tolerance to a Christian, doesn't that seem somewhat skewed. If you can just live peacefully with others and live your life the way YOU want to live it and let OTHERS do the same with THIER lives everything will be fine. This is ridiculous.
  • wutwut right-c... 2012/05/20 04:47:20
    No, my goals are to live freely without being judged for every move I made. People like you are trying to stop me from doing what people like me want to do.

    Step off with your 'morals'.
  • Vortex Lord 2012/05/16 22:14:13
  • Lady Go... Vortex ... 2012/05/17 01:57:36
    Lady Gothika
    that would make a awesome tattoo!!
  • Sean McDonald 2012/05/16 22:06:35
  • stevegt... Sean Mc... 2012/05/17 14:43:45
  • émilie✿ 2012/05/16 21:52:24
    That is so unbelievably stupid.. -.-
  • Alex, WolmanXX 2012/05/16 21:49:58
    Alex, WolmanXX
    Lets play the Rabi before the Christians kidnapped him.
  • Karl 2012/05/16 21:43:17
    People will stop at nothing to make a buck.
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2012/05/16 21:35:41
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
  • bpf 2012/05/16 21:06:47
    Sorry hit the wrong one...typical anti-Christian crap that is every where...... just remember one thing God warned Man about... "What you sow is also what you will reap"...you mock the Lord then then you will pay the price at judgement....believe it or not your loss.
  • The Judge bpf 2012/05/16 22:51:12
    The Judge
    Maybe Thor might end up thumping you, you never know.
  • Erin Innocent 2012/05/16 21:04:00
    Erin Innocent
  • Hannah 2012/05/16 20:44:09
    What's next. Jesus in fruit ninja!
  • MistyFay8879 2012/05/16 20:42:45
  • Trish 2012/05/16 20:05:42
  • Bill 2012/05/16 20:04:50
    Appears some oppurtunistic bible thumper has discovered yet another way to fleece the flock.
  • stevegt... Bill 2012/05/17 14:46:00
  • FanOreilly 2012/05/16 19:49:30
  • ✞Knight... FanOreilly 2012/05/17 17:16:10
    ✞Knight of Honor
    I haven't played the game, but I didn't get the impression that it was sacrilegious. How did they disrespect Jesus?
  • FanOreilly ✞Knight... 2012/05/22 01:25:47
    I am sorry I have to explain it to you.
  • ✞Knight... FanOreilly 2012/05/22 03:07:07
    ✞Knight of Honor
    I was just curious to see if it was actually disrespectful. I was hoping that it was made by a Christian organization so that children could have a positive role model. Is it something else?
  • scbluesman13 2012/05/16 19:48:16
    Yet another 'unholy' marriage of evangelism and capitalism.
    - Do youngsters get to point-and-click to erase women's reproductive rights?
    - How about activities to sacrifice themselves to show their love to their one true patriarch?
    - How about activities where they stone their neighbors for working on the sabbath?
    - How about a point-and-click interface where they get to counsel children in war torn countries that have lost their parents to tell them "don't worry, it's god's plan".
    - I could go on, but you get the point...
  • Dydy 2012/05/16 19:46:15
    Er....thts a lil weird. Why make a game out if it? Is there any real point to the game? Besides it looks really cheesy :p
  • Merry 2012/05/16 19:44:34
    I just played it. It's tacky and boring.
  • dePSyChO 2012/05/16 19:37:01
    -The animation looks terrible (as well as the art style).
    -Jesus is still white, despite that being false (if he existed, anyway)
    -It's a total marketing ploy
    -Christians will just play it because it's Jesus
    -The game sounds stupidly simple
    -They purposely released it the day of Diablo III, which is the most annoying thing they could've done. Out of all the days they could release it, they did it on the same day as a game called "Diablo", like they're trying to seem superior or something.
    -I would assume this is sacrilegious; creating a game where you get to play with a cutesy Jesus. He's supposed to be your God, is he not? It's disrespectful.

    All good reasons to see that this is anything but awful.
  • rightside dePSyChO 2012/05/16 20:45:03
    Most Jewish people are white.
  • dePSyChO rightside 2012/05/16 22:22:24
    Not when they're from Israel, especially back then.
  • rightside dePSyChO 2012/05/16 22:24:18
    No, not true. David had red hair.
  • dePSyChO rightside 2012/05/17 00:50:37
    That has nothing to do with skin color, and it just shows the genes for red hair go back that far. It's a proven fact that people spread first from Africa/The Middle East to the rest of the world, so of course red hair could've started there as well.
  • rightside dePSyChO 2012/05/17 02:37:40
    Look at the Jewish people during WW2, they were all white and pure Jew.
  • dePSyChO rightside 2012/05/17 02:38:38
    ...They lived in Germany. They were German (white)
  • rightside dePSyChO 2012/05/17 02:39:41
    Okeedoekee. If you want Jesus to be black, so be it. But He wasn't.
  • chamcha... rightside 2012/05/17 14:52:10
    He was dark skinned. You spend all your life out in the sun and lets see what you look like.
  • rightside chamcha... 2012/05/17 15:32:56
  • dePSyChO rightside 2012/05/17 23:18:49
    That's so patronizing.
  • Ty ~ PHAET dePSyChO 2012/05/20 07:10:51
    Ty ~ PHAET
    Fifty-six years old going on eight, it seems.
  • dePSyChO Ty ~ PHAET 2012/05/24 02:55:26

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