SKIP Scorpions: "Sting in the Tail"

The German headbangers are calling it quits after 35 years. How many times can you re-record "Rock You Like a Hurricane"? God bless the Scorpions for milking it as long as they did — and for knowing when to walk away from a good riff. If you're feeling wistful about them hanging it up, avoid this retread and bust out your '80s greatest hits package. You won't know the difference.

LISTEN to the Scorpions single "Raised on Rock."

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  • Johnhenr 2010/03/28 19:53:16
    Scorpions rule! That was a totally rocking song. This "so-called" reviewer is a moron!
  • Scorpee-on 2010/03/28 03:31:45
    Shawn Amos is Gay! Scorpions still rocks to this day! Oooooooooo look im a poet and didn't know it!
  • homesickvol 2010/03/27 23:03:51
    110% better than expected. Forgett he reviewer who obviously does not get it.
  • lesoryk 2010/03/27 20:51:01 (edited)
    What is wrong with this reviewer? Scopions to me is not just Rock you like a hurricane...That is their 80's commercial crap. They are about so much more than that. It's not about the hits, it is about the music. This sounds pretty good for old doods!!
  • RockConfidential.com 2010/03/27 16:16:12
    Shawn Amos is clearly the wrong guy to be writing about the Scorpions. Do you even know anything besides "Rock You Like A Hurricane"? Go listen to more jazz and comedy records and leave the rock music to somebody else.
  • Buffalo Boy 2010/03/27 15:52:23
    Buffalo Boy
    I miss the old style like this, fun, no real meaning, just a good time to escape and let loose...today's music is too political, sad, boring...
    Music that let's you drive fast, drink more and sing loud is what rock n roll is...
    I like it, good for them to stick to their sound and not sell out....
  • Tipperdo97 2010/03/27 11:41:49
    I think its pretty good actually. Hard to say they have been milking Hurricane for 35 years as they have had many great songs, Animal Mag., Still Lovin You, etc.
  • Rocker666 2010/03/27 09:29:28
    Huh? Skip this? What idiot wrote that? He must be a fan of rap or something. This album totally rocks.
  • FINALLYSOMERokNRoll 2010/03/26 23:39:29
    bitchin' Bitchin' BITCHIN'
  • Whiteslave_From_Wisconsin 2010/03/26 21:17:26
    Check your music history, the Scorps have been around longer than 35 years....Lonesome Crow anybody.....As far as sounding good ....I am not sure about that .... Not there best effort .... kinda sounds like a crap bon jovi song
  • Leeway63 2010/03/26 21:08:55 (edited)
    Sounds like classic Scorpions to me, and I've been listening to them for all those 35 years so ... its good. Great rock voice that matches the style of music. "Avoid the retread?" I question if that comment would have been made about AC/DC, who also has a cookie cutter style of music that also has been moderately successful... If its not broke, don't fix it. Sad to see the end of the Scorps. But I'll be picking up the new CD this week and probably wearing it out like all the other albums, cds, and cassettes over the years.
  • Pelagius King's X 2010/03/22 05:26:21 (edited)
    Pelagius King's X
    The sound is good, although a bit stripped down to sound contemporary. It follows their signature sound and formula. The track is not catchy enough to be a great hit, but because it's fresh it works for now. I give it a respectable 6.5 out of 10. On some of their better albums it would be a filler track.

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