SKIP: Court Yard Hounds, "Court Yard Hounds" [VIDEO]

With Natalie Maines still content to rest on the sidelines, her fellow Dixie Chicks Emily Robison and Martie Maguire decided to step out in a bold new direction and make a record with a bunch of the folks behind the Dixie Chicks last multi-platinum, Grammy-winning album "Taking the Long Way." The results are much like… a Dixie Chicks without Natalie Maines. It's no embarrassment (and the duet with Jakob Dylan "See You in the Spring" is supremely touching), but it make me wonder two things: is Neapolitan ice cream without strawberry just a double scoop of vanilla and chocolate — and when are the Dixie Chicks gonna go in the studio again?

WATCH the Court Yard Hounds discuss making their debut album.

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