Should these disc jockeys face criminal charges?

L.A. Times 2012/12/10 16:02:51
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Tearful and contrite, two Australian radio hosts Monday described themselves as heartbroken over the apparent suicide of the nurse in England who took their prank call seeking information about Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Mel Greig and Michael Christian said their impersonation of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles was a silly stunt that they never expected to succeed, let alone play a potential role in the death of Jacintha Saldhana, who worked at the hospital where Prince William's wife was being treated for acute morning sickness.


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  • Tylurr 2012/12/10 19:28:13
    Good god, NO. NO NO NO.

    NO the office gif

    THEY didn't force her to kill herself. That was HER decision.

    So you're telling me if someone I know kills themselves and had any sort of negative contact with anyone I don't like, I am hereby allowed to blame them to the point of criminal charges?



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  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 01:39:55
    devolging information of a client is illegal in any business. unless authorised to do so, Hospitals, banks, Utility companies, the lot.. Same senario sunshine.
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 03:03:15
    You forgot that there are no patients with life-threatening illnesses at banks. No families worried sick about loved ones. You have obviously never worked at a hospital.
  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 03:27:19
    OH DID i? THANKS FOR REMINDING ME. Devolging someone's personal information is illegal in any business, BANKS, HOSPITALS, the lot, hell I can't get information on our phone bill when I ring, because it is not in my name.. All the same outcome my dear... You give out others personal info, you are breaking the law... I think you may have forgotten that personal information is presonal information, regardless of the institute involved.
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 03:43:35
    I think you may have forgotten that this call was transferred and things get lost in translation. Mistakes can sometimes be made unintentionally when you are working with life-and-death situations. I understood your point long ago. We have privacy laws here too which are taken very seriously. It doesn't change the fact that the gravity of the environment within a hospital setting is distinctly different. I UNDERSTAND THAT MISTAKES WERE MADE. lol
  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 03:47:30
    yes mistakes can be made and are, but they were not dealing with a life threatening situation. No mistakes should have been made.Have you listened to the tape?
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 03:15:36
    Also, at a hospital, there is a little thing called "collaborative care." There is an entire team of healthcare workers. Miscommunication is more common than most people would like to think. While a patient's privacy is taken very seriously, their health is priority. Often times, the family members' worries and concerns can actually interfere with the patient's quality of care.
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/10 23:37:04 (edited)
    My refusal to argue with you is directly related to the all-caps rampage you've been on today. Bombing the place with your hateful ranting. That's your deal though.
  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 01:42:47
    ALL CAPS RAMPAGE , WHAT ALL CAPS RAMPAGE. There was no rampaging, The cap locks is like a highlighter for the stupid. Until now i didn't think I would need them with you. BUT I DO OBVIOUSLY.
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 03:08:55
    Blah blah BLAH.
  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 03:31:25
    hahahaha is that all you have left.. so sad for you.. But don't be disheartened. WE ALWAYS HAVE ALL CAPS.
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 03:44:54
    So sad lol
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 03:47:07
    Your arrogance and closed-mindedness is beyond irritating. I was over it long ago. "All caps" at someone else.
  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 03:51:33
    Because I have different opinions than you and I don't agree with you does not make one arrogant or closed minded.Why are you irritated. People usually get frustrated when they can't get their point across, not irritated..
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 21:48:39
    Irritated by you. By your prior all caps comments to others' posts. Your ranting is just overkill. If you are looking to piss people off, you might want to rain your negativity elsewhere. Which, I'm sure you are busy doing. LOL. I knew I was in for some major irritation when I responded to anything you posted. You just don't quit. So annoying. Shoo, fly.
  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 22:02:10 (edited)
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 22:14:17
    hahaha Have a drink, take a valuim... or something.
  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 22:54:23
    done, done and done. LOL
  • Midentity meshell 2012/12/12 21:56:46
    I have not cared about this "news" story for more than approximately five seconds. You seem to be very interested in this topic. I will leave you and the others to debate this. I really don't care.
  • meshell Midentity 2012/12/12 22:05:37
    good if you don't care for a topic or subject then why keep going with it.. Your in the minority anyway so best give up before SOMEONE STARTS TO IRRITATE YOU....
  • Anonymous 2012/12/10 21:15:54
  • Midentity Anonymous 2012/12/10 21:25:52 (edited)
  • Laura V... Midentity 2012/12/10 21:38:45
  • Twinky Laura V... 2012/12/10 22:39:48
    No she would be facing disciplinary action. She was the one who transferred the call - and should have checked. Once it's got to a ward it's been approved.
    I mean it was a horrible mistake and she probably wouldn't have lost her job, but it was her responsibility and she was probably terrified the press would blame her.
  • Laura V... Twinky 2012/12/10 23:02:59
    Laura Vanderbooben
    How can you check? "I am the queen i want to know how kate is doing" what do you then do to check to make sure it is her? Tell me how you make sure it is who they say they are anyway regardles of it being the wueen or not? I don't know how they can know. Either way it still is not her fault, she only passed the call onto the nurse who actually gave out the information.
  • Twinky Laura V... 2012/12/10 23:13:11
    "Either way it still is not her fault, she only passed the call onto the nurse who actually gave out the information." No, that's what I'm saying. It is NOT the responsibility of ward staff to make security checks - they have to assume that the calls have already been made secure (they are too busy to do this themselves, and as said before- it is supposed to be done before).
    There are many different ways to check that people are who they say they are.
    I work in social services. I used to work at a women's refuge in a safe house, if people phone to ask about sensitive information, there are all sorts of things to be done.
    1) Phone them back (a patient would leave phone numbers of next of kin)
    2) Security questions
    3) If in doubt - don't put through. -If they make a fuss, tell them to phone her mobile number!
  • Michael Twinky 2012/12/10 23:39:58
    Easier said than done i would imagine if you think the Queen is on the phone, but i don't buy this anyway , Jacintha must have had so much more going on in her life to take such a drastic step.
    This will turn into something that ultimately affects media laws and will in turn give the royals and politicians more secrecy and legal weight for hiding things from the public.
    Seems quite convenient after all that has been happening within the UK involving media recently and allegations against politicians.
  • Twinky Michael 2012/12/10 23:48:28
    I agree that Jacintha must have been depressed before this incident.

    However, the "easier said than done" thing, would actually be the opposite. You would be MORE aware of security protocol when it's a high-risk client. As proven, anyone can phone up and pretend to be someone. That's why we have security measures.
    I've prevented someone who I was 99% positive WAS a police officer from speaking to a victim of domestic abuse because the officer couldn't answer a security question. It becomes routine that you do these things when there is risk.
    I can appreciate that risk is faced much less often in a posh hospital, and it must be very exciting to think you are speaking to the Queen and that that may cloud your judgement, but unfortunately, factually, it doesn't negate that she did make a mistake and would have been worried about disciplinary action.
  • Michael Twinky 2012/12/10 23:54:53
    What your saying does seem like common sense and no doubt you do know the protocol, so to echo what you said earlier it is an unfortunate situation.
  • Laura V... Twinky 2012/12/11 01:49:58
    Laura Vanderbooben
    It still isn't her fault, there is certain strict protocol to follow when it involves the queen and any member of the royal family, this isn't womens refuge or social services that anyone is dealing with here it is a family shrouded in security. All people involved in looking after kate would have been informaed of the protocol to follow. I say the fault lays again with the security team of Kate and William, after the naked picture incident this again is another failing of the security team. I very much doubt that the queen is going to say, "oh phone me back you'll know its me" or that kate is going to put down the phone number of the queen as next of kin on any form. I agree that there would have possibly been a security question, like i said if they were briefed about it then there would have been i'm sure, but clearly they weren't otherwise it would have been mentioned. Again i still think this woman is being scapegoated for the security teams and the hospitals failings.
  • Twinky Laura V... 2012/12/11 18:59:13
    No ofcourse the queen wouldn't say "phone me back" but that is exactly what the nurse should've done. In fact, the very reason that it was apparantly the queen making the phone call herself is ridiculous.
    Having worked in hospitals, yes there would be more security around the royal family - but that doesn't mean the nurses should relax and not bother with their own checks - it means they need to be extra vigilant.
  • Laura V... Twinky 2012/12/11 19:30:24
    Laura Vanderbooben
    The usual protocol for the royal hospital is well known to all of it's members. The queen never phones and a security guard monitors all calls placed. The nurse that should be in question is the one who then took the call after Jacintha clearly wanting to speak to whoever was on the other end without questioning who it was, jacintha was only asked "I want to know how my grand-daughter is doing, how is kate" jacintha replied with, "Please wait" and the next person who took the call was more than happy to volunteer what she did. I feel it is the nurse who actually volunteered the information and talked to the radio DJ's who should be in question, not jacintha. The fact that she allegedly killed herself over this just seems odd having given no information herself and only speaking for less than 5 seconds. It's just odd that this other nurse isn't being mentioned anywhere.
  • Twinky Laura V... 2012/12/11 19:45:36
    It's not odd because it was her responsibility to do checks before transferring the call. The reason information got passed over the phone was because Jacintha transferred the call in those "5 seconds".
    The reason the media haven't said anything about the nurse who did give the information is because she didn't do anything wrong.
  • Laura V... Twinky 2012/12/11 19:51:11
    Laura Vanderbooben
    She never asked or checked either, all jacintha said was there was a woman asking about kate she said she is her grand-mother, and that nurse took the call cos she was oh so excited that she was going to speak to a royal member lol, have you heard the call? How is it not odd that she killed herself over not actually saying anything? are you telling me you would kill yourself over a phone call that was taken out of your hands when you told them that someones grand-mother was enquiring about their health? really? is that normal?
  • Twinky Laura V... 2012/12/11 19:55:13
    What? ofcourse not, she was obviously depressed already. But this was a trigger because she recognised she was going to have to face disciplinary action.
    Ofcourse the nurse talking to who she thought was the queen was excited - but she is expected to think she is the queen - she is a nurse on a ward and any phonecall should be checked before it reaches the ward - it is not a ward nurse's responsibility to check calls. That should be done before transfer!
  • Laura V... Twinky 2012/12/11 20:02:51
    Laura Vanderbooben
    In the initial call the DJ never said she was the queen, she said she was her grand-mother. If the nurse thought it was the queen after speaking to her, she should have realised it wasn't. Both nurses were treating kate for morning sickness. They both should have known that the queen never phones. Like i said it is the security team that should have briefed them on the matter. I don't see how that is a trigger but then i am not and don't have her state of mind either.
  • Twinky Laura V... 2012/12/11 20:06:25
    Even if it was Mrs Middleton phoning - the checks should have been made
  • meshell Laura V... 2012/12/10 22:42:45
  • Laura V... meshell 2012/12/10 23:00:27
  • meshell Laura V... 2012/12/10 23:27:38
    The only thing that woman can be blamed for is her own death. Nothing happened with her and the DJ's she passed their call onto another nurse.
  • Laura V... meshell 2012/12/11 01:52:00
    Laura Vanderbooben
    I know that already i have said the same thing many times, it is others who are blaming her (idiots and the media) for the breech of security via revealing information or even not having the gumption to know it wasn't the queen because she never checked.

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