Should The TV show "Spongebob Squarepants" be taken off of Nick?

colorful 2009/07/01 18:20:27
No i still watch it
yes its annoying
i dont know wat it is
i want my kids to be able to grow up and watch just like me
i dont watch it so i dont care
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for anyone who dont know spongebob is a sponge who works at the krusty crab for a crab that loves money the crabs name is Mr.Krabs and he has a daughter name pearl and she is a whale spongebob works with a guy named squidward he is a jerk and spongebob has an annoying laugh and his best friend is a star fish names patrick spongebob lives in an pineapple next to squidward and squidward lives in the middle between patrick and spongebob and patrick lives under a rock spongebob wears only brown pants with a red tie and he has a pet named gary who is a snail and meows also there is sandy and shes from texas and shes a squirrel and she wears a helmet over hear head so she can breath and they live in the ocean thats all im gonna tell u and if u want to know more go to Nickelodeon and its usually on everyday.
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  • Daddy's Girl 2009/07/05 19:19:06
    yes its annoying
    Daddy's Girl
    it inturupts my shows
  • ♥Ðαη!~єℓℓ!є♥ 2009/07/05 18:26:56
    i watch it once in a while.............but spongebobs laugh is too anoying
  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2009/07/02 14:43:58
    No i still watch it
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    The show is still going strong. Why should you ever think of shutting off the show want there is nothing wrong???
  • Jaemossae (jay-moss-a) 2009/07/01 22:11:06
    No i still watch it
    Jaemossae (jay-moss-a)
    Yeaaa sponge bob is like awesome
  • sarah 2009/07/01 18:37:44
    No i still watch it
  • ~ I Love Breanna~ my Romeo 2009/07/01 18:33:25
    No i still watch it
    ~ I Love Breanna~ my Romeo
    if the change it to emo sponge lol
  • ++evanescence++ 2009/07/01 18:30:53
    No i still watch it
    NO! poor spongebob watch poor spongebob
  • bye 2009/07/01 18:30:13
  • Lacey Smile 2009/07/01 18:29:54
    No i still watch it
    Lacey Smile
    There's nothing wrong with spongebob....he's fudging awesome dude. I would kill someone if it got taken off the air before I was 15.
  • BreanneTaylor<3 2009/07/01 18:28:06
    yes its annoying
    ughh. he gets on my nerves. hahaha especially his laugh...*shudders*
  • Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2009/07/01 18:26:43
    yes its annoying
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    It really is annoying......I watched it once and even to this day that laugh is stuck in my head.
  • colorful 2009/07/01 18:21:57 (edited)
    the shows i watch on Nickelodeon are :
    spongebob, home improvement, and george lopez!

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