Should the Beach Boys Get Royalties for Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' Song?

Music 2010/08/06 12:10:59
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After posing topless for Rolling Stone this week, some people have accused Katy Perry of being a bimbo. Now she’s being called a thief.

What a week!

And who’s calling our very own California Gurl a robber? None other than the original creators of the first “California Girls,” Mike Love and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. A music industry source spoke to the New York Post’s Page Six, stating “Rondor Music has sent a letter to Capitol on behalf of Mike Love and Brian Wilson, saying Katy has cribbed one of the most famous lyrics in history, so Love and Wilson should be entitled to a writing credit and a portion of the royalties.”

The line in question is “I wish they all could be California Girls,” which was sung by the Beach Boys in the original version, and spoken by Snoop at the end of Perry’s smash hit, summertime single, which has sold over three million copies and has become the pop music anthem of the summer.

Perry once described the song as a tribute to the Beach Boys original. Apparently, since her “tribute” has sold so many copies, the Beach Boys want in on the action. You better strap on your whipped-cream-shooting bra Katy, cuz this looks like war! Should the Beach Boys Get Royalties for Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' Song?

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  • Dekker451 2010/08/07 09:48:48
  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2010/08/07 09:44:08
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    I don't think she copied it, but it would be funny to see the Beach Boys get a chunk of her money.
  • Howling Hank 2010/08/07 07:11:06
    Yes, Katy Perry definitely owes them royalties.
    Howling Hank
    I thought she stole a pair of beach balls from 'em - epic rack....
  • carrotcat 2010/08/07 06:37:59
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    "California Gurls" and "California Girls" different spelling, different song
  • Philo-Publius 2010/08/07 05:19:38
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    I just watched the official video, and Snoop's exact line (spoken, not sung, at the very end, one time, as an improvisational musing or afterthought, and not in any way integral to the song) is, "I really wish you all could be California girls," not, "I wish they all could be California girls."
    sung improvisational musing afterthought integral song california girls california girls
    I demand the Beach Boys (whom I happen to love otherwise) apologize to Mr. Dogg immediately, because, if anyone should know a thing or two about stealing music it would be the Beach Boys. They need to apologize to Charles Manson while they're at it:

  • Sacred Flame 2010/08/07 05:18:34
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    Sacred Flame
    Her song was inspired by their song not done word for word or anything close
  • DavidTitleMurillo 2010/08/07 04:17:00
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    they do not mach song california girls mach song california girls mach
  • cori.ehlinger 2010/08/07 03:56:37
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    It's her own song. I'm not rooting for either of them. I'm just saying.
  • Mel Winchester 2010/08/07 02:12:05
    Yes, Katy Perry definitely owes them royalties.
    Mel Winchester
    She also stole the beat from Kesha's Tik Tok
  • prometheus Mel Win... 2010/08/07 22:22:15
    The Beach Boys likes Katy Perry's song California Gurls, the Record company are the ones that want Royalties just cause Katy used the name of the song. :/
  • Axl Snaks 2010/08/07 01:53:59
  • scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule 2010/08/07 01:50:31
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule
    As much as she is what Corporate Music stands for, she's entitled to her song. Granted the Beach Boys approved and the owners for the song want money. JERKOFFS!!!!
  • Emo~HappyFace:) 2010/08/07 01:21:50
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    i dont think so ... she made her own song !!
  • Domino 2010/08/06 23:38:43
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    the song ---sounds nothing like the original!!!
  • Andrea 2010/08/06 23:01:06
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    It was not the same song, so hell no. BB get your own jobs. If this was a legal argument, then anyone who says that line would owe them money.
  • Futbol♥ 2010/08/06 22:58:15
    Yes, Katy Perry definitely owes them royalties.
    theree Song there Property
  • JaniceB 2010/08/06 22:51:03
    Yes, Katy Perry definitely owes them royalties.
  • Green 2010/08/06 22:48:55
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    Has anyone compared the two songs? They're only alike in title.
  • TruBluTopaz 2010/08/06 22:44:29
    Yes, Katy Perry definitely owes them royalties.
    California Girls is a rock standard. It's been around for a long time. There's no doubt Perry used it as a type of parody/tie in. Frankly I am tired of the current crop of "artists" who somehow never create much that is original.
  • Sister Jean 2010/08/06 22:27:08
    Yes, Katy Perry definitely owes them royalties.
    Sister Jean
  • OhaiDevi =) 2010/08/06 21:34:09
    Yes, Katy Perry definitely owes them royalties.
    OhaiDevi =)
    Idk, but she really needs to put on a shirt. I swear these so called "Disney Stars" are getting sluttier every single freaking day. And people wonder why this generation is so messed up.
  • Samanth... OhaiDev... 2010/08/06 22:01:30
    kat perry isn't a disney star.lol. a few of her first hits were " i kissed a girl" and "ur so gay"(it was actually spelt like that). so she never had that whole innocent, good girl thing about her.
  • OhaiDev... Samanth... 2010/08/06 22:03:08
    OhaiDevi =)
    She was at the Kids Choice Awards like that though.
  • TruBluT... OhaiDev... 2010/08/06 22:45:35
    Kids Choice awards has become something that should concern most parents. Frankly some of the awards are given to people who should not be near kids, much less be their icons.
  • OhaiDev... TruBluT... 2010/08/08 00:05:57
    OhaiDevi =)
  • Kronan_1 2010/08/06 21:18:13
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    Eeeewwww. What can I say? I'm 49 and this music is clearly made for tweens.The Beach Boys really have to be petty to think they have any kind of case here. I had necer heard the video before today ,so i listened to what I could stand and no way does this even remotley resemble The Beach Boys song. They need to go back to the Rest home . I understand that rock is more for the younger crowd. At my age ,we lack the fire and anger needed to create good music. Case in point,

    Need I say more?
  • harasnicole 2010/08/06 20:38:46
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    Everyone samples from someone at least once in the music industry, from I've noticed. Honestly, I didn't even know that line was in the song, let alone that it apart of Snoop's rap, because I didn't pay any attention. Really, when I listen to the song, I'm more focused on Katy's lyrics (or if I'm watching the video, ogling her boobs) to care about one freakin' line.
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2010/08/06 20:38:29
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
  • JohnDeuxTrois95 2010/08/06 20:19:49
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    its one frickin line
  • Tk2aday 2010/08/06 20:16:27
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    Yeah, they aren't suing so......................yeah. Link= http://www.nydailynews.com/en...
  • Lovelybadone 2010/08/06 20:07:01
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    it's not even spelled the same! Katy's is spelled Gurls, and the beach boys deserve no cut if Katy doesn't want to give it to them, if she does then woop-de-friggen-do!
  • spotdog19 Lovelyb... 2010/08/06 20:20:56 (edited)
    So let me get this straight...you can steal somebody else's property (music lyrics are intellectual property) so long as you don't know how to spell the words your stealing? Oh yeah, you're a real brainiac.

    Using your own logic, I can steal your personal information like drivers license, social security number, and anything that has to do with your identity so long as I change a letter or two in there someplace. I can also take your car and drive it as long as I repaint it or hang up a different air freshener from the rear view mirror...it's not your car anymore, it's a different color and the air freshener is different.

    You may be the dumbest person on sodahead.
  • TruBluT... spotdog19 2010/08/06 22:47:40
    You've nailed it. Art, whether a painting or choreography or a song are owned by the creator who made them. This is why dance productions prohibit filming during performance for fear of someone stealing their work. This is also why Paloma Picasso has a staff lawyer whose only job is to find people using her father's images without paying royalties. Like it or not, Perry lifted the lyrics.
  • Lovelyb... TruBluT... 2010/08/07 02:13:00
    fine what about the country song california girls! If you googled that I'm sure there'd be millions of different hits from different people.
  • spotdog19 Lovelyb... 2010/08/07 05:07:27
    But guess what...Gretchen Wilson didn't also lift the catch phrase from the original. If she had stuck with the title she would probably be fine except for the lawsuit Kesha should file for lifting her beat off the song Tic Toc. But she didn't, she included and EXACT LINE from the song at the end...she capitalized off the original.

    I know it seems minor but it only takes a couple of words. She will pay.
  • Lovelyb... spotdog19 2010/08/07 02:09:49
    ok, number 1, the spelling thing was a joke, no one is that stupid, and Califirnia Girls is a phrase, a seqence of words, the songs are not alike in any way. If authors sued other authors for naming their books the same, do you know how much sueing and demanding of royalties there would be? There are plenty of songs with the same name! The beach boys are just being selfish money-hungary bastards. As much as I enjoy the beach boys, this is just ridiculous! And the name of a song is way less major than a social security number, awful comparisson!
  • spotdog19 Lovelyb... 2010/08/07 05:16:48
    Actually, the Beach Boys aren't the ones behind this. It's the people who own the rights to the music - the beach boys sold that off years ago. So if you're going to call somebody bastards you should go after the right people, Brian Wilson has gone on record as saying he liked the song and doesn't have a problem with it.

    And you're absolutely right in that two songs can have the same title and be totally different songs with no copyright infringement EXCEPT that in this case the used the "hood" line from the original song at the end AND Katy Herself said this song is a tribute to the Beach Boys.

    Yeah, she didn't get any inspiration from the original song at all - all merely an accident. Is that what you would have us believe. Well, Katy doesn't believe that and the people who own the song don't either.

    Lastly, Authors DO sue each other over use of the same title. Do you really think for a moment that If I wrote a book and called it "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone" that JK Rowling (a mega billionaire) would have a team of Lawyers on me in a heartbeat? She and the companies she's in business with sued every author who was writing books about decoding the magic and words written about in the books.

    Music, Books, Art, photographs are all protected by copyright laws and are the authors, originators intellectual property. Using all or any part is illegal, plain and simple.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/08/06 19:52:05
    No, it was her own take on their song "California Girls."
    she didnt copy anything from them..so no..plus Katy Perry is alot better in my opinion.
  • spotdog19 DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/08/06 20:28:49
    She didn't? "I wish they all could be california girls" isn't a lyric in any beach boys songs? The line AND the title of her song is exactly the same as a line from the Beach Boys song title "California Girls"...and please don't tell me they aren't spelled the same. Legally, you aren't given a free pass if you steal something but don't know how to spell it or decide to spell it a different way.

    Besides, this isn't about who's better than whom. It's about who's stealing from whom. I think you'll find Katy in the latter and not the former.

    P.S. Katy Perry is a hack - she'll be gone from your memory in 1 year and you will have moved on to the next ho-bag.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ spotdog19 2010/08/06 20:34:24
    Beach Boys suck. and how many people have used that line or something similar iin their songs? it isnt just Katy Perry. So if she has to repay them then so be it but she is good so thanks for that information.

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