Should Taylor Lautner Remain Shirtless?

SLIDESHOW: Should Taylor Lautner Remain Shirtless?

Flashing his pearly whites
7 of 7

Flashing his pearly whites

Taylor, we love you.
  1. Peek-a-boo


    We'd like to unbutton his shirt a little more.

  2. Grunge reborn?

    Grunge reborn?

    Team 'Twilight' looks like they just rolled out of bed ... but we dig it!

  3. Superstar in the making

    Superstar in the making

    When he laughs, he reminds us of a young Tom Cruise.

  4. 'Top Gun 2'

    'Top Gun 2'

    Rockin' the leather bomber jacket -- ANOTHER Tom Cruise look!

  5. Guy in a tie

    Guy in a tie

    Even mom would approve of this shirt-and-tie look.

  6. All dressed up

    All dressed up

    We can't resist a guy in a tux.

  7. Flashing his pearly whites

    Flashing his pearly whites

    Taylor, we love you.

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Taylor Lautner burst on the scene in 2008's "Twilight," and women worldwide wondered if it was OK to lust for the 16-year-old. Now that he's finally turned 18, we feel comfortable saying that he's the hottest werewolf we've ever seen. Here are 7 reasons why:

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  • Bailey ... vanessa 2011/10/09 21:57:42
    Bailey Mathews
    ur really annoying
  • jenny 2010/08/03 00:01:47
    *kiss* i love u taylor mwah!!!
  • vanessa jenny 2010/12/29 16:49:36
    kiss resended and it more like kiss my ass
  • SophiaMiller 2010/08/01 18:22:57
    i love him no matter wat ny1 says n i knoee evry1 says u havent gt a chance of meetin him or nythin bt i dnt care it still ok 2 have a crush on him like thousands n thousands of uther girls x <3 love u lautner <3
  • marygrace 2010/07/30 09:49:14
    taylor is so cute i love him!!!!!!
  • Sam 2010/07/30 06:58:02
    TAYLOR IS SOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • Sam 2010/07/30 06:52:34
    u are most sexy withhout ur stirt on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • Sam 2010/07/30 06:46:34
    taylor lautner is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • heliana ayelen diaz 2010/07/30 04:07:21
    heliana ayelen diaz
    how beautiful is this boy
    can not be more beautiful
    I love him
  • alsha 2010/07/29 20:05:09
    i love him he's sooooooooo sexy i wish i could marry him
  • saron alsha 2010/11/04 00:56:33
    hahahaha well thats funny cuz i will!!!!! and i've met him in la cuz i won the america's got talent and then i saw him at da mall!!!!! i have his number too if u want i can give it to u
  • mickey :) 2010/07/29 17:37:28
    mickey :)
    awwwww he looks so cute in a tux! xD and look at its face its like perfect :p shirt on or shirt off i can honestly say he is the hottest celebrity ever!...well zac efron pretty hot too :D haha
  • maraeateau 2010/07/27 18:15:30
    every body loves you Taylor with or without your shirt on you go hard and dont give up on what ever
  • Sam maraeateau 2010/07/30 06:48:22
    It's true he is sexy with or with out his shirt on!
  • BrooklynMessina 2010/07/27 14:22:21
    hey i hope you see this Taylor i dont care if u wear a shirt or not u are my hero any way u make a good rolemodel for all these other kids out there!My friends and I look up to YOU and we realy think that you should do some events to help sick children or something. That would be realy cool! But any way im 12 and me and my friends would love to meet u one day and so would alot of otha kids at Marion Jr. High School its in Marion Il.well talk to u guys lata bye
  • Alice Taycliffe 2010/07/24 20:00:48
    Alice Taycliffe
    I think he is sooooo fine anyway it doesn't matter either way. Taylor if you see this you're my hero. Shirt on shirt off doesn't matter what ever you feel comfortable with.
  • kayleigh 2010/07/24 10:33:15
    i think hes absoloutly gawjus love him when hes in twilight hes lush would love to go ojn a date with tayler :))))) xx
  • ayana 2010/07/24 05:14:15
    taylor lautner is sooo dawn hottt....i would like to meet you some day...and by the way nice picz....(sexy)!!!
  • NeikaLouisdort 2010/07/23 04:32:51
    he lok so sexy
  • love1 2010/07/21 19:32:18
    taylo iloveyou much kiss

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