Should Sports Fans Be More Considerate to Kids?

Sports 2012/04/27 20:00:00
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Many of you may have already seen the infamous clip that was featured prominently on Gawker-owned site Deadspin.com. But if you haven't, here's the basic summary. A little boy and his parents are at the New York Yankees at Texas Rangers game the other night. A foul ball flies into the stands. His parents try to catch the ball for their young son. They're unsuccessful. However, the couple sitting next to them manages to snatch the ball. The couple next to the family are two grown adults. They cherish the foul ball like it's gold and the little boy starts crying uncontrollably.

Now think about what you would do in that situation as an adult who had just caught a foul ball at a game right next to a sad and disappointed little boy. Would you give him the foul ball? If you answered yes, you're a better person than the couple that instead posed with the ball and took pictures of it like they had a winning lottery ticket -- right in front of the boy and his family.

Luckily for all the parents watching out there, Yankees announcer Michael Kay got the cameramen to witness the rudeness by the couple and put them on blast for millions of people to see. It's one thing if the couple caught the ball. It's another to completely ignore the kid and act like a foul ball is gold. On top of that, they were caught making out, although we're not sure if that's an FCC violation.

All kidding aside, the Rangers gave the boy a ball after seeing what happened. Most importantly, the kid left the game with a smile on his face. As for his parents? They kept their cool. The couple? They just acted cool while everyone in America laughed at them.

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