Should Sports Betting Be Allowed Nationally?

Sports 2012/05/25 15:00:00
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The state of New Jersey wants to be allowed to bet and it's betting -- no pun intended -- that it's the citizen's rights to do so. NJ Governor Chris Christie told the media he's seen a noticeable decline in the economy, specifically at popular gambling and resort location Atlantic City. While gambling is legal in NJ, sports betting is technically not allowed.

With the struggling economy and citizens' complaints, Governor Christie decided to defy the federal ban, and plans to allow sports betting one way or another. "If someone wants to stop us, then let them try to stop us," Christie said. "We want to work with the casinos and horse racing industry to get it implemented. Am I expecting there may be legal action taken against us to try to prevent it? Yes. But I have every confidence we're going to be successful."

Some casino owners could be weary of allowing sports betting before it's actually considered illegal by the letter of the law. We don't blame them, considering there's a possibility they could be shut down or, at the very least, fined significant amounts of money. Yet many sports broadcasts whether it's for boxing or football, usually bring up odds. Christie calls the government ban "unconstitutional" and that's why he's going for legalization headstrong here. Do you think sports betting should be legal everywhere in the United States?

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  • Ben 2012/05/25 17:37:49
    The very minute sports betting becomes legal is that same minute that every last game gets rigged.

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  • MegaFortunateSon 2012/07/02 15:16:21
    Why not.
  • Ashley Stopard-Baker 2012/06/19 18:44:11
    Ashley Stopard-Baker
    If people wish to waste their money on what is likely to end up giving them a loss in the end, then that's their choice. No-one says they have to.
  • Selina 2012/06/19 03:12:37
    hey go for it.it is their money, if they want to go wast it let them. it's going to come back on they when they end up losing their house or were ever they live from betting all their money on dumb sports!
  • mush 2012/06/07 02:47:15
    Compared to all our other problems this is minor stuff. For people who like to place a bet why not
  • joeman 2012/06/03 12:50:38
    People will always bet on sports where and whether its legal or not. Especially in a state where other gambling is legal why shouldnt the state make additional revenue??? Although it hurts fair sport at times it cannot be stopped , so it may aswell be legal. Just like gun control, no matter the law people will have them, so why make criminals of people for no reason
  • Dave 007 2012/06/03 11:48:26
    Dave 007
    Making it legal could save man hours trying to bust the illegal betting rings and States could make some money on it.
  • Raphy 2012/06/01 04:06:10
    If people want to spend there money betting on sports, let them. It is there money.
  • fortuenti 2012/05/31 14:20:05
    I''m pro-choice on everything. Down with the Nanny State and Bible-thumpers!
  • YOMOMMA 2012/05/30 21:54:15
    Everybody does it anyway.
  • Call me Mark willya? 2012/05/30 20:54:25
    Call me Mark willya?
    I believe that gambling should be allowed because it's going to happen anyway, it's not hurting anyone that doesn't put their own damn foot in the trap (and of course their wife and kids or husband and kids) and think of all the taxable revenue that would suddenly appear!!!
  • Sandman366 2012/05/30 14:50:29
    With limits. Don't want people to be betting their houses or something. Something like 5 grand a game should be high enough, maybe 25 for those with cash to spare. (Obscenillionares could do millions if they wanted, but I don't get the point.)
  • Tre 2012/05/30 13:24:24
    Why not?
  • Anthony Gosselin 2012/05/30 11:37:52
    Anthony Gosselin
    Why not? People get paid HUGE amounts of money for playing a sport, why shouldn't you?
  • Red Rage 2012/05/30 05:32:06
    Red Rage
    Why shouldn't it be?
  • Nancy Scott 2012/05/30 04:16:18
    Nancy Scott
    gambling is wrong.

    Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless. (Ecclesiastes 5:10, NIV)

    "No servant can serve two masters. [Jesus said.] Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money." (Luke 16:13, NIV)

    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. (1 Timothy 6:10, NIV)
  • Red Rage Nancy S... 2012/05/30 05:32:42
    Red Rage
    Religious yahoos like yourself are wrong, too.
  • Abigail... Red Rage 2012/06/03 21:21:01
    Abigail Taylor
    shut up
  • MegaFor... Abigail... 2012/07/02 15:15:46
    You shut up.
  • Lord MARFT 2012/05/30 03:37:03 (edited)
    Lord MARFT
    Yes it should. I'm not going to do it though.

    Why watch sports when you can play them

    "in video games" :)
  • Anthony... Lord MARFT 2012/05/30 11:38:32
    Anthony Gosselin
    or "in real life"
  • Julien Peter Benney 2012/05/30 03:25:05
    Julien Peter Benney
    Illegal betting on football and rugby league was an inevitable consequence of laws against it that were not abolished until the late 1970s in Victoria and 1983 in New South Wales.

    Whilst I do not know of studies of illegal betting on football (by which I mean Australian rules) and very few regarding rugby league, I can imagine what it would have been liek if a case for legalisation existed!
  • Hothooves 2012/05/30 02:39:28
    I needs to be regulated though, to help problem gamblers.
  • missy 2012/05/30 01:21:25
    Life is a gamble
  • pops 2012/05/30 00:40:27
    Why not life is a gamble anyway.
  • Dodgerfan pops 2012/05/30 00:44:14
    You can go ahead and end yours then all bets are off. Chuckles.
  • ShamshirMkII 2012/05/30 00:22:31
    Regardless of its shape and form,it is still gambling. And I'd say everyone knows what that entails to those hooked to it.
  • Stan Kapusta 2012/05/29 23:47:36
    Stan Kapusta
    As long as the casino crooks and the politicians can keep their fat fingers out of the pie.
  • joe mauro Stan Ka... 2012/06/01 06:52:46
    joe mauro
    thatill be the day
  • ancientmath 2012/05/29 23:39:36
    But will the Jets pull out since they don't allow sports betting and is why several states don't have a team?
  • BILL 2012/05/29 22:36:09
    Might as well people bet on sports all the time anyway
  • Boss 2012/05/29 21:32:09
    why not?/it,s new jersey after all...the mafia will LOVE it...
  • 11 Phenomenon - eNews 2012/05/29 20:04:15
    11 Phenomenon - eNews
    Absolutely. The reason why the federal government is against it is because they make so much money on lotteries. They want a rigged game, and clearly the lottery has a higher take than even one-armed bandits.

    Sports betting gives people more entertainment for their money and odds that at least give them a fighting chance. Also, there are ways/strategies to give yourself a better chance, as opposed to a computer generated result.
  • bob h. 2012/05/29 19:52:14
    bob h.
    anything for a buck.
  • Ron in Oregon 2012/05/29 19:22:16
    Ron in Oregon
    Why not it is in Nevada.
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2012/05/29 19:00:38
  • Chuck 2012/05/29 18:56:56
    No level of government should be able to ban gambling in any form or fashion. They can believe in their power to approve of what they think is well and good as if they know what is more ethical and less sinful than those who voted for them, but if the citizens had enough balls to stand up to the crooked politicians we would all be more FREE in this country. Lotteries and Bingo IS gambling.
  • daveygater 2012/05/29 18:53:20
    monitored for integrity, and taxed
  • Arielle 2012/05/29 18:30:38
    People already do it. I thought it was legal.
  • daveygater Arielle 2012/05/29 18:54:54
    within a number of US states it is legal, but not on the internet within USA, and no interstate operations (except the govt lotteries of course)
  • Tennessee3501 2012/05/29 18:28:02
    Sports Betting is the one form of betting where the house cannot stack the odds against you! It is also a method of gambling where the house makes money whether you win or lose and you do have some control over your success if you stay informed! We have a friend who moved to Las Vegas and he spends time at the sports bars exclusively. He figures that even on days when he breaks even, he has still enjoyed an entire day of entertainment at no cost!

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