Should Rebecca Black Fight the Production Company That Made 'Friday'?

Music 2011/04/04 18:33:52
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Ark Music Factory, the company responsible for writing, recording, and unleashing Rebecca Black's "Friday" on the unsuspecting public, might face charges of unlawful exploitation and copyright infringement, Rolling Stone reports.

A March 29 letter from Black and Marquez Kelly's lawyer Brian Schall to Ark Music Factory obtained by Rolling Stone alleges that Ark has failed to provide Black with the master recordings of her song and video; has been exploiting her likeness and her song on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and Ark's website; created an unauthorized "Friday" ringtone; and has been advertising Black as an exclusive Ark recording artist on its website.

Ark founder Patrice Wilson of course denies the accusations and claimed that "everything is fine." He assured Rolling Stone that Black will receive the master recordings of the song.

"They can have it all," he added.

Read More: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/exclusive-r...

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  • John Haverty 2011/07/11 22:15:41
    John Haverty
    For making her suck so bad, yes.
  • Lexi 2011/06/26 05:09:06
    she Sucks
  • Hitsuin 2011/04/05 05:58:01 (edited)
    If she was going to fight them it should have been about the EVERYTHING in the song BEFORE she "sang" it.
  • ronalefletcher 2011/04/05 04:55:36
  • GlitterBaby 2011/04/04 23:45:16 (edited)
    What are they going to say? We're sorry you can't sing in the first place.
  • Gabhain 2011/04/04 23:39:56
    Sure. Whatever.

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