Should Netflix Rent Out Video Games?

Gaming 2012/01/27 08:56:03
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A few months ago we reported that Netflix would be offering video game rentals as part of their "new and improved" business model, which involved turning their physical rental service into a separate subscription service called Qwikster. Customers complained and subsciptions plummeted so they called off Qwikster, but the rental service was still up for grabs. Well, not anymore.

Now that Netflix stock is up, Netflix apparently doesn't want to rock the boat. CEO Reed Hastings announced in a Q4 earnings report that there are no longer any plans for video game rentals. They were already getting hungry glances from Gamefly and Redbox when they shot themselves in the foot with the Qwikster thing. Now is probably a good time to step back and reassess their position.

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  • Omni Adam Ju... 2012/01/27 17:51:55
  • Adam Ju... Omni 2012/01/27 20:01:23
    Adam Julian
    Well pirating is when you BUY a stolen/torrented/pirated movie. I believe you're thinking of torrenting/downloading online.
  • Omni Adam Ju... 2012/01/27 20:12:31 (edited)
    -sigh- You're a bit foolish...

    Piracy - "the unauthorized use of another's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright" "the illicit accessing of broadcast signals" - Merriam Webster
  • Adam Ju... Omni 2012/01/27 20:14:39
    Adam Julian
    I guess I was wrong about that one definition, however, that really wouldn't make me "foolish".
  • Omni Adam Ju... 2012/01/27 20:15:28
    It would make you foolish because you acted like you knew it with certainty when you didn't.
  • Adam Ju... Omni 2012/01/27 20:17:45
    Adam Julian
    True, however, don't you think it would be more foolish if I defended that one definition even though it's not the correct definition, I've met plenty of people that do that and it gets annoying.
  • Odinsown 2012/01/27 14:10:01
    Keep the same price for games, and I would resubscribe....

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