Should NCAA Chief Shut Down Penn State Football Program?

Chris D 2012/07/17 18:00:00
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Southern Methodist University lost their football program for two years in the 1980s for merely paying their players. So it seems logical that the the NCAA would consider shutting down the Penn State football programs as the evidence continues to pour out that Joe Paterno and the University leadership were complicit in covering up the Sandusky child rape issue. Do you think the NCAA should shut down Penn State football?

WWLTV.COM reports:
The president of the NCAA says he isn't ruling out the possibility of shutting down the Penn State football program in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.
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  • RoyDMercer - IFOTFD 2012/07/17 19:02:25
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    There's a difference in the SMU case versus what took place here. SMU did it for the betterment of the entire team. These bad seeds were not trying to better their program, so I don't think players, students and innocent alumni should have to suffer for what this handful of idiots did.

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  • B.O.Plenty 2012/10/28 00:00:24
    Yes it should be shut down and they should open Joe Pertino's grave and everyone should urinate on him for covering up that bunch of crap.
  • UnclePoop 2012/09/14 18:46:02
    They should get rid of the entire staff and rehire new staff.
  • Jessica Conners 2012/07/23 19:35:49
    Jessica Conners
    There were charges against some people and others hurts despite their being investigated and not charged. Their are other Universities more powerful or influential. Go after everyone, if justice is your quest, use Penn State as an escape-goat if you want to feel better. Iowa
  • Patric 2012/07/23 19:02:39
    that would hit the school where it hurts the most,, in the pocket book..

    that would get their attention..

    2 years in the hole.. damn,
  • Yankee Traveler 2012/07/23 09:15:59
    Yankee Traveler
    They should shut down the entire school
  • TheTruth1313 2012/07/23 07:43:30
    This is going way overboard. In addition to the revenue lost by the school, in essence, Sandusky now hurts the school and the young men that where to play football for Penn state, as well as those poor young men that he has already hurt.
  • KoAm 2012/07/23 07:39:33
    Piece of advice: Offer a "not sure" answer choice next time.

    I'm torn on this one. As a former student-athlete myself, though, I'd have hated to see my sports program get the "death penalty" for something that happened there 10 years before I ever went to the school.

    If Penn State does get the "death penalty," though, I won't be in strong disagreement with it. PROVIDED that the NCAA lets the current football players transfer to other schools and WAIVES the waiting period until they're eligible to play.
  • Character KoAm 2012/07/23 15:38:32
    They have already allowed transfer and waived the waiting period.
  • Paul Jordan 2012/07/23 00:54:36
    Paul Jordan
    I don't think they should shut it down. The student / players didn't have anything to do with this. The should take away all TV rights and exclude them from bowl eligibility for the next ten years. The cover up was for no other reason than money. Take "that" away from them.
  • aliceou812 2012/07/22 16:24:12
    Once again a celebrity is not remembered for what they really were. Not that I condone what one individual did but dragging the one who passed away with them is unforgiveable. I hate when this happens to someone great as Joe Paterno!
  • Character aliceou812 2012/07/23 15:39:34
    According the report, he was scum, not "great" - maybe "great scum".
  • Dave 007 2012/07/22 11:49:25
    Dave 007
    At this late date, let the current team play this season. Then shut down the program and give the current players time to go to other teams. They were not part of the scandal.
  • Continuing Anglican Priest 2012/07/21 20:26:26
    Continuing Anglican Priest
    Covering up criminal activity all the way to the top of administration is the definition of "lack of institutional control"

    Almost all NCAA sanctions effect coaches, students etc. that were not involved in the activity for which the sanction is given. That argument is a non-starter. If the NCAA were to follow that logic there would be no sanctions or control whatsoever possible.

    Blessings Upon You
  • KoAm Continu... 2012/07/23 07:41:23
    >>>Almost all NCAA sanctions effect coaches, students etc. that were not involved in the activity for which the sanction is given. >>>

    Yes, but at least they're still allowed to play. The "death penalty" would be a different kind of sanction.

    If they did give Penn State the "death penalty," the NCAA should at least let the players transfer to other schools and be eligible to play right away. Rather than the usual rule where transfers have to sit out for a year or whatever it is.
  • Continu... KoAm 2012/07/24 00:14:01
    Continuing Anglican Priest
    While they didn't get the death penalty the NCAA (and I) appear to agree with you that the athletes should have the opportunity to to transfer without penalty. This will be controversial for a long time. If nothing else comes of this at least I pray that the penalty handed down will help to prevent this situation from recurring anywhere else.

    Blessings Upon You
  • Apache 2012/07/21 02:43:23
  • keeper 2012/07/20 23:12:48
    This was the sick behavior of one individual. The others people who "condoned" it by not reporting it to the law are no longer there.
  • Squatch 2012/07/20 16:08:19
    If they do it will just hurt the players. If this happens the NCAA should allow them to transfer to other schools and play right away.
  • cc 2012/07/20 14:41:46
    Clean house! Get the perverts and enablers out of there! Put those in jail who need to be in jail, fire the rest and get some decent people in there...if there indeed are any.
  • keliffa 2012/07/20 01:42:51
    For one season.

    jerry sandusky
  • BoardinOK 2012/07/19 20:15:18
    So, because of a few "adults" that didn't do what was right and allowed a man to continue to ruin the lives of 10+ children. The fact that they are even considering ruining the dreams and goals of 200+ sons and daughters that have dreamed of playing for PSU and marching for PSU is okay? The question itself is ignorant.
  • Chris 2012/07/19 19:13:15
  • Apache Chris 2012/07/22 01:29:19
  • Chris Apache 2012/08/05 08:40:40
    still......haters gonna hate
  • Steamtrain 2012/07/19 17:45:40
    Joe's dead. Leave him be and get off PSU's ass.
  • weenyboy 2012/07/19 16:41:59
    Why punish the CURRENT footlball players, coaches, grounds crew, ticket agents, concession stand employees PLUS hundreds of thousands of fans for the actions of a few? Those known participants have been fired and/or face imprisonment... Isn't that enough? When Reagan and his co-conspirators sold ARMS (as in weapons) to our Iranian "buddies", NO ONE even went to jail! Now this? Crazy over-reaction as I seeit!
  • Character weenyboy 2012/07/23 15:46:37
    An example must be made so other programs do not tolerate similar behavior.
  • john 2012/07/19 13:52:50
    Too many innocent people who had nothing to do with all of this would suffer.
  • silverhorn 2012/07/19 13:30:00
    At SMU the coaches, players and alumni were all involved in the situation. The crimes at Penn State are far greater than paying players but it did not involve players or students and to give the death penalty would impact everyone. It's a tough call as I think people should go to jail but where do we draw the line on punishment? A death penalty doesn't punish the people who commited the crimes at Penn State any more than it punishes the third year philosphy student. How is that just?
  • trigcole 2012/07/19 10:54:20
    they should just for the reason 4 people in charge never did any thing and didnt care about the children there just to put it under the carpet they should close the collage im stilll waighting to take down the dampiece of crap of him in frount of collage
  • bbwolf35 2012/07/19 10:49:38
    Fire the staff, clean house from top to bottom, but don't make the students have to pay the price.
  • beach bum 2012/07/19 10:33:08
    beach bum
  • Chef Bunyan 2012/07/19 02:19:59
    Chef Bunyan
    The people that perpetrated the cover up are all gone no longer employed by Penn State! Why punish the kids on the team that play their butts off for something they had no part of?
  • Iamfree 2012/07/19 01:21:37
    No, it would be wrong to punish the young men who worked so hard to get their to play ball for the actions of people they had no control over. I would, however, like to see Penn State be fined steeply with the proceeds split among the victims or perhaps distributed to an area child-abuse support organization.
  • nicesteve 2012/07/19 01:10:03 (edited)
    Defininately so. For at least two seasons, and infinitly until Penn State has established
    and agrees to strictly and vigourously enforce TOUGH regulations governing the conduct
    of their administration, staff, and faculty regarding the safety and welfare of all minor people, be they students, guests, visitors, male or female (after all, I don't wish to see any
    girls go through any similar nightmares as these boys did), etc. both on campus and also
    at any off campus activities under Penn States jurisdiction. It might also be prudent to
    require NCAA monitoring of all Penn State youth activities for a while, on all remaining
    youth programs as a condition of their continued existance at Penn State. While youth
    programs are a vital part of any college or university program, the safety and welfare of
    inocent young people MUST be an essential part of any and all of these programs. Tough
    policies must be strictly enforced at any program involving inocent youth, and colleges
    and universities. These young people are prospective future students for all of these
    institutions of higher education (and several may already actually be full fledged students
    of the same), and their well being while on campus and/or under their jurisdiction must
    be addressed by all parties that are involved with the same.
  • NancyR1 2012/07/18 23:39:10
    You know, I don't know. It's probably a blessing that Joe Paterno passed. I would say that they could use this to begin a new and NEVER AGAIN allow anything like this to happen here. If it does again, SHUT ER DOWN!
  • Kingarthurup 2012/07/18 22:55:12
    No, you can't shut down something because most of its members are corrupt.... what would happen to the Democrap party?
  • Golden ... Kingart... 2012/07/22 16:05:21
    Golden Panther
    From your lips to God's ear....shutting down the demoncrats would indeed solve 95% of our woes and prob.ems
  • Frank 2012/07/18 22:50:58
    How rediculous. The perpetrators shold be punished and put in jail or fired. The football team did nothing illegal, why shut it down....
  • DOriginalDonald 2012/07/18 22:48:15
    Not unless they also shut down Da U as well!
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