Should Lance Armstrong Finally Come Clean?

Sports 2013/01/05 21:29:37
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Hopefully for disgraced cycling legend Lance Armstrong's sake, he's saved his money, because over the last few months, he has practically lost everything else--respect, his accolades, sponsorships, and clean reputation. According to a report by The New York Times, Armstrong is strongly considering confessing to using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to authorities.

You may recall that Armstrong had literally every major achievement of his revoked just a few months back, after an in-depth investigation revealed that despite not failing a drug test, there was enough evidence and testimonies from ex-teammates and associates against him to draw the conclusion that he was a cheater. The investigation damaged Armstrong's reputation so badly that he even had to step down as head of Livestrong, a charity he founded over a decade ago to raise money for cancer awareness and research.

Armstrong is said to want to continue his cycling and triathlon career, which is why he's reportedly thinking about confession. Of course, there are a ton of legal hurdles if that happens. There's no guarantee he'll be allowed to participate in sports and there are also potential lawsuits from sponsors and business partners, who might try to recoup the money they paid him over the years. Armstrong's moment of truth could be coming full speed ahead.

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  • Twinky 2013/01/06 00:22:02
    Come on Lance, are we really expected to believe that out of hundreds of fit and healthy drug-cheats, one clean, non-cheating cancer survivor would win again and again? It's just not going to happen.

    Lance has done amazing things for cancer fighters all over the world and no one can take that away from him.

    But he also needs to apologise for bullying all the people who have come clean about the doping scandal. For trying to destroy the careers of anyone against him and threatening and leaving voicemails to the WIVES of opponents saying "I hope somebody breaks a baseball bat over your head."

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  • Cunning Stunts 2013/01/13 12:11:38
    Cunning Stunts
    His testicles will thank him in the coming years.
  • L Dub 2013/01/12 17:54:14
    L Dub
    But, good luck with that. He hid his (and lied more than) Barry Bonds........
  • T J 2013/01/11 03:25:12
    T J
    He should have come clean a long time ago. On a personal note, I didn't like the fact that he dumped his wife for Sheryl Crow, only to break up with her.
  • April Dawn 2013/01/11 01:41:22
    April Dawn
    HELL YES Don't. Cheat
  • Veinallinius 2013/01/10 17:37:27
    If he is bang to rights what has got to lose ? he may even retain some credibilty
  • kgiexec 2013/01/10 16:01:47
    It won't fix anything at this point. It is what it is and a confession wouldn't be genuine but rather an attempt to be placed in a favorable light. He cheated at all cost to win. He is no better nor worse than all the others who are doing it. He is the best "drugged" cyclist of all time. He is not anywhere close to the best all natural cyclist.
  • jacktown kid 2013/01/10 15:51:00
    jacktown kid
    He give an explalnation at least
  • The Libertarian 2013/01/10 06:08:58
    The Libertarian
    Are we sure that he is guilty?
  • MadMax 2013/01/08 01:49:28
    Heheh, come clean about peeing dirty. That's funny to me.
  • kobidobidog 2013/01/08 01:15:25 (edited)
    Pharisees are after Lance. Leave Lance alone. In Christs name leave Lance alone.
  • MadMax kobidob... 2013/01/08 01:54:37
  • greenapple 2013/01/08 00:56:12
    The man is a Trumpet Prodogy, the lead vocalist of Green Day, He was the first to walk on the moon, and he's a great cyclist.
    Cut him some slack!!!!!

    (And for those who couldn't tell, that was supposed to be a joke...)
  • Buoyant Leadraft 2013/01/08 00:32:05
    Buoyant Leadraft
  • scbluesman13 2013/01/07 21:06:50
    Although by the time he decides to no one will care.
  • Mike 2013/01/07 20:17:12
    it might be nice, for a change !
  • JLM630 2013/01/07 19:52:05 (edited)
    But, should that be what he does, then part of the confession should be to tell the powers that be, how he successfully worked his way around ALL the drug tests.
  • Zion21 2013/01/07 18:41:01
    There's no point in dragging it on, it's only going to cause further damage.

  • FordCrews 2013/01/07 17:46:13 (edited)
    He did come clean, of course the idiots in this nation are to stupid to understand the truth, after all they reelected a drug addicted retarded black man, that was responsible for the worse 4 year period in this history of the nation.
  • frank d... FordCrews 2013/01/11 08:06:17
  • hatter 2013/01/07 17:43:21
  • JLM630 hatter 2013/01/07 19:56:53 (edited)
    Could you further clarify your position here, it doesn't make a lick of sense. I'm thinking, there maybe too many T's in your non de plume.
  • charles nelson 2013/01/07 16:07:01
    charles nelson
    think we have wasted enough time on the guy
  • Mytstar ~PWCM~JLA 2013/01/07 15:40:20 (edited)
    Mytstar ~PWCM~JLA
    Who Cares!! what difference does any of it make...... He rides a bike for goodness sake ... not like it is something that is life changing to anyone in great length except maybe him and a few others that think bike racing is important... come on people
  • Peru 2013/01/07 15:29:16
    Never, never, never, and I mean never, ever, ever, confess to anything. Take the 5th.
  • kudabux 2013/01/07 15:14:59
    Why bother? He is guilty of doping and he is history. He lost everything because of his dishonesty. He is considering 'fessin up so he can return to the sport. What low life!! Keep him away!
  • terrybron 2013/01/07 11:49:30
    His technology was better on the day. He beat the system as it was. I'd shake his hand.
  • kudabux terrybron 2013/01/07 15:15:33
    You are just as low as he is.
  • Buffy 2013/01/07 11:20:23
    I am so over Lance. Please, how can I miss you if you never go away. I never believed his denials in the first place.
  • The heartless 2013/01/07 09:36:31
    The heartless
    Yes he should come clean. He did a terrible thing and now all the people that believed in him are shattered. He should tell the truth about his actions, (not that it will make any difference at all) Once a cheat always a cheat.
  • lolitalovely 2013/01/07 06:42:45
    If he did, than that's his choice. I, personally don't believe that Lance would tell a newspaper that he is thinking about coming clean when he is claiming innocence, so I have no idea how they know something that he would probably keep pretty secret. I also don't think he's guilty. No one has sufficiently proven his guilt to me and I believe people must be assumed innocent until proven guilty.
  • Charles E 2013/01/07 06:07:15
    Charles E
    Requiring a confession to "Come Clean" presupposes that he is in fact guilty.
    If he is innocent, as he has claimed, a "coming clean" by confessing would be a lie.
  • Shadow_Wolf 2013/01/07 05:50:03
    The majority of us have no idea WTF we are talking about. None of you know if he did it, none of us know if he did. Stop making all these dumb ass assumptions, because hell he might not have done drugs.
  • nightcrawler2005 2013/01/07 04:36:48
    He should own up but I just don't think his ego will permit that.
  • Tannenberg1993 2013/01/07 04:25:41
    He was at the top- the easiest target. Something inside me says he's a victim here.
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2013/01/07 03:16:42
    Bob, the reasonable one
    he has come up "clean" hundreds of times....perhaps the persecution of a famous athlete should stop....just sayin, they had no proof of illegal activities, just conjecture and personal attacks that have been nonstop for 20 years by pathetic wannabes who never competed in anything in their lives...the so-called evidence is statements by dozens of people busted for doping....it was a witch hunt
  • M 2013/01/07 03:07:15 (edited)
    Come clean and admit to what? There is a lot of anti-American hate in cycling. Personally, I think he's no more or less guilty than others.
  • Mel 2013/01/07 02:50:08
    I bet he never will though. He'd be too abashed to admit his fault
  • Sofahead 2013/01/07 00:32:17
    Does it serve any true purpose?
    Some of the articles make it sound like they were gunning for him for years.
    If he is truly guilty and confesses, shouldn't name all the people he knew who were doping as well?
  • Mel Sofahead 2013/01/07 02:51:55
    So mant people gave said he was on including a former nurse who worked on his team. They don't appear to have been lying
  • srini 2013/01/07 00:29:01
    Unless he wants others to expose him more embaressingly.

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