Should Female Pro Tennis Players Be Allowed To Grunt?

Richard 2012/06/29 13:55:08
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Excluding the grunting in restrooms of course. A new ruling says that female tennis players can no longer do ultra loud grunting while playing tennis. Umpires even have a grunting device to monitor grunting. More on this on today's MisfitWisdom blog at http://misfit120.wordpress.com
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  • jayshawksnotboth 2012/06/29 15:25:51
    You gotta be kidding me here with this story.
    If you're gonna ban the women, ban the men too. It just sounds really creepy when they grunt.
  • Tony 2012/06/29 14:48:17
    You gotta be kidding me here with this story.
    What? Did Caroline Wozniacki think grunting was "unladylike?" She probably blames it for her not winning in 2009.
  • Brother Bo 2012/06/29 14:48:10
    I have no problem with grunting...I do it myself.
    Brother Bo
    What a stupid concept... Sometimes you have to grunt or yell when you are making a strong shot.
  • Brother Bo Brother Bo 2012/06/29 14:48:45
    Brother Bo
    Do they have the same rule for male tennis players?
  • dear•LT13☻ 2012/06/29 14:06:00
    You gotta be kidding me here with this story.
    It's part of the game!
    Why is it only women Tennis players? Seems dumb.
  • Khloe_Michelle<3 2012/06/29 14:02:39
    None of the above
    i think that this is just being sexist as you said Should "Female" pro tenis players be alowed to grunt

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