Should “Breaking Dawn” Be Rated R?

Film 2010/07/21 19:51:30
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Seems like there’s a disagreement brewing in the “Twilight” camp. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg wants to include all the novel’s eroticism and graphic horror, while the production company’s head of distribution, with his eye fixed firmly on the box office, is determined to stay away from an R rating.
Summit Entertainment’s Distribution Chief Richie Fay said to MTV, “It’s always with the eye of making Stephanie Meyer happy and making the audience happy. I can’t say for a fact, but I just don’t see us getting into an R-rated area with any of the ‘Twilight’ titles.”
This should prove to be quite the challenge, especially if screenwriter Rosenberg gets her way. At an event sponsored by the Los Angeles-based Writers Guild Foundation, entitled ‘An Evening With Melissa Rosenberg,’ the screenwriter spoke to reporter Bruce Reynolds from OnTheRedCarpet.com.
“I don’t think we’re planning to shy away from anything,” said Rosenberg. “I think the birth should be as horrifying as it is in the novel. The sex scenes should be as scintillating as they are in the novel, as erotic as they are in the novel. All of it, I think we should see it.”
Should “Breaking Dawn” Be Rated R?
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  • courtenay Matthews 2011/12/21 18:22:27
    courtenay Matthews
    Nope! I mean come on people this is 2011 where these same kids are watching movies like Saw .... Where was the Rated R part? The sex scene? Not even close. The birth scene? I seen worse.
  • Bella Black 2011/02/18 14:29:24
    Bella Black
    Spoiler...just in case.Jackasses what is WRONG with you?! How the HELL are you gonna show the damn birthing scene without it being R?!! Renesmee's gonna pop out all clean and pretty and the nurse is going to say,"Congratulations Mrs.Cullen,you have a beautiful baby girl.Oh and look,the sheet is all nice and clean,not one spot of blood"!!!!!! You people are Insane! All of the previous movies were PG13,and have you noticed a trend,none of them are willing to to get realistic with life.Take the Eclipse fight scene for example.And this is exactly why Other vampire fans typically HATE The Twilight Saga;because they can't take what appears as a damn puppet show for real! Besides,to the argument that "it will excludes the kids",get a life we're not in 1900;parents let their kids watch a whole hell of a lot today,and most younger children would have to go with with adult supervision to get into the the damn theater in the first place.And to the teens under 17,honestly parents,that condom wrapper wasnt't a damn candy wrapper that Jr. forgot to throw away! If BD isn't rated R it will ruin the entire series!! Our minds conjured up the obvious birthing scenes when we read the book,Stephanie printed it out for us;so the movie should show how it would be if it were real! This is the most climatic,angst ridden scene OF THE SERIES;because we all knew Bella was sooner or later gonna be turned.BTW I'm a MASSIVE TWIHARD!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the length. XOXO
  • jaypaw234 2010/10/28 02:56:34
    YES! if it's NOT i will FORCE myself not to watch it. they will NOT ruin Breaking Dawn by making it PG-13. that will RUIN the WHOLE movie and it will seriously disrespect the book. i will NEVER forgive Summit if they making Breaking Dawn a stupid PG-13, when it deserves an R rating. i agree with Melissa, we should see ALL of it. and if the Twilight loves don't like it, then they don't have to watch it.
  • courten... jaypaw234 2011/12/21 18:26:18
    courtenay Matthews
    Did you see it??? I think they did a Bill did a good job.
  • Anonymous 2010/09/05 00:58:31
    I dont think it matters if it is rated r or not but a lot of teen girls go 2 see these movies, so that might effect how many people will go and see it.
  • Marie 2010/08/19 01:45:55
    It should only be rated R only if it is going exactly by the book because some parts are graphic...I don't want them to indulge however in extra stuff that wasn't in the book and was never in the book...Otherwise be true to the story...
  • 83Pats12 2010/08/13 17:44:52
    it would lose a lot of viewers and therefore make less money. they can make a PG13 run-down of the book. it doesnt have to be as violent or sensual. they will find a way to make it PG13 but stick to the book im pretty sure.
  • Snyder, Kaitlyn 2010/08/10 23:14:23
    Snyder, Kaitlyn
    this should so stick to the story i love it!
  • Cari 2010/08/10 22:33:59
    They can allude to the more mature-themed parts of Breaking Dawn without blatantly showing it. If Rosenberg wants to see some money, she should keep it at PG-13.
  • YO! 2010/08/07 02:56:04
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i wont be able to see it!!!!!!!! im only 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Win... YO! 2010/12/02 03:42:13
    The Winter Sodahead
    You do realize that that makes you too young to be on here
  • Abby b 2010/08/06 22:21:48
    Abby b
    i dont think so because there are so many teens that read the book and it would be unfair for all those teens who read the books. all the parents bring the youngerchildren and they just wont be able to bring them to the movie but to block it from all the teens????? there would be some very unappy people in the US!!!
  • KazelyndeCastro 2010/08/05 09:42:09
    make sure that no scene from the book is eliminated...!!!
    rated r or not people would like to watch it..!!! what makes the saga complete is the last book...!!!('',)
  • Jordyn ~Nerdfighter~ 2010/08/04 02:16:52
    Jordyn ~Nerdfighter~
    It really doesn't matter whether it's rated R or not, they're still gonna watch it no matter if they have to kill the man at the ticket desk or not.
  • mhyke 2010/08/01 19:17:39
    They should not show a bunch of naked people in a bed or a birth!!!!
  • keke43 2010/07/31 16:34:48
    i love this movie but i can say new moon and twilight kinda left me disappoint after reading all the saga things were change between twilight the movie and book but i love the last movie but i cant wait til breaking dawn comes out i readed that book five times and i hope that this movie will out beat all and dont skip nothing that was in the book or change it
  • anonymous 2010/07/29 23:22:08
    im tired of the twilight movies not delivering 2 its full potential when being compared 2 the books...at least let the last 1 (which was in my opinion the greatest book) go all out...n if children still want 2 see it then they canl...just with their parents....not a huge deal...if this movie duznt go as far as the book shows then there will be even more disappointed fans...the book was erotic so make it that way...the birth was gruesome so show it that way...dont disappoint the world
  • cscrider 2010/07/29 15:41:43
    r rated to Pg 13
  • cj 2010/07/29 01:48:39
    the book didn't go rated r for me....pg-13 is just right.
  • Blondey 2010/07/29 00:13:21
    if they show the sex scenes from head to toe
  • robycat 2010/07/28 22:31:12
    yes i think some parts of it should be rated r and some parts r at least pg-13
  • jessica 2010/07/28 19:02:48
    i dont htink it should be rated r.nowall the pre- teens at maybe even some teens that are hooked on the siries cant go see it.
  • Music Lover 2010/07/27 20:21:40
    Music Lover
    I think they should because if they dont, then any kid can see it. I hate saying that cause i wouldnt be able to see it, but i know that my mom would see it!
  • loreal 2010/07/27 18:31:10
    go r go r
  • Becca 2010/07/27 14:26:22
    This is the most important book in the saga and should be represented properly. The sex scenes should probably be toned down some but the birth should be every thing the book made it out to be. Most teen girls would probably love to see Bella bent and broken in agony so I don't think they will be disappointed with this scene and it's no worse than most of the shows on prime time television anyway. :)
  • chris brown's_BOO 2010/07/26 22:22:35 (edited)
    chris brown's_BOO
    i think they should make it rated R since the books has it that way cause if they're worried about the sex scenes and the other ghrapic stuff then they should have thought about that when they decided to give stepanie meyer a movie deal i can't wait to see it
  • Lee83 2010/07/26 20:54:18
    IT IS THE AUTHORS BOOK not the directors movie, If she wrote it the way she wanted its fine, DONT REDO IT
  • sweeetnsour 2010/07/26 18:27:18
    then my mom would never let me see it
  • Candie 2010/07/26 17:27:11
    YES!!!! I cant wait to see how they do it!!
  • hannah 2010/07/26 16:59:07
    The book isnt a "R" it says nothing of sex it should be pg 13 for suggestive material besides who wants to see rpatz naked =/
  • fina 2010/07/26 13:01:30
    No it shouldn't
  • 22rexy22samo 2010/07/26 00:36:57
    i mean kids really want 2 see it 2
  • Lee83 22rexy2... 2010/07/26 20:56:52
    cut scenes out and then put them into a rated-r movie, seriously nudity was not an issue for movies awhile ago, i watched a PG-13 version of Romeo and Juliet for English class freshman year
  • Andrew 2010/07/25 21:31:51
    I think not but Im not too concenrned.
  • Mark 2010/07/25 19:01:48
    Actually, I don't really care, because Twilight is horrible, but if it has to be made, why not make it as well as you can? Besides, even with an R rating, kids will still go to it, because the parents dumb enough to let them read erotica will take them to a rated R movie, anyway.
  • Lonnie 2010/07/25 16:03:01
    The imagination is way better than the real thing. We should be less risque in what we show. How far ware we going to take things just for the next emotional High?
  • Mark Lonnie 2010/07/25 19:03:58
    True, they could still have the horror and erotica without actually showing anything. Too bad imagination is nearly dead in most humans.
  • ally 2010/07/25 08:45:15
    nooooooooo way
  • gigi 2010/07/25 08:29:55
    NOOO!!!!but when is it coming out...if its coming out nxt yr please be after august coz then i will be able to watch it if its rated R D:
  • LC 2010/07/25 05:31:14
    The book hit the lower edges of rated R in several parts and very big capital R in the birth scene. I don't see how it can be done justice and stay true to the story if it is not if explicit detail and thus rated R. The sexual parts on Isle Esme aren't really a problem to me, look at Rob Pattinson and Emile in Remember Me... there was NO DOUBT that some really good hot sex was going on but it didn't show graphic naked body parts and it was PG-13 so that part I'm sure we could get our fix on, but the birth, if its not accurate all readers will feel totally cheated, myself included.
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