Should Anderson Silva change weight classes?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2012/07/10 02:31:24
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If Silva vs. Sonnen 2 showed us anything, it showed us how special of a fighter Anderson Silva really is. His reign of dominance is something we haven't seen in a long time and might not ever see again. And for the second time, Anderson Silva defeated Chael Sonnen, who was by far his biggest threat in the Middleweight Division. Which brings me to my point, should Silva move up to Light Heavyweight or cut down to Welterweight. Sure he might have to vacate his belt but he's gotta be getting bored at the lack of challenge at Middleweight. He's beat Chael Sonnen twice, and has already beat Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami as well. Who else in the middleweight division is worthy of a title shot? Michael Bisping? Mark Munoz? Brian Stann? Chris Weidman? None of these guys have beaten anybody relevant to get a title shot but they're all in the top 10 in middleweights because the division is that bad. I mean come on, if fans and experts entertained the idea of Anderson Silva vs. Mayhem Miller or Anderson Silva vs. Jake Shields, that tells you right there how lacking the division is. At light heavyweight there would be more competition fighting the likes of Phil Davis, Rashad Evans and Jon Jones. Interesting welterweight fights for Silva would be Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Josh Koscheck and of course Georges St. Pierre. This probably won't happen... but should it?
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  • Platinum Fangs 2012/07/22 10:01:32
    Platinum Fangs
    I meant to click No, but the damn page shifted on me in mid -click. Let him keep the belt but have every other fight be in light-heavyweight or middleweight. Have him take on Strikeforce Middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in a title vs. title fight.

    Eventually we're gonna have to have the dream match: Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre in a title vs. title catchweight bout, with GSP & Silva at 165. And if he gets past GSP, have him face a few more light-heavyweights then have him take on champion Jon "Bones" Jones in a catchweight title bout. He beats them both, let him ditch the belt.
  • Yankee:... Platinu... 2012/07/22 17:19:26
    Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT
    i dont see luke rockhold beating anderson silva... youre talking about strikeforce compared to the ufc theres a big difference. as far as gsp goes i think he has potential to hand silva his first loss in the octagon but even still he's a huge underdog in that fight. i mean come on middleweight has to be the weakest division right now. i mean come on mark munoz, michael bisping and chris weidman are worthy of fighting silva yet all three havent beaten anybody relevant. i mean come on, the fact that mayhem miller vs anderson silva was a possibility at one time is really saying something about that division. light heavyweight seems alot more challenging with guys like lyoto machida, phil davis and jon jones. and if he can cut down to welterweight id love to see silva vs. nick diaz of silva vs. josh koscheck or gsp.

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