SCRE4M Early Test Screening Review (NO SPOILERS)

Themovieguy 2011/01/09 20:58:56

Alright, Before i begin this little review i want to say thank you for Dimension for giving me these passes, I Love the trilogy and the characters.
I won't give out any spoilers, Don't ask.
I Also won't say too much or make this review too long because i might accidently spoil something for someone.
As you know if you know me in person or if you just look at my profile page that i am a huge SCREAM Fan, I love all the movies and The Whole cast and crew has done a great job, Now with the announcment to SCRE4M In about 2008, Well i nearly died of ecxitment.
Yes, These movies are horror but they bring so much heart and let me say that is hard to do in a horror film.
Now it takes place ten years later, Sidney Prescott Returns to Woodsboro meeting Dewey and Gale Riley.
Now the movie it self, This was a test screening let me remind you and they said some things won't look done or something.
But if they still have another month of Post Production i am surprised at how finished this film looks.
The film has some great brutal kills, Nice dialouge going with Kevin Williamson's writing.
Neve Campbelle returns as Sidney Prescott and she just steals the show, Really reminding us of how well we need her character and her self to play her, Courtney Cox is back as Gale Weathers, and Well she is just Gale Weathers...But in a good way. David Arquette returns as the protective Dewey Riley, He could have been more 'Dewey' but he still did a great job.
Now to keep a trilogy alive for ten years is a big thing so congrats to that, The film it self was just alot of fun to watch. If you're a SCREAM Fan you will love it and want to see it again.
If you're not. It's not to hard to catch up on, The film brings some new faces to the screen.
And Everyone is wondering about the famous, Opening kill. I won't give anything away with it but i will just say that it lives up to the hype.

Overall SCRE4M is a blast, My favorite movie of 2011, considering the only other movie i saw was Season Of The Witch which sucked.
But i have no doubt that i will be seeing this again at the midnight showing on April 15th.
I Love'd SCRE4M and i hope you do.
I Can't end this review with a 'What did YOU Think of SCRE4M'.
And i promise i will return with a full review in April.

Until Next Time-

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  • John 2011/04/16 16:21:27
    The Scream series not a horror films, they are comedies. Rediculously funny and stupid. Hollywood has not made a decent horror flick since the early 80's.
  • ml210378 2011/01/10 00:39:28
    I hope this sequel has a huge hole and they bring back Randy. I loved Randy sooo much. Love Jamie Kennedy really! lol.
    Oh i definitely miss Cotton. Not my fault MovieGuy; I liked his character and when he was killed with his girlfriend, I just sat there with my mouth opened.


    Scream4 looks promising; just hope those young actors and their roles don't f*ck it up.
  • Themovi... ml210378 2011/01/10 01:27:44
    I Can't say anything about it but i love'd Randy so much.
    I Like'd Cotton, But i don't think he should have been the opening kill. Killed but not the first,

    The Young Actors were surprisingly good, But the film is still very much about Sidney, Dewey, And Gale.

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