Scene Metal vs. 'Legit' Metal

Sexuallobster 2011/04/24 18:33:26
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'Legit' Metal.
Scene Metal.
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Look, I like alot of metal, I like 'legit' metal. In my opinion bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Pierce the Vail, Black Veil Brides etc. are just posers with gimmicks to cash in on on teenagers that jump on any new fad. Their music is really unoriginal, and pretty much the same, now before you call me out on this, I've listened to all these bands' albums. I just think they all have lady gaga/deadmau5 syndrome; having a 'different' image to distract people from your inability to make music. I just wanna know what the rest of the world thinks. If you vote, please leave a comment with your age and gender, this is for a demographic study.
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  • Shadow's Companion 2011/04/25 23:59:03
    'Legit' Metal.
    Shadow's Companion
    Enough with bands ripping off In Flames riffs and tacking on breakdowns.
  • Clatahwa 2011/04/25 00:56:23
  • Sexuall... Clatahwa 2011/04/25 01:55:52
    Wow that was actually profound. Thanks for giving a very unbiased answer dude. But I don't think these bands are in any way making 'music from the heart' you know? For them it really is about the money I THINK. Oli Sykes (I've heard) pretty much said that.
  • Clatahwa Sexuall... 2011/04/25 02:23:03
    Thank you, and no problem. I do understand what you mean. But you and I have different values of what music should be, and therefor we think very differently when it comes to music than fans of mainstream music.

    I don't think Lady Gaga is more talented as Animals As Leaders, for example, and because of that, it's easy for me to say that gaga isn't as sincere in her music as AAL, because AAL obviously has more talent, and more ability, and therefor is more dedicated. It's the same with the metalcore/punk groups you and I dislike. Of course some of them are in it for the money, but some may be in it simply cause they love the music. Hey, it's possible... =P

    Now like I said, I'm not gonna tell you what opinions you should have when it comes to the groups you dislike. If you think they are insincere in their artistic values, then that's fine. I can't say you're wrong, cause I don't know. And we both know that there are plenty of mainstream artists that do it all for the money. But I don't plan on listening to those groups more than I have to, so what they want to do with themselves is their own choice. If they are insincere, well that's their loss, they are missing out on true enjoyment of music. As long as there are good, expert musicians out there, I'll survive. Heh!
  • Bowman 2011/04/24 18:47:27
    'Legit' Metal.

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