Ryan Lochte: I Peed In London Olympic Swimming Pool.

zbacku 2012/08/04 05:12:09
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Hey, That's Why They Use Chlorine.
If You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go.
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(CBS Tampa) — Michael Phelps better watch where he swims next time.

Gold medal winner Ryan Lochte admits to urinating in the Olympic swimming pool during the London games.

Talking to Ryan Seacrest, Lochte – former University of Florida swimmer — says that athletes usually pee in the pool.

Lochte claims he never peed during an actual race, “but I sure did in warm-up.”

“I think there’s just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go,” Lochte said on Seacrest’s radio show.

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  • RasHooD 2012/08/04 11:55:57
    sham on him
  • Rob Williams 2012/08/04 09:49:01
    Hey, That's Why They Use Chlorine.
    Rob Williams
    I'm guessing he wasn't the first and definitely won't be the last.

    What's the fuss about anyway? It's not like he did it from the top diving board...
  • Transquesta 2012/08/04 08:43:18
    Hey, That's Why They Use Chlorine.
    They shouldda used that chemical which dyes the water a deep blue in the presence of urine. ROFL!

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