Roxxxy, Talking Sex Robot

Talking sex robot Roxxxy is revolutionizing the sex doll market; the 5'7",120 pound doll has speech recognition software that allows her to carry casual conversations with her owners, while her AI capabilities allow her to be customized to the user, making her additionally capable of carrying on conversations about specific topics, say NASCAR and the Middle East.

Roxxy has additionally been installed with a quiet motor that pumps hot air through a series of tubes, making TrueCompanion's robot warm to the touch. Sensors in the hands and genitals trigger vocal responses. And she even shudders when simulating an orgasm, and snores when she sleeps.

The robot runs for 3 hours on a single charge. Its ability to speak and snore can also be disabled. Roxxxy currently goes for $7,000, though TrueCompanion, the maker of Roxxxy, has already taken 4,000 pre-orders, while an additional 20,000 have requested information about the product.

A male version of Roxxxy is currently in the works.
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  • shelby 2010/02/04 12:59:26
    who would want a sex robot..............i mean its not like the real thing.......[...]

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  • sodaheadperzon 2010/03/29 17:12:48
    eww seriously? only rich lonley guys would but that......
  • Shorty 2010/02/13 15:29:20
    its creepy but kinda awsome for the guys
  • lagirdam1971 2010/02/11 04:38:41
    Atleast it would make a pretty killer conversation piece.. Just imagine how would you introduce this "sexbot" to your friends and family when they see it bent over the couch in the middle of your living room?? Well, i guess the very same explanation you had when they found the "RealDoll" naked in your bed, huh?? Although, if i wanted someone to talk dirty to me, i'd just call my ex-wife.. It's a guarantee the insults would not only be nasty enough but FREE!! Besides, just think of her reaction when you tell your ex-wife the difference between herself and Roxy the Sex Robot?? The fact that you can turn Roxy on with a flick of a switch!! LMAO..
    The price for Roxy the Sex Robot....$7,000
    Getting your ass kicked by the ex-wife......PRICELESS!!!
  • crazy4twilightmovies 2010/02/08 21:21:33 (edited)
    let see people cant spend $7000 4 something they need but they will bye a friken micanicle thing!!!! wat does someone need it 4!!! it dont kleen it dont make food but sits ther and warms u up..omg!!!
  • jessibabe 2010/02/08 21:08:30
    ummmmmmm........................ comment
  • jessibabe jessibabe 2010/02/08 21:15:22
    *no comment*
  • justsydney 2010/02/06 04:02:06
    this is creepy, sorry

    yeah i'm glad technology is this awesome but a doll who snores....this is unhealthy i think, for ppl mentally....this is bad......just so bad

    all the world of warcraft boys will hook up with this doll instead of the badass world of warcraft girls

    *shakes head*
  • helenros 2010/02/04 23:28:06
    $7000 would probably get you some high-quality human tail.
  • shelby 2010/02/04 12:59:26
    who would want a sex robot..............i mean its not like the real thing.......[...]
  • Rubyzandra 2010/02/04 03:10:04
    I know I'm old at 54, but I don't think I'm at the point I have to pay for sex yet. Besides, I think I could find a young man willing to "do it" for a lot less than $7,000. I had an old, rich man willing to do it for free today if I would have responded to his hints. I didn't know whether to be happy I'm still getting hit on, or pissed off he was interrupting my game. I'm wired for a "real" particular kinda Robot. Nothing else will do. And before I pay, I'd figure out some other way of satisfying those urges I could get with. interrupting game wired real kinda robot pay figure satisfying urges
  • Sammy Sam 2010/02/03 17:07:47
    Sammy Sam
  • Whytieman 2010/02/03 04:37:05
    This Robot is a waste of space and a waste of money!
  • xplaybab3x 2010/02/02 22:57:13 (edited)
  • υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    Pssssssh, we don't need sex robots. We need robots to do our laundry and wash the dishes!
  • thatsnotkawaii 2010/02/02 22:19:44
    wow.... strangle....but coool. and a bit creepy
  • Sean thatsno... 2010/02/14 13:45:12

    Why do you call it Creepy?
  • thatsno... Sean 2010/02/22 23:10:50
    ummm its a sex toy but to a whole new level....
  • Ms Missy 2010/02/02 21:31:50
    Ms Missy
    Ugly rich guys rejoice...at least you know this one isnt a golddigger.
    rich guys rejoice golddigger
  • sjhorner 2010/02/02 20:30:33
    OK, I guess it will soon mean there will be a law against actual mating with humans

    Oh wait a minute we had better take those off the market the bible doesn't say anything about them so it must be bad.

    In truth who really cares if that is what you want to do with your money go for it
  • Laneia 2010/02/02 20:08:04
    I knew this would eventually become a reality. Between robotic sex partners and being plugged into some form of technology at all times--computers, cell phones, Blackberries, Ipods, etc.--we're on our way to becoming a really dysfunctional society!

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