Robert Pattinson is 'sexiest man,' according to Glamour UK poll: most overrated 'sexiest man'?

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His girlfriend may have cheated on him, but fans still swoon over Robert Pattinson. The broody "Twilight" star has topped Glamour UK's "50 Sexiest Men" poll for the fourth year in a row. And Rupert Sanders didn't even make the top 20.

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Now, we admit to being a bit charmed by R-Patz -- not so much by his pale-faced longing in "Twilight" as by how shy and modest he seems in interviews. But sexiest man alive? We really don't think so.

Taking a look at Glamour's top 20, we're also kind of mystified by Ed Westwick of "Gossip Girl" fame. He looks like he could join the "Twilight" cast even without the stage makeup! And we can barely see Joe Manganiello and Christian Bale underneath all the facial hair.

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From Pattinson to Westwick to Johnny Depp, let us know: Who is the most overrated 'Sexiest Man'?

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