RIP Screamo(1991-2005)

kingplutoxiao1 2012/07/17 01:10:45
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The most mislabeled genre in history. It disgusts me how many people don't know the difference between metalcore, post-hardcore, deathcore, nu-metal, etc and screamo. They all sound VERY different.

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  • realist 2012/07/17 10:11:42
    I used to care about the difference between tribal, dnb, progressive and electro before I grew up and realized it was all just music.

    If people don't like metal, why the hell would they ever want to delve into so far as to explore the various sub-genres? Save yourself the heartache and just be happy you discovered something you like :)
  • kingplu... realist 2012/07/17 22:15:56
    I listen to bascially everything. From Industrial Music, To Underground Hiphop, From Thrash Metal, to Hardcore Punk etc. Screamo isn't Metal. its Punk. There's a fine line between them both.


  • 3377479 2012/07/17 07:58:44
    screamo fags are the same as dubstep fags, they're the only ones that like listening to it
  • kingplu... 3377479 2012/07/17 22:13:38
    Wrong. And don't bring homosexual into this. Dubstep has been dead for like two years now.
  • 3377479 kingplu... 2012/07/18 03:59:42
    What beautiful world do you live in where dubstep is dead? It's even on commercials, thats sad
  • kingplu... 3377479 2012/07/18 16:31:34
    That's not dubstep. That's brostep. Believe me, dubstep isn't bad. but the artist(american of course) produce this super commericial progressive house and brostep. I mean Dubstep came from Dub. Dub was jamaician. This is Dub.

  • ʂıoвнaп ♡ 2012/07/17 04:03:19
    ʂıoвнaп ♡
    Yes, when someone uses the term screamo, it's highly likely said person has no clue what they're saying.
    For an outstanding example...see my avatar? You know how many people try to claim that they're screamo? Too many to count!
    *shaking my head*

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