Rihanna Falls Onstage: Embarrassing or No Big Deal?

Music 2011/06/29 13:00:00
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Woman down!

Rihanna pulled a Mariah Carey last week when she was performing "What's My Name?" at the Rexall Place in Canada, and lucky for us, the camera was rolling.

It wasn't exactly a face-plant, but there's no way she could play it off like it didn't happen. The "Man Down" singer had to throw out her hands to catch her body from hitting the floor. She even had to reorient herself a bit before getting back into the groove of the song.

Anyway, enough talk. Let's watch.

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  • M A 2011/06/29 13:40:23
    M A
    Notice she never missed a word, no thump when the mic hit the floor. it wasnt even on

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  • Tank 2011/08/03 13:43:18
    Who cares? It's Rihanna who got her ass whooped by her no talent ass clown boyfriend.
  • Aspect of B 2011/08/01 19:35:07
    No big deal
    Aspect of B
    Happens alot, it seems.
    alot lady gaga falling gif
  • Orangeman89 2011/07/03 03:10:50
    Angus Young has made a career of it.
  • Funky Monk 2011/07/02 15:04:43
    Funky Monk
    That's what she gets for lip syncing....
  • Sahara 2011/07/02 09:17:53
    No big deal
    It wasnt that bad... Not bad
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2011/07/02 04:30:53
    No big deal
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    I keep falling all the time.
  • gabbi 2011/07/02 02:23:20
    haha, change those high heels!!!!
  • ed 2011/07/01 20:09:18
    No big deal
    Man...that was boring! I wanted an end-over-end like Beyonce did! That was epic!
  • Watermusicranger 2011/07/01 19:16:00
  • Kave-Man 2011/07/01 17:58:22
    Wouldn't be so bad IMO if she was actually singing. I think that's the truly embarrassing part. BUSTED!
  • JohntheChristian 2011/07/01 17:51:07
    No big deal
    Get a life people
  • mike j 2011/07/01 17:49:53
    No big deal
    mike j
    A person that does nothing never makes mistakes , and maybe she should let the professional dancers do their job and she tone it down a little and stick to her main talents , but no harm , she did it for her audience and i would not critisize her at all .
  • KoolGuyL 2011/07/01 03:02:45
  • not u 2011/07/01 02:50:23
    No big deal
    not u
    She is human.... Therefore perfection cannot be guaranteed...
  • Amasaman 2011/06/30 18:37:55
    Lip synching is so hard to do!!!!
  • tj ~(^-^)~ 2011/06/30 16:52:55
    No big deal
    tj  ~(^-^)~
    People fall over all the time. The only reason people think it's a big deal is because she's famous.
  • Kigan 2011/06/30 16:26:29
    No big deal
    The only embarrassing part is how many people think this is some big exposure of lipsynching. As if we didn't all know the majority out there lipsynch if performing in a production like that.
  • Student 2011/06/30 16:04:27
    No big deal
    As long as she lip syncs on and continues the show.
  • Jake J. 2011/06/30 15:59:12
    Jake J.
    nice to go to a show and have someone not even sing for you anymore, maybe autotune doesnt work very good on live performances i guess.
  • ladypuppylove 2011/06/30 14:39:59
    No big deal
    hse was ok she have made it through worst
  • Moejj 2011/06/30 11:31:55 (edited)
    The title should read "Rihanna falls while lipsyncing..."
  • Amasaman Moejj 2011/06/30 18:40:42
    SINKING is the operative word!
  • Moejj Amasaman 2011/07/01 02:20:47
  • ConservativeThinker 2011/06/30 11:30:48
    No big deal
    Stuff happens. But what a bod....
  • Aingean 2011/06/30 11:10:14
    No big deal
    I would have been, but accidents happen all the time on stage and singers and actors tend to get use to the little bumps in a performance and keep going. Kinda sucks that now everyone knows she wasn't singing live, but not everyone can regulate their breathing to sing and dance simultaneously.
  • Amasaman Aingean 2011/06/30 18:43:25
    So maybe they shouldn't sing and dance simultaneously! But if people want to go to a concert and hear the same thing as they hear on the CD, fine with me. I'd rather have the spontaneity of live musicians, actually playing their instruments, and singing their songs.
  • Aingean Amasaman 2011/06/30 18:49:31
    I agree with you, but I am sure there are tons of singers that do it. I dont want to pay a ton of money to hear the c.d.
  • Amasaman Aingean 2011/06/30 19:33:09
    They're not really singing then. It all goes back to the whole Milli Vanilli thing. They never sang on the albums, and never sang live, so how do you even know what you are paying for? A dance show? Nowadays there is so much technology in the studio, anybody can sing out of tune, and the processor corrects it. That's not singing, and that's why I don't sing in my band. I know what I can and can't do vocally, so I don't even try.
  • Aingean Amasaman 2011/06/30 19:38:58
    Precisely why I don't go to concerts. I am not any where good at singing, my ability to play instruments is very limited. That is why I write. People try to force their boundaries while they are famous so they can be even more so. Trying to make them a triple threat when they are only good at one of the three. *shrugs* I will never understand famous people.
  • Amasaman Aingean 2011/06/30 19:54:35
    What do you write? Songs?
  • Aingean Amasaman 2011/06/30 20:24:52
    Poetry mostly.
  • Sue MacDonald Kyak 2011/06/30 10:18:13
    No big deal
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Happens to everyone (well not on stage in front of thousands, but still)
  • AriSagan 2011/06/30 10:08:14
    No big deal
    Goood, everyone takes little spills everyday. Why should it matter so much? I'm sure they were embarrased and would like for it to be over... Or just laugh about it. I know I do when I do something clumsy (which is several times a day) XD
  • EricWatson 2011/06/30 08:26:43
    No big deal
    We don't care about that bitch, and well it's proof she can't sing without her voice being mixed in studios. She felt, and that's good. She doesn't even sing in her mic, that's good..
    Worst R&B; female singer ever.
  • dm 2011/06/30 08:04:14
    No big deal
    The Fall itself wasn't that big a deal. She recovered quickly to me. Didn't look that bad.

    Embarrassing more that it did reveal she wasn't really singing live. Sad but I kind of expect it when they sing and dance.
  • King of the woodland realm 2011/06/30 06:27:27
    King of the woodland realm
  • Rebecca Louise 2011/06/30 06:27:26
    No big deal
    Rebecca Louise
    everybody falls! i tripped over a towel. no joke. but she kept on going like it didnt happen. plus lady gagas fall was waaaay worse.
    the thing she should be embarrassed over is her lip syncing.
  • HERMANPALAJE 2011/06/30 05:56:13
    No big deal
    i love her, sometimes this really happens
  • Noobcake 2011/06/30 05:49:18
    Not because she fell but because she was lip-syncing.
  • Karl 2011/06/30 05:11:38
    Those have got to be the strangest costumes I have seen. You know, unless you compare them to Lady Gaga.

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