Rape Scenes in Horror Movies: Are You For Them or Against Them?

SimplyShannon 2010/08/29 22:41:33
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I mean yes rape is horrible, but I have seen people walk out of the movie theater because one is shown. I mean you chose to go see a movie that is meant to make you scared and rape is an all too real fear...
Your opinions?
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  • Martin 2011/03/20 22:46:48
    I don't mind them
    although i would never consider rape it does happen if movies are to be realistic then it should show these scenes only if it goes along with story
  • Bob 2010/09/02 07:12:01
    I don't mind them
    If it is exciting and well done.
  • Katt 2010/09/02 00:56:15 (edited)
    depending on the circumstances, and as long as its not too graphic. Having had been raped when I was little I don't personally like to watch/see it, but its easy to turn my head and ignore it.
  • Music Freak101 2010/09/01 16:55:50
    They should never show rape in a movie
    Music Freak101
    never ever ever
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2010/09/01 16:54:49
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    I tried to watch Hounddog and during the rape scene I had to fastforward cause It was just too disturbing. Mostly because it had a child involoved. I'm not to fond of them; but I'm not against them if they're done correctly and not trying to gloify it. I've seen movies where they do it artistically, which I find interesting. But other than that scene the movie was good! http://media.dvdtown.com/imag...
  • ladyjane 2010/09/01 15:31:02
    They should never show rape in a movie
    Why do they show rape scenes in a movie? Is it really to scare people? I don't think so. It's to numb people to the act. Rape is violence against women and that is all it is. If they are going to show rape in the movies then they should also show another angle about how to castrate men that would perpetuate such an act.There have been some pretty scary movies in the past and they didn't include rape as part of the plot!
  • Tanit 2010/09/01 11:12:48
    They should never show rape in a movie
    It makes me feel sick
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2010/09/01 06:31:44
    I don't mind them
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything

  • Peon of the Masses 2010/09/01 05:56:21
    Peon of the Masses
    I don't watch horror movies. Why don't you watch "The Man Behind the Sun"?
    It's really gruesome at parts throughout. It's not a horror movie, though. It will freak you out a bit more than that.
  • Matt Pierce 2010/09/01 03:26:09
    I don't mind them
    Matt Pierce
    Why is it ok to show someone get violently maimed and tortured, but once you show a rape scene, well, that's just crossing the line! YES, it is horrible, but so are a lot of other things that happen in movies, but no one walks out during a particularly violent dismemberment do they?
  • In vino veritas 2010/09/01 02:01:25
    They should never show rape in a movie
    In vino veritas
    Far to many viewers have witnessed this is the literal sense,1/3 American girls are molested.........
  • Peon of... In vino... 2010/09/01 05:57:23
    Peon of the Masses
    Except in Minnesota where the number is more like 7/8ths.
  • In vino... Peon of... 2010/09/01 10:11:36
    In vino veritas
    America has some soul searching to do as to why, please see response below from Sacred Flame, how sad:((
  • Sacred Flame 2010/09/01 02:00:53
    I don't mind them
    Sacred Flame
    Its similiar to life...it happens everyday...get over it
  • In vino... Sacred ... 2010/09/01 10:12:26
    In vino veritas
    You're a fool............
  • Sacred ... In vino... 2010/09/02 01:17:28
    Sacred Flame
    Whatever thats Your View and that above is Mine
  • apachehellfire65 2010/09/01 01:41:08
    if its part of the storyline o.k. but if its just for shock value or not needed then i pass.
  • JohnBrianSmith 2010/09/01 01:25:49
    Going the undecided route because my answer is more an inbetween area so its a both. it really depend if it "belongs" in the story line. In other words is it used in the developement of the character and needed for the film or is it thrown in for a reaction and to get something sexual based into the movie? It might be easier to explain by example. If its a horror film of an escaped serial killer that raped his/her victims then chopped them up and killed them. The story starts out as an individual that was aborted but didn't die yet was seriously scared for life physically/ emotionally/ mentally. I can see a story line with rape being reasonable. Now if its some horror movie of some college students camping in the mountain and everyone gets drunk and some guy comes out of nowhere in a skymask just to rape a girl cause shes a hottie - no theres no point in it. Rape for entertainment value is just sick. I'm not sure how to explain it better.
  • EM1-SS 2010/08/31 22:39:21
    They should never show rape in a movie
    Unless Roman Polanski is the director; then it would be autobiographical.

    Oh, or if Barney Frank is in it - that would be okay too, if you were allowed to put your own eyes out, after the scene.

    oh, and one more idea . . . . it would be okay if it were Hillary raping Bill, in a manly way. Since Bill deserves it, and it might make Hillary less angry and aggressive.

    allowed eyes scene hillary raping manly deserves hillary angry aggressive
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2010/08/31 19:32:00
    Eric ~ The Logician
    Hey people. If you don't like seeing them, don't look at them.
  • grok70 2010/08/31 17:56:11
    I don't mind them
    Our society glorifies rape in so many ways...who really cares if it happens in a movie as well. The important thing is to identify to ourselves what the purpose of the scene is (heighten sexual tension, demonstrate karmic retribution, scare women, provoke jealousy in men.)
  • Janet 2010/08/31 17:50:00
    They should never show rape in a movie
    I close my eyes when those scenes come on.I was watching Pillars of the earth and I had to change the channel during the scene when William was raping ALiena.
  • grok70 Janet 2010/08/31 17:56:53
    They made a movie out of this! I didn't know, I loved the book.
  • Janet grok70 2010/09/02 16:03:24
    They made a miniseries out of it on Starz.
  • grok70 Janet 2010/09/02 17:21:31
    =( I don't get starz. I'll have to look for it on netflix
  • TombstoneJim 2010/08/31 16:02:20
    I don't go to these type films, but those that do - oh well - you get what you came for....
  • Sean 2010/08/31 15:42:25
    I don't mind them
    Well I don't see why anyone should fear sex, heterosexual sex that is, and I think the only reason we have these terms for sex to make it taboo like the term rape is because of the idea of owning one's sex partner, the nuclear family model, I am a firm believer in sexual freedom, societies that have sexual freedom are the best societies, they have no poverty, no crime, (when I say crime, I mean thing that actually qualify as crimes like muggings) no disease, none of the problems we have in these state systems on the planet.
  • Golanv ... Sean 2010/09/01 01:15:22
    Golanv (Raven) BN0
    Rape is not sex. It is assault. It is taboo because it is totally fubar. As an artist I believe in freedom of expression even if I don't want to see it. I just disagree with what your idea of rape seems to be about.
  • Sean Golanv ... 2010/09/01 01:24:30
    Because your belief is or what you've been indoctrinated to believe is not based on natural laws, it's based on government made laws that are inspired by an unnatural system that seems to be exclusive to humans.
  • Golanv ... Sean 2010/09/01 12:10:33
    Golanv (Raven) BN0
    No. It is based on being a survivor of severe child abuse and rape, and I have the broken bones to remind me of the assaults. What is natural about a psycho fundy nutcase torturing and abusing a child? Nothing. And there were no laws at the time to protect children such as myself. Sorry, but I still disagree strongly.
  • Sean Golanv ... 2010/09/01 14:02:52
    "And there were no laws at the time to protect children such as myself"

    I'm all for treating children right, an adults role is rear a child, to prepare that child for adulthood, too many parents treat their children like property sometimes worse.

    However I disagree with that statement from you because based on my studies, and life expereinces I believe humanity would be better without all institutions including governments. Laws on sheets of paper by the parasites known as governments don't benefit just like the sheets of paper called policies don't benefit except those institution, and the global overclass that's over all the institutions.

    I don't think your mother, and father were bad people, I don't judge anyone as good, or bad, your parents were exhibiting bad behavior, beating, and engaging in sexual activity with a child is bad behavior on an adult's part, however I what look to is the hostile social we have around this world that provokes bad behavior.
  • Golanv ... Sean 2010/09/01 18:38:33
    Golanv (Raven) BN0
    Hello???... My parents are fine. The fundy nutcase was exhibiting the psycho behavior. And once again, it was NOT 'sexual activity'. It was assault. I am beginning to think you sound pretty psycho yourself. Over and Out.
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2010/08/31 15:03:57
    I don't mind them
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    If the movie has a rape scene in it and you can't handle it or don't want to see it then don't go see the movie.
    It's real life horror. It's scary because that does happen in real life.

    I'm not for them, but I'm not against them. I've seen rape in movies, I usually tend to cringe at it but at the same time I know it isn't actually real. Hey, it's better than Snuff, am I right or am I right?
    But sometimes they are needed for a movie to show just how horrible the villain is.

    But there are lots of things in movies that are horrible that also happen in real life. So long as people are not out there committing these crimes there's nothing to worry about. And even still, if they do then they committed a crime of their own free will and would have done so even without a movie.
  • Jai Allen 2010/08/31 14:34:57
    Jai Allen
    Does the depiction lend itself to the artistic value of the movie and enhance the script or is it just senselss random movie violence?
    If the answer to the first question is no , then it doesn't belong in the movie.
  • Sean Jai Allen 2010/08/31 15:43:51
    I strongly disagree with what you're saying because this goes to the issue of freedom of expression! And that seems to be all we have left in this tyrannical world we have now!
  • bags 2010/08/31 14:15:15
    I'm pro-freedom of speech - so yes, they can make whatever artistic hash they wish. But we don't have to watch it. I, also, have walked out of theaters when those scenes have presented themselves. I am a rape victim, I find nothing entertaining or titillating about those scenes, and I wonder about those that do.
  • Pat 2010/08/31 13:47:39
    They should never show rape in a movie
    Serial killers have sited movies and books about rape and sadistic murder as a turn on and something that they copied in their murders and rapes. Why do we need that stuff.
  • Peon of... Pat 2010/09/01 06:01:35
    Peon of the Masses
    Because it keeps law enforcement with plenty to do, otherwise they'd be beating up innocent people and robbing petty criminals and selling drugs, which they do anyway, but not as much as they would, had they more free time on their hands.
  • Roxxi 2010/08/31 12:47:29 (edited)
    I'm too sensetive for rape scenes, they bother me immensly, no matter how fake it seems. I think what bothers me most is that its a reality for millions of women men and children in the world. However, taking them out of movies might ruin the plot and take some of that shock and scare factor out of it
  • LM 2010/08/31 09:19:53
    I don't mind them
    What is the point of a horror movie? To scare people. And these kind of things are way scarier than ghosts and CGI

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