Public Opinion Says Bieber Fever Won't Last Ten Years [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/09/19 21:00:00
Last week we asked SodaHeads if they thought anyone would still be listening to Justin Bieber ten years from now, and the results are in.

To the relief of parents and older siblings across the globe, most respondents think Bieber's career is more Backstreet than Beatles, despite frightening comparisons that were made when "My World 2.0" broke a couple of records.

We also dug into the demographics a bit to find out where all the Bieber-bashers were coming from. Turns out, all sides. But there were a few groups who stood out from the rest. Can you guess how the Buddhists voted?

Be sure to check out the original story to see the breakdown yourself with SodaHead's advanced demographics results.

Let's dive.

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  • amanda.j.throckmorton 2011/09/24 03:15:06
    Isn't Beiber knocking up girls already and have to pay off the girls with child support. Beiber doesn't even come close to the Music of The Beattles. Beiber is a bad singer when I hear him I think of the Chipmunks movie.
  • Jaz Killjoy Way 2011/09/23 14:57:53
    Jaz Killjoy Way
    Ha!!!!! I will not think of listening to the Beiber in 10 years I would be busy with Life!!!!!
  • earl 2011/09/23 14:54:41
    She will reinvent herself as she matures. She will be back!
  • Lady Winters 2011/09/23 14:30:20
    Lady Winters
    thank you God; I never understood the craze behind someone who can't even sing.
  • Alphadean Lady Wi... 2011/09/26 19:25:17
    Little girls don't knowany better. Even my daughter has fallen victim to the little rug rat... They get over it though.
  • witchafalls sofalls witcha 2011/09/23 12:27:57
    witchafalls sofalls witcha
    mama whats a bieber make it go away
  • Satan's... witchaf... 2012/05/15 19:55:06
    Satan's Mistress
    I don't know honey i tried it just won't leave us alone it corrupted ur sister, dad, and brother u have to save it from getting us under attack!!!!!!!
  • Ferηαηdo 夢 ɗəɑʇɦ ɗəʃɪəʀ ʘʃ ρɦɑəʇ
    It will die down like any tween craze.
  • Natalie 2011/09/23 11:50:16
    If you love him ur gonna hate him if not he'll grow on u
  • Yu Lee 2011/09/23 10:11:26
    Yu Lee
    The graph comparing Beatles & Bieber can be viewed differently – since there was 4 Beatles but only 1 Bieber. His 6.5 million records sold can be multiplied by 4, equals an impressive 26 million!

    How can u compare 40 years ago when records were more popular because there was no internet !!! But these days people are getting their BieberFeed totally FREE from YouTube! They dont need to buy a CD, they copy from friends or download illegally! So u didn't get the true picture!
  • Communi... Yu Lee 2011/09/23 15:15:51
    Except everyone wanted to see the Beatles continue back then. The graphs showed pretty clearly that everyone is sick of Justin Bieber except for 12 year old little girls who are barely literate. These girls' opinions don't really count either since they don't know how to use a period instead of an exclamation mark, and think that its okay to post "u" instead of "you".
  • Paredesd12 Yu Lee 2011/09/26 18:13:37
    It doesn't matter that there are 4 Beatles, the worked TOGETHER to release CD's TOGETHER. Honestly that was the worst math I've ever seen. Its not like all 4 Beatles sold records individually, they sold them as one, so it'd be the same as Bieber.
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/09/23 01:41:05
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    That didnt last long
  • émilie✿ 2011/09/23 01:30:24
    Lol, I love this one the most xD
  • carlton999 2011/09/23 00:27:00
    Bieber is the most hated kid in America today and most of us dont know why....we just dont like him. his fame will die and he will vanish into some sort of obscurity then someone els will appear to take his place that we can enjoy hating.
  • Diane 2011/09/23 00:02:07
    Who cares- wouldn't mean anything if they weren't. Some things are meant to be fads- like The Back Street Boys.
  • BackRoadz 2011/09/22 23:37:43
    Bieber's style just is'nt what music legends are made of. He'll be gone about as quickly as he appeared. If he's smart he's saving a lot of the money that he's making now........
  • Tannenberg1993 2011/09/22 23:29:21
    The only people who could ever top The Beatles were The Beatles themselves. Anyone who seriously thinks one boy with an abnormally high voice can beat out the four musicians who practically defined a century (in terms of music) is on somewhat of an enthusiasm-high.
  • Brother Bo 2011/09/22 21:53:47
    Brother Bo
    I don't listen to him now. I'm pretty sure I won't be listening to him 10 years from now.

    listen pretty listening 10 years bieber fail
  • Raule Duke Brother Bo 2011/09/28 12:33:48
    Raule Duke
    i don't think so
  • adeenmc... Raule Duke 2013/04/05 18:45:15
  • Raule Duke adeenmc... 2013/04/06 11:20:43
    Raule Duke
    haha you're so eager to see this, but it's never gonna happen
  • adeenmc... Raule Duke 2013/04/06 18:14:56 (edited)
  • VanillaWaferBN4 2011/09/22 21:42:57
    Why are we comparing Beaver to The Beatles??!! What has this world come to>
  • dredogg 2011/09/22 21:30:39
    does anybody still listen to this?

  • Lanikai 2011/09/22 21:01:22
    He should already be a bad memory, although my daughter is a fan. '

    here, even "girls" sport the Beieber haircut and this IS from our 200 mile area.

  • Communi... Lanikai 2011/09/23 15:19:09
    That's because its a girl's haircut.
  • Lanikai Communi... 2011/09/23 15:36:43
    LOL, I only see it on boys. The lesbian wears it to look like a boy. LOL

    The world went crazy, and I didn't go along.
  • samantha wayne<3 2011/09/22 19:43:26
    samantha wayne<3
    noooooooooooooooooooo hes all gay!!!!!!!!
  • Paranormal♥Spirit 2011/09/22 19:38:23
    Why would he? Mostly tweens and preteens listen to him. If he kept making new music then I wouldn't be surprised if the same crowd listen to him.
  • twhiting9275 2011/09/22 18:20:48
    This is what happens when you put no-talent hacks up on stage. People FORGET they existed and move on to 'better' things. Case in point?
    The list of these 'boy bands' (and 'boy singers') goes on and on and on. NONE of them had staying power, none of them ever will.
  • Helen twhitin... 2012/06/12 21:53:49
    I guess you haven't been keeping up with New Kids, eh. They're doing great and their concerts are consistently sold out. And that's up to and including this year.
  • Helen Helen 2012/06/12 21:59:55
    p.s. Many of their concerts and tours are in conjunction with the Backstreet Boys!
  • CODY WHITE 2011/09/22 16:38:33
    he will die out soon
  • twhitin... CODY WHITE 2011/09/22 18:21:09
    NOT soon enough!
  • Sage 2011/09/22 16:29:55 (edited)
    How dare they compare Bieber to the Beatles? The Beatles are amazing (:

    Sharecompare bieber beatles offended
  • Anonamous Sage 2011/09/22 18:49:02
    That is so true totally agree
  • Raule Duke Sage 2011/09/28 12:20:02
    Raule Duke
  • adeenmc... Sage 2013/04/05 18:47:02
  • meneope 2011/09/22 16:28:50
    At this rate I'm sure he'll be 'accidentally' releasing a sex tape online at some point.... mark my word that day will come

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