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Beyonce gave a flawless, powerful performance of the "Star Spangled Banner" at President Obama's inauguration on Monday, but it turned out that the most impressive part of her act was her acting -- she lip-synched the entire song! We asked you SodaHeads if you lost respect for her as an artist after hearing this news, and it was a close vote but the majority (54%) of you voted "No." However, while the overall vote was close, there was a clear divide in certain demographics. Curious? Read on.


60% of singles and 57% of women voted that they haven't lost respect for Beyonce. Men also supported her (56%), but more married people (53%) lost respect than not. Maybe Beyonce's "Single Ladies" anthem is inspiring enough to trump any disappointment in her performance...


53% of parents lost respect for the singer after the inauguration while the majority of all the other groups (people who don't have children, people who don't want children, etc) still maintained respect for her. Perhaps parents hold Beyonce to a higher standard since she is a role model for their kids.


Interestingly enough, there was a clear political divide on this question. 68% of liberals didn't lose respect while 59% of conservatives voted that they did. Beyonce and her rapper hubby Jay-Z are HUGE Obama supporters, so maybe that is more important to liberals than whether she lip-synchs or not. It would be interesting to see the results had this been Romney's inauguration...

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  • Adam 2013/01/25 00:12:58
    Lets get real here: Conservatives didn't vote out of a dislike for lip syncing. The voted for the worst option they could find because they saw something tangentially related to Obama, and needed to point as much hate at it as they could manage. That's the only factor at play here.

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  • leah 2013/02/25 16:13:05
    i love Beyonce i think they are haters.
  • Max7 2013/02/15 23:44:24
    Beyonce is a young woman that puts a lot of work ethic and heart into everything that she does, it does not surprise me that people still have respect for her.
  • Ashley 2013/02/11 14:47:21
    I am not a fan of hers.
  • Dima 2013/02/10 09:47:53
  • Chrissi 2013/02/06 21:51:05
    If you are talking about the bru-ha-ha made over 'lip-synching, most people have said "no big deal" & dropped the issue.
  • Timu 2013/02/04 23:47:22
  • princesssong 2013/01/29 18:31:06
    I sing the national Anthem, and am a recording artist. I feel if you DON'T know it, cant carry a tune, then you have NO business singing it for the world to hear !
  • Major Mel princes... 2013/02/10 10:47:23
    Major Mel
    Can't disagree with you at all. Besides I've never given 2 hoots in Hades about this 'celeb'??? at any time. I don't wish her anything bad, or anything like that, but I just do not care for her style of music. I never did and never will.
  • SODAHEADSHEAD 2013/01/29 02:17:36
    uhhh...they used to do it a lot back when dick clark was around (lip sync). not including other programs! american band stand
  • www.shewentthere.wordpress.com 2013/01/28 20:39:39
    How does a powerful American like Beyonce perform for terrorist dictator Colonel Gaddafi and family and not know what she's doing in advance? I have no problem with a lip-synched performances when you need to rest your voice but I don't respect the decision to perform for murderers who think they can hate people and our country and still get whatever they want. No respect for her on that one. I read that she gave the money to Haiti. Good. But communicate what values you're standing for as an American because you've cast a big shadow of doubt in who you are. This is not about left or right wing politics. You either love America more than your money or you don't.
  • princes... www.she... 2013/01/29 18:33:04
    they are only in it for the money.
  • oli 2013/01/28 16:26:31
    All that fake practice just to lip synced the entire song. I could have seen if she was performing. Whack!
  • MIA 2013/01/28 14:32:18
  • MIA 2013/01/28 14:30:29
    We in this country feel we can be dishonest in everything we do. I would appreciate if an entertainer is not going to perform live then say that before. Its deceitful to take all that praise and not deserve it. just tell it like it is. PLUS STOP WITH THE LIBERAL OR CONSERVATIVE BS ITS ABOUT BEING HONEST.
  • princes... MIA 2013/01/29 18:34:48
    WOW I agree, we then need to get rid of ALL the Dishonesty in the USA; lets start with the White House, YOU think???
  • Student 2013/01/28 10:15:24
    She is making lip sync ok for all singers. She made her point. At the same time, she made the other singer look good. Probably, she will be lip syncing more often. I think that I can get used to it.
  • princes... Student 2013/01/29 18:35:42
    A lot of the one's that lip sync, cannot actually sing, and they have it all fixed in the studio..
  • vinone 2013/01/28 01:45:41
    My respect level did not change in any way, that being said I didn't have much in the way of respect for her anyways...
  • Sakura Uchiha 2013/01/27 22:45:22
    Sakura Uchiha
  • TruXter 2013/01/27 18:46:44
    This is all a distraction from our wacko in office.
  • princes... TruXter 2013/01/29 18:36:27
    It didn't distract me at all. I didn't watch it anyway. I have not need..
  • Wanda J... TruXter 2013/01/30 21:08:42
    Wanda Jones
    You are so right.
  • einlucid TruXter 2013/02/04 16:35:11
    You're right ! Mitt Romney with his special underwear would have been a more sensible choice
  • TruXter einlucid 2013/02/04 21:48:54
    Mitt Romney is an idiot and a crook.

    but worse is Obama, he's a witty deceptive crook.
  • Chrissi einlucid 2013/02/06 21:56:19
  • Watermusicranger 2013/01/27 15:41:36
    She didn't want to risk ruining the event or look like a fool.
  • Rafie01 2013/01/27 08:36:27
    Really who cares we all know she has real talent
  • Wanda J... Rafie01 2013/01/30 21:09:18
    Wanda Jones
    Thank You
  • Hannie 2013/01/27 07:47:13
    If you have the talent, why would you use somebody elses?
  • EDWARD G 2013/01/27 04:23:55
  • Xinea 2013/01/27 04:12:25
    It'd be one thing if this were a Beyonce concert. Concerts are meant to showcase musicians' talents. But at an inauguration ceremony where the singer isn't even the main event? It's like being upset that movies are put together with several different takes and not acted perfectly the first time. Beyonce went up there for the sake of paying tribute and making the thing look good. If she didn't think she could sing perfectly enough and decided to perform to a pre-recorded track, then that means she didn't want to risk ruining the event, not that she was maliciously trying to lie to anyone.
  • ღ♥ღ ℒea ღ♥ღ 2013/01/27 00:53:33
    ღ♥ღ ℒea ღ♥ღ
    She has an ego the size of Neptune, so since she chickened out & hid behind the studio version, she kind of asked for the "lip-synch" title. I don't feel bad for her.
  • no no 2013/01/27 00:45:32
    no no
    Can't deliver, don't accept invitation, it was not about showmanship but about US history.
  • JeffDeWitt 2013/01/27 00:31:56
    Lets get serious, most people just don't care about Beyonce or even know who she is!
  • Wanda J... JeffDeWitt 2013/01/30 21:10:10
    Wanda Jones
    That's a lie!
  • JeffDeWitt Wanda J... 2013/01/31 03:49:20
    No, it's the truth, and why on Earth would I lie about something like that? Do you really think I CARE one way or the other about Beyonce?
  • Bunk11 2013/01/26 20:11:28
    I never had much respect for her in the first place. It makes sense that a liberal would be a total phony. The inauguration was a phony ceremony anyway, since Obama took the oath the day before.
  • Wanda J... Bunk11 2013/01/30 21:08:18
    Wanda Jones
    Sore loser
  • michael byrd 2013/01/26 19:02:44
    michael byrd
    i never did like her
  • Wanda J... michael... 2013/01/30 21:10:57
    Wanda Jones
    Who cares? I'm sure there's a lot of people who don't like you either.

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