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According to one of our polls, 53 percent of the public was shocked when they heard Whitney Houston had passed away. Now fans are reminiscing over her body of work, and the unfamiliar are examining her oeuvre to decide whether or not they should feel the loss, as well. We gave SodaHeads a selection of her most popular songs, partly to give casual observers some insight into her overall career, and partly to find out which songs defined it. One song stood out above all.

What's Your Favorite Whitney Houston Song?

55% Picked 'I Will Always Love You'

Technically, "I Will Always Love You" is a Dolly Parton song. It was written by the country singer-songwriter in 1973 and released the next year on her 13th album, "Jolene." But it wasn't until Houston covered the song in 1992 for "The Bodyguard" soundtrack that it became a phenomenon. Houston's version won pretty much every award it was nominated for -- the People's Choice Awards, the MTV Movie Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, the American Music Awards, and yes, even the Grammys. You don't have to know a thing about her to recognize that glorious performance. One commenter wrote, "No one can touch that song. That was Whitney's song. [I don't care] who wrote it or sang it first. She sounded like an angel."

"I Will Always Love You"

There really weren't any demographics that didn't prefer this song by an enormous margin. Men and women liked it equally, there was little variation in the age department, and political persuasion had little affect. Drinkers were less likely to prefer the song, and smokers were more likely, but that's about it. Everyone will always love that song.

The National Anthem

We couldn't include all of Houston's songs as options, so there were bound to be some additions. The most popular performance not included in our options was, without a doubt, her 1991 Super Bowl performance of "The Star Spangled Banner." Not only is it one her Houston's greatest accomplishments, but perhaps one of the greatest known performances of the Anthem. Christina Aguilera, eat your heart out.

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" / "Greatest Love of All"

Next to "I Will Always Love You," other songs didn't get much breathing room. However, these two tunes managed to get a good amount of love. Older voters and men were particularly fond of "Greatest Love of All," while "I Wanna Dance..." was popular with younger voters and atheists.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our original poll about Whitney Houston's career. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Mark Howard 2012/04/22 15:46:50
    Mark Howard
    She just gave me woody's.
  • Jennypenny 2012/03/22 20:39:19
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody.
  • Grandpa 2012/03/22 13:07:06
    Her voice and that song will live forever >> I will always love love ,those words say it all
  • ♡Omg♡Wtf♡ 2012/03/08 18:13:59
    I don't really care for her music, i don't really care to hear about her now because she passed. If people loved her as much as they claim to, if she is as great as people are making her sound, people would have been talking about & posting her song before now.
  • Bob DiN 2012/03/07 19:38:09
    Bob DiN
    I'll always love is great but her version of The Star Spangled Banner was also.
  • Peon of the Masses 2012/03/06 13:53:56
    Peon of the Masses
    It's Dolly Partons masterpiece. Whitney was just a singer.
  • derrick 2012/02/22 06:12:17
  • Ejayt7 2012/02/19 16:03:53
  • Sonny 2012/02/19 12:12:39 (edited)
    How come Whitney and Michael Bolton never collaborated?....... in my books he's the biggest male voice in the world. his voice is almost as free like Whitney's

    michael bolton
  • Ejayt7 Sonny 2012/02/19 15:53:24
    Amen, I like him too!

  • Sonny Ejayt7 2012/02/20 19:51:08 (edited)
    I think more tributes needs to be held for the current biggest stars in the world now before they die of accidents and natural causes. singers shouldn't wait until a great singer has died before they can make tribute on the Grammys and the AMAs. those two songs are my favorites. in fact the whole album is my favorite. This blog is about Whitney tho I was only suggesting.
  • Racin'Chick225 2012/02/18 03:19:48
    good song, but just because she dies doesn't mean i have to here it on the radio, the t.v., or the damn computer. I mean come on people she died because of an OVERDOSE.
  • ♡Omg♡Wtf♡ Racin'C... 2012/03/08 18:12:15
    the way someone dies makes them less important? I mean i understand the being tired of hearing about it part, but the you being heartless like you know what she was going through part... not so much.
  • bye im out sodahead 2012/02/16 20:24:56 (edited)
    bye im out sodahead
    don't care for her she is very selfish lady. what about her children did she spare a thought for them ,now they have to pick up the pieces of her arrogance and here abuse of drugs i feel sorry for the kids more then here . stuff here song ,her song isn't going to bring her back and start over her life and take the right path of life .
  • Becky 2012/02/16 16:14:51
    I will always love you AND I wanna dance with somebody
  • amarreola12 2012/02/16 14:22:40
    A amazing song. i may only be 14, but this song is very good and still popular.
  • Mariana Carrera Rodriguez 2012/02/15 18:32:01
    Mariana Carrera Rodriguez
  • Jenny 2012/02/15 17:15:30
    I like the way she sung the national anthem. I liked all of her songs. I will miss her.
  • Sonny 2012/02/15 15:43:54
    The biggest song in the world. full of lyrics. it gave us the opportunity to analyze her full vocal range and capability. if you want to test whether a singer or artist's vocal flexibility is fabulous or flat. i'd suggest you recommend this song to them. because this is the most difficult song in the world to sing. not even Jenifer Hudson could handle it at the Grammys. you could immediately hear the parts of the song she could not handle as well as Whitney. Her register slightly broke in the flexibility section of the song. that's why most people who enter talent shows rarely sing that song unless they know how to maneuver some of the lyrics with their unique voice. so Yeah, this song is the greatest of all time and only whitney alone can sing it. Whitney has created a monster with Dolly Partin's song.
    whitney houston
  • Mikeyandmadgelover 2012/02/15 15:42:27
    I love ALL her ballads!

  • TheRealShika200 2012/02/15 15:25:45
    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!
  • Lisa 2012/02/15 04:37:23
    Every song she sings is beautiful. Rest in Peace <3
  • 2012/02/15 02:23:02
    I will always love you.
  • mazes 2012/02/15 02:12:17
    I honestly had no idea who Whitney Houston was until the day she died.
  • hari 2012/02/14 23:21:57
    yes nice one
  • Mantic 2012/02/14 22:10:13 (edited)
    Was her version that much different from Dolly Parton's?
  • Max7 Mantic 2012/02/21 04:16:17
    WOW, no disrespect to Dolly, but Whitney's version was very soulful. Dolly commented some time ago by thanking Whitney for making her a very wealthy woman. Every time that song is played, Dolly will reap a financial increase.
  • JoeBlo 2012/02/14 21:54:59
    A little background on the song that was almost recorded by Elvis.

  • Ben 2012/02/14 19:48:05
    Three days ago, I couldn't tell you one song she ever sang.
  • Son Of Anubis™ 2012/02/14 19:44:39
    Son Of Anubis™
    As Dolly said in an interview about people (Whitney) covering her songs, she said "Honey, I don't really care who sings my songs, just as longs as the royalty checks are made out to me!"
  • les_gvt 2012/02/14 19:31:26
    Who remembers "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"

    I will always love you is Dolly's song, not Whitney's
  • wassup 2012/02/14 19:11:41
    I think yes as I never really listened to witney much I DO know this song
  • TH_lover 2012/02/14 18:06:02
    I love "I will always love you" Both Dolly's and Whitney's....But my fave's are.

  • Sonny TH_lover 2012/02/19 12:10:06
    her songs are like a bird that knows how to soar high and land gracefully without breaking it's fall or even shifting in air. Amazing to listen to. I never get tired of this...........I could go on till i'm asleep on my computer. these songs put the "T" and the "L" in true love.
  • Sour Dime 2012/02/14 17:51:21
    Sour Dime
    Yeah I would think so I was never a Whitney Houston fan but that is the only song title I recognize.
  • ghosiejackson 2012/02/14 17:13:57
    BTW, can i ask a question? is the man in her mv her husband? it looks really true.
  • JulieJewels 2012/02/14 17:07:10
    Yes, truly a "Masterpiece."
  • Geoff D 2012/02/14 17:00:44
    Geoff D
    While her version is beautiful and tastefully done, I prefer Dolly Parton's version, not just because it's originally her song, but also because of the way Dolly sang it. I recently watched a video of an Asian kid who sounded almost exactly like Whitney - it was uncanny.
  • Ejayt7 2012/02/14 16:55:34 (edited)
    I like her rendiction of "The Star Stangled Banner" that she sung in 1991. Whitney Houston sings the national Anthem

  • Berjo Shalejian 2012/02/14 16:32:18
    Berjo Shalejian
    yes i will always love you is my favoirte song.

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