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E. L. James' bestselling erotic "Twilight" fanfiction novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey," is getting a movie. It may seem like strange origins for a feature-length film, but it's really happening. And there are some big names being tossed around for the role of Anastasia Steele, a "pale, brown haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face" who agrees to trade her innocence for an explicit relationship with a troubled man. We asked the public who should get the role.

Amanda Seyfried

"Mean Girls" star Amanda Seyfried isn't on the short list, but two-thirds of respondents think she'd be perfect for the role. She's got those big blue eyes, that corruptible innocence, she's even got the brown hair on occasion. One commenter wrote, "Seyfried has this intensity that would be great." Another, "She's sexy in an innocent way, so I can dig it."

Alexis Bledel

Another big-eyed candidate overflowing with innocence, "Gilmore Girls" star Alexis Bledel took a close second over Kristen Stewart. A fan wrote, "Amanda Seyfried has that innocent sexy thing going for her but she's too curvy and womanly for a role like this. The character is a girl exploring her sexuality." And Bledel has never been in a role like this before, which would only add to the effect.

Kristen Stewart

Stewart is kind of the odd one out here, but there's a good reason she took third place. Essentially, "Fifty Shades of Grey" was inspired by Bella Swan, her character from "Twilight." It wasn't necessarily based on Stewart's performance, or even the character, but it did technically begin as fanfiction, and Ana was actually named Bella in the original version. Why not?

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  • oialt1992 2012/08/27 19:46:15
    It has to be Alexis Bledel she is Anastasia Steele I was actually thinking about it as I was reading and as soon as you see her picture it clicks. She has everything the look, the innocence and she plays stubborn well too. Plus she is gorgeous without tight clothes and a face full of slap which is what Ana is portrayed to be. There is not one thing about her that won't tie in with the role and it would be nice to see a film (especially one as huge as this) that actually fits the character description to the letter. It should be her and Ian Somerholder as Christian...if Amanda Seyfried is to be in it I think she would make a great Kate...now that would get five stars :)
  • stefania 2012/07/06 01:06:04
    Alexandra Caroline (Lexie Grey on Greys Anatomy) would make the perfect Anastasia Steele. She's my #1 pick!
  • NotYour Robot 2012/07/01 06:48:49
    NotYour Robot
    Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress and I would love to she her take on this role! She has innocence down and also has explored sexy when she was in the movie 'Meet the Rileys! Amanda Seyfried would also be a brilliant choice seeing as she has also been in the buissness a long time. When her hair is dyed brunnette she looks exactly how I would picture Ana. Lily Collins would be the worst choice ever for this role considering the fact she is a horrid actress! If they chose her this movie will be not worth seeing. Lily's past films have shown no experience, and failed mostly due to her acting. She is not sexy nor innocent in my opinion.
  • lisanmarco.cardenas 2012/06/08 20:40:21
    Yesssssss Amanda Seyfried would be amazing for this role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sprout 2012/05/14 18:14:29
    no idea what the movie would be about.
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/05/14 07:55:16
    YES good choice
  • apostate 2012/05/14 06:56:06

    I think Seyfried is a promising actor though needs some deep roles to sink her teeth into,.

    I don't see how she has been really challenged so far.
  • singforthetearxoxox 2012/05/14 02:43:13
    I don't like her as an actress. She's very average to me.
  • MorganRae singfor... 2012/05/14 15:05:18
    you look so similar...
  • singfor... MorganRae 2012/05/15 00:04:32
    to Amanda Seyfried?
  • MorganRae singfor... 2012/05/15 13:04:13
    I think so! Obviously my opinion is solely based on your profile picture
  • hafid 2012/05/13 21:06:22
    amanda seyfried is the best and she will be more successfull evry day and kristen stewart and jennifer lewrence suck
  • notokand hafid 2012/05/14 00:29:39
    The characters were based off Twilight so I think that's why Stewart is a pull. She can actually act; just doesn't for Twilight. I think it would just get them typecast though....
  • hafid notokand 2012/05/14 10:30:56
    ohh please she cant do anything exept twilight
  • notokand hafid 2012/05/14 12:44:40
    Have you seen her in anything else?
  • ~Jeffi ... notokand 2012/05/14 14:09:59
    ~Jeffi <3 floats~
    i agree with you.. Sh's really good in a bunch of movies.. The messenager
  • ellomotto 2012/05/13 20:14:55
    So...it's going to be like a porno?
  • notokand ellomotto 2012/05/14 00:29:59
    I would never watch porn with that much dialogue...
  • notokand 2012/05/13 14:04:15 (edited)
    How are they making this a movie without it being a porn??
  • bluebird 2012/05/13 10:45:23
    BOX OFFICE RETURNS is more important than your poll! I don't believe that this is "public opinion"! How many percentage of the population did you surveyed? To what class do they belong? E.L James originally wrote "FIFTY SHADES OF GREY" inspired by "TWILIGHT"! that means inspired by the lead roles KRISTEN STEWART and ROBERT PATTINSON! Imagine replacing KRISTEN STEWART with AMANDA SEYFRIED!? That is betrayal to Twihard and Robsten fanatics! Remember the role of TAYLOR LAUTNER (Jacob) in Twilight? He was described in the book as very very tall guy .... 7 footer!? But how tall is Taylor Lautner?.... 5'8? Robert Pattinson is 6'1 and Kristen Stewart is 5'6! "ANASTACIA STEELE" should be KRISTEN STEWART ! period!
  • hafid bluebird 2012/05/14 10:31:37
    you are stupid because amanda is so much better than kristen stupid
  • MorganRae bluebird 2012/05/14 15:09:29
    also, twilight was a book about 5 years before it was a movie, so most likely the fanfiction was not based upon the actors perfomance, but came inspired from the literature.
  • carlton999 2012/05/13 05:47:24
    The girl is good looking, Im for anything that gets her more screen time.
  • Tennessee3501 2012/05/13 04:33:34
    I have seen many of her movies. She needs to get more sex into her movies to train her how to handle the comlicated sex scenes in this movie. LOL !
  • Andy 2012/05/12 15:05:59
    Probably won't see it. No care on who stars.
  • ♌βļąƈʞƦơșƐ3033♌ 2012/05/12 14:56:52
  • xXILoveVinnyBooXx 2012/05/12 14:17:29
    I really don't care. Whatever she wants to do i guess.
  • VIctoria 2012/05/12 12:58:14
  • lily 2012/05/12 11:42:33
    Amanda Seydried is Anastasia Steele!! She is the perfect description of Ana all she needs is the brunett hair :-) she's got my vote 100%
  • Wizard 2012/05/12 08:26:47
    Go for it!
    I guess this will have to be at least a rated R movie. Anything less will cheapen the story.
  • Kyle 2012/05/12 06:23:23
  • dandieselonian 2012/05/12 01:55:52
    she is all wrong for that part
  • harasnicole 2012/05/12 00:42:24
    I chose Kristen Stewart, but only if they get her boyfriend to play Christian. Otherwise, it won't work.

    Still not sure how this is going to be a movie, though. I've skimmed the original fan-fiction, and it's nothing but porn (with a tampon scene). This movie should be made in Silicon Valley, not Hollywood... or wherever.
  • JCLadybug harasni... 2012/05/13 02:32:50 (edited)
    I've read the original story, I agree there were a lot of explicit scenes but there were several other things besides sex. Christian had a phobia of touch, which lead to his control issues. Ana has trouble with an obsessed boss. I'm surprised they decided to make a movie, sure much of it will be cut b/c it was more romance novel filler, but there is plenty of actual story.

    Edit:basically what stuck out to me when I read it was the plot....the sex had an integral part to the story (ie Christian's control issues stemming into his sex life and having to change for Ana), but I could have done without it in many places.
  • harasni... JCLadybug 2012/05/13 03:09:43
    To each their own, then.
  • JCLadybug harasni... 2012/05/13 03:49:51
    Personally, I don't mind sex in a story, but I don't like sex as the story....eh. Same with movies, if sex doesn't add to the plot I don't like it. Christian is one of my favorite types of male characters. I like angsty male characters who don't like to admit their past abuse. I'm not much for most drama stories, but I have a soft spot for these type stories ( his childhood story and his feelings toward his mother are the most interesting parts of Fifty shades to me).
  • tasha harasni... 2012/05/20 17:18:34
    I think kristen would make the movie worse! Her acting sucks! They shouldve picked someone else for Twilight! Hopefully they don't pick her for this movie I totally wouldn't see it then!
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/05/12 00:26:28
    yes however this would make better if kristen stewart played anatassia robert pattinson i think playing christian grey makes sense too fifty shades of grey better yet buy the book
  • harasni... Timothy... 2012/05/12 00:43:24
    Better yet, download the fan fiction. It's free.
  • bluebird Timothy... 2012/05/13 10:49:37
    i agree with you Timothy! This poll favoring AMANDA SEYFRIED is bogus!!! If that would be the case, let's just boycott this film!

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