PS Vita or Nintendo Wii U?

Tommy Trend 2012/09/13 05:08:33
PS Vita
Nintendo Wii U
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  • Themasterofall 2013/07/23 00:42:28
    PS Vita
    Love the vita.
  • coolguy 2012/11/19 22:26:39
    PS Vita
    i been with sony since ps1
  • Tony Mariotti 2012/11/13 03:22:16
    Nintendo Wii U
    Tony Mariotti
    Always be a Nintendo guy. All the way back to Game & Watch, son!

    That said, I have a PS3 and love it as well, esp after i upgraded the HDD to 250 GB
  • moomoof 2012/09/13 21:53:16
    None of the above
    Neither they are both gimmicky
  • Linkums 2012/09/13 15:50:46
    Nintendo Wii U
    I tend to prefer Nintendo's 1st party games. As for which is a better console technically speaking... I don't really know.
  • BHGOzzy 2012/09/13 08:09:49
    Nintendo Wii U
    I'm sorry but I gave up on Sony awhile back and they've done nothing to engender my return to their fold.
  • Azazyel's Dragon 2012/09/13 05:13:43
    Nintendo Wii U
    Azazyel's Dragon
    There's just something inherently wrong in saying, "Wii U"...I'm sorry, but it's true...
  • BHGOzzy Azazyel... 2012/09/13 08:10:05
    It's the new Nintendo Ambulance Noise!
  • Nintendo Wii U
    I heard the Vita was a fail but the Wii U might have something up it's sleeve.

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