Proof that the best Christmas trees hail from North Carolina?

L.A. Times 2012/11/23 20:45:59
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  • MyDaydream90 2012/11/24 04:30:50
    Not necessarily. IDK.
  • MsDianna 2012/11/23 23:34:39
    the best Christmas tree is from down in the pasture when you all go as a family and cut it down and bring it back to the house and decorate it as a family!
  • BigEyedFish 2012/11/23 21:22:11
    I am positive that North Carolina has beautiful trees but just bc one of them winds up in THIS White House doesn't make it a winner in any competitions....unless you're going for the most ignored tree as Obama is a Muslim.
  • JohnT BigEyed... 2012/11/24 00:23:15
    Why does everything revolve around politics, can't even post something about a Christmas tree you know Christ? Without making some political statements. As a Independent I find it just juvenile
  • BigEyed... JohnT 2012/11/24 15:43:33
    Um, the statement by the LA Times that now we know that the best Christmas trees hail from NC bc one from there was chosen for the White House? That is why I answered the way I did.
    If the LA Times wasn't watching the news (?what?) and didn't know that the WH tree comes from NC, then I would have questioned why the best trees presumably come from NC more than any other state.
  • JohnT BigEyed... 2012/11/24 15:44:43
    I stand corrected thank you
  • BigEyed... JohnT 2012/11/24 15:47:24
    LOL No problem Buddy

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