Polar Bear vs. Husky: Guess who wins?

SAM 2008/08/05 17:00:14
What!? No fight?? Lame...
What a surprise ending!
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The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his huskies when the polar bear materialized out of the blue, as it were: But something else happened. The Polar Bear returned every night that week to play with the dogs...
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  • S.Sif:* 2008/09/03 19:13:22
    What!? No fight?? Lame...
    Just what I thought (=
    fight lame
  • jast 2008/08/10 02:58:19
    What a surprise ending!
  • my daddy is tatto artist 2008/08/09 14:34:27
    What a surprise ending!
    my daddy is tatto artist
  • IzzyJr 2008/08/09 08:09:42
    What!? No fight?? Lame...
    I wanted to see the Husky win. :D Not that surprised. The bear looked calm.
  • hunter 44 2008/08/06 16:58:51
    What!? No fight?? Lame...
    hunter 44
    Polar bear keeping tabs on a future meal.
  • melinda anne geyer 2008/08/06 16:37:56
    What a surprise ending!
    melinda anne geyer
    awwwww so cute surprise awwwww cute
  • Icedragon1969 2008/08/06 14:58:56
    What a surprise ending!
    Considering that polar bears live in an environment where failure to take advantage of a meal is death...Just...Wow!
  • Jman 2008/08/06 14:55:05
    What a surprise ending!
    That was a amazing ending.
  • fred " In Christ I Trust " 2008/08/06 14:26:49
    What a surprise ending!
    fred  " In Christ I Trust "
    that is pretty suprising considering polor bears if hungry will attack any thing
    that moves
  • ann 2008/08/06 13:57:10 (edited)
    What a surprise ending!
    Weird surprise ending.
  • iguanamind 2008/08/06 13:55:18
    What a surprise ending!
    Getting lonely out there with no other endangered bears to play with.
  • Chas 2008/08/06 13:17:58
    What a surprise ending!
    not surprised
  • What a surprise ending!
    aww! so cute! surprise aww cute
  • Spider20 2008/08/06 05:30:16
    What a surprise ending!
    Polar bears lead a tough and lonely life....just goes to show everybody needs a friend.......doesn't it?
  • Ross 2008/08/06 05:18:09
    What a surprise ending!
    haha lol
  • Disenchanted_Dreamer 2008/08/06 05:00:40
    What a surprise ending!
    that is soo cute! oh my god! I simply adore huskies.. I love it!
  • dudewashere 2008/08/06 04:28:35
    What!? No fight?? Lame...
    i wanted so blood not to play role over
  • east coast dj 2008/08/06 03:07:14
    What a surprise ending!
    east coast dj
  • dmarkowitz 2008/08/06 03:02:37
    What a surprise ending!
    Aw, cute. That's awesome.
  • Tommy Trend 2008/08/06 02:36:41
    What a surprise ending!
    Tommy Trend
    awww how cute!!!
  • Greatbear100~support our vets 2008/08/06 00:58:28
    What a surprise ending!
    Greatbear100~support our vets
    That was cute. Animals get along better than humans and only kill for food.
  • OM 2008/08/05 23:47:57
    What a surprise ending!
    Loneliness makes for strange bedfellows, don't you think?
  • MsRedWolfe 2008/08/05 23:20:35
    What a surprise ending!
  • Brenda 2008/08/05 23:13:25
    What a surprise ending!
    Really it's not cause my Huskies are like that they beat the poop out of these collies and they come back each morning and want to play with my guys I just love them they are so sweet but won't take any crap.
  • Mister Six 2008/08/05 23:13:06
    What a surprise ending!
    Mister Six
    I thought you were going to tell me about a bold new species of polar huskies... looks like those two were about to get it on.
  • Citizen Phil 2008/08/05 22:51:44
    What a surprise ending!
    Citizen Phil
    But oon second thought it is no surprise. When men, women, or animals are in an environment that is hostile they will work together for their mutual good. There will be no fight unless one of the parties takes action that threatens the life of the other.
  • Morgan 2008/08/05 22:15:02
    What a surprise ending!
    That is so charming. Thanks for sharing it!
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2008/08/05 20:49:10
  • Grace W. Bush 2008/08/05 18:59:18
    What a surprise ending!
    Grace W. Bush
    I want them both NOW!!
  • SparkleyPie 2008/08/05 18:57:00
    What a surprise ending!
    I just saw this on Digg.

    So cute!
  • Ace~Mr.Giantess~ 2008/08/05 18:40:23
    What a surprise ending!
  • SearchlightMasquerade 2008/08/05 17:58:24
    What a surprise ending!
    Aww. :3
    That's adorable. :P
  • Cacheman 2008/08/05 17:10:46
    What a surprise ending!
  • Voltron (Metal Wolf) 2008/08/05 17:01:11
    What!? No fight?? Lame...
    Voltron (Metal Wolf)
    ...NO BEAR FIGHT??

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