PLAY: Nas and Damian Marley, "Distant Relatives"

Bob Marley's youngest son hooks up with one of hip-hop's most famous sons. "Distant Relatives" refers to the two rappers shared African ancestry that forms the lyrical and musical glue of the album. The two take on weighty topics — drawing a line from poverty of modern-day Africa to the struggles of African-American populations. This is an album that lives up the promises of the best socially conscious rap before it devolved into a narcissistic ball gunfire, posturing, and blunts. Nas and Marley make music that not only bridges two continents, but is also a life raft to save hip-hop from his hedonistic self. Thanks for bringing it back to the roots.

WATCH the music video for the Nas and Damian Marley single "As We Enter."

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