PLAY: Keane, "Night Train" [VIDEO]

Once upon a time in the late '90s, two British bands discovered a piano. Coldplay won the piano band popularity contest in the U.S., but Keane (who's co-founder and songwriter, Tim Rice-Oxley, was once invited to join Coldplay as their keyboardist) has taken the more interesting musical path. The eight-song EP "Night Train" is a joyous melding of classic Britpop and world music influences. Somali rapper K'naan appears on the infectious "Stop for a Minute," and East-meets-West on the the cover of Japanese electropop song "Ishin Denshin (You've Got to Help Yourself)." Like U2 and Coldplay, Keane can't resist a good anthem. Thankfully, they are wiling to step outside their musical formula and dive into new territory. It may keep Keane from the top of the U.S. hit parade, but it makes for unexpected surprises.

WATCH the music video for Keane's single "Stop For a Minute."

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