Pixie Cuts Are the Latest Celeb Hair Trend: Do You Love or Hate the Look?

The Big Question 2012/08/29 01:00:08
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  • Marty 2012/12/17 23:26:09
    Hate it!
    Absolutely horrible look for Miley. Some women look okay, but I prefer a long lustrous, shimmering, wavy thick head of hair on women.
  • Sidrah Zaheer 2012/11/03 18:13:33
    Hate it!
    Sidrah Zaheer
    Not that impressive.
  • Joker 2012/10/06 00:28:34
    Love it!
    she looks really gorgeous with her hair cut
  • Joel 2012/09/14 05:17:03
    Love it!
    Unless it is too boyish.
  • venus 2012/09/12 20:48:48
    Hate it!
    the only one who can work it is Emma Watson
  • dave 2012/09/11 15:30:13
    Love it!
    Really depends on who it is but 9 out of 10 look good with it
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2012/09/11 14:29:14
    Hate it!
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Yet another mindless, stupid fashion "trend" that the narrow-minded, "preprogrammed" people in this country will emulate!
  • ♥Mrs.Styles♥ 2012/09/11 14:00:18
    Love it!
    although i really like dat style it doesnt go well on every artist:{
  • sky blue pink - American 2012/09/11 13:01:31
    Hate it!
    sky blue pink - American
    My mother was into Pixies. My daughter was about three and needed her hair cut, turned
    out to be a Pixie. To short of a cut.
    Have a nice day !
  • Suni 2012/09/11 13:01:02
    Love it!
    i've always loved the pixie cut!
  • Jack's Pearl 2012/09/11 12:45:35
    Love it!
    Jack's Pearl
    It's adorable on the right facial structure.
  • dave Jack's ... 2012/09/11 15:31:37
    Yes- exactly not good for everyone but when it is good it's damn good
  • Claise 2012/09/11 09:20:52
    Love it!
    I love the look already!
  • Jarod Kochman 2012/09/11 09:00:10
  • stevie.luplow 2012/09/04 19:55:54
    Love it!
    You have to have the right type of face to have one and have it work. I've sported pixie cuts on and off since at least 1st grade. I have had my current pixie cut for about 2 years. Unfortunately, I promised my husband I would grow my hair out at least one more time, so that will be what I do next year. :(
  • Airhead 2012/08/31 02:06:51
    Hate it!
  • Lil 2012/08/30 10:57:24
    Love it!
  • ☠Błéêd įt øút☠ 2012/08/30 10:30:44
    Love it!
    ☠Błéêd įt øút☠
  • Glen McLeod 2012/08/29 23:46:36
    Love it!
    Glen McLeod
    Pixie cuts, so that's what it's called. pixie cuts
  • disclaimer 2012/08/29 22:29:45
    Love it!
    I know a lot of people who look cute with pixie cuts. They look great. I'd never wear one.
  • Kurbdog 2012/08/29 22:21:42
    Hate it!
    bowl on head hair cut Now use a weed eater to trim around the bowl, NASTY!!
  • Nekosarethebest 2012/08/29 22:14:41
    Love it!
  • Hate it!
    Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    They look hideous! Miley looks like a pretty little BOY!
  • ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪ 2012/08/29 21:58:18 (edited)
    Love it!
    ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪
    maybe because I have one. lol

    You have to have a certain face shape to pull it off.! Some don't. Certain women look amazing in them like emma watson. Some don't, like Miley cyrus, WHICH isn't even a proper pixie cut.
  • ICanDoMagic 2012/08/29 21:22:08
    Love it!
    It's really cool
  • Elbuscus 2012/08/29 21:05:57
    Hate it!
    all of my 20-30 year old girl cuzzins are chopping all their hair off... they looked so much more beautiful with their long, gorgeous hair :'(
  • wpsark 2012/08/29 21:05:36 (edited)
    Love it!
    I don't hate it, it looks cute on some...Just not for me though. I like my hair long so I can put it up and not have to worry about fixing it every day. Miley Cyrus' cut looks like some kind of female nazi hairdo though, not cute at all.
  • Trish 2012/08/29 21:00:35
    Love it!
    On certain people.
  • william neville 2012/08/29 20:58:14
    Love it!
    william neville
    Reminds me of the fifties: Audrey Hepburn, Leslie Caron, Jean Simmons, etc.
  • Cal 2012/08/29 20:39:45
    Love it!
    Pixie cuts are hot as hell. I love girls with pixie cuts.
  • Ben 2012/08/29 20:34:53
    Love it!
    On some people its just okay, but on Miley Cyrus is looks really good. It is such a drastic change and it brings out her otherwise invisible features.
  • ✿Britt ❤'s Steven Tyler✿ 2012/08/29 20:11:04
    Hate it!
    ✿Britt ❤'s Steven Tyler✿
    i hae always hated that hair cut. it reminds me of a hair cut a ittle boy would get, not a woman.
  • MsDianna 2012/08/29 20:07:21
    Love it!
    love it there fun and easy to care for
  • Nika 2012/08/29 20:03:35
    Love it!
    I'm not that big of miley's Tank Girl cut but some girls look better with pixie cuts. They can be super cute. gennifer goodwin pixie hot pixie cut  hot pixie cut  beautiful evan rachel wood pixie cut  beautiful evan rachel wood
  • angel face 2012/08/29 19:55:12
    Love it!
    angel face
    I think it looks extremely cute. It expresses individuality and that's awesome
  • logan-er-a-tops 2012/08/29 19:44:49
    Love it!
    But it depends on who it is cause some people just dont look right with it
  • Charles Braley 2012/08/29 19:07:27
    Love it!
    Charles Braley
    especially on petite women (w/ SOME meat on the ol' bones!) and itty-bitty titties!
  • CatX3 2012/08/29 19:05:42
    Hate it!
    It looks like the haircut my older brother gave my older sister...when he was 3 years old.
  • Ron in Oregon 2012/08/29 19:02:58
    Hate it!
    Ron in Oregon
    Styles change!!!!
  • DP 2012/08/29 19:00:57
    Love it!
    It really depends on the face, but I prefer shorter hair.

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