Pittsburgh Steeler and 'DWTS' Contestant Hines Ward Handcuffed at Gunpoint in Los Angeles: Did Police Overreact?

Sports 2011/05/05 17:33:07
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Hines Ward, the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, was put in handcuffs at gun point Thursday in Los Angeles by the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department).

Ward, the Super Bowl XL MVP and "Dancing With the Stars" (DWTS) contestant, was stopped after police identified the car he was in as a stolen vehicle.

It turns out Ward was a passenger in the car that was reported stolen. The driver of the car, Ward's female friend, had reported it stolen weeks earlier. She tried to tell that to the police when they arrested her and Ward.

LAPD Sgt. Maria Morrison said they released Ward and the driver without incident.

"She had gone somewhere, misparked it, reported it stolen and found it later," but failed to cancel the police report, Morrison said.

The police did not file charges against either Ward or the driver. Morrison added that Ward and the female driver cooperated with the police and said, contrary what some "Dancing" stars may suspect, the female driver is not Ward's dancing partner on the hit ABC TV show.

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  • Fef 2011/05/05 17:48:01
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    LAPD gets accused of racism often for reasons other than racism. In this case, we don't know the motivation of LAPD for arresting Hines Ward at gunpoint. Obviously, LAPD had the right to stop the car because the license plate came back as a reported stolen car. LAPD has standard felony arrest procedures -- particularly at 1:30 in the morning.

    They may not have recognized Hines Ward without his Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, Lombardi Trophy or his DWTS costume ;)
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  • KoAm 2011/05/07 07:49:34
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    No, they absolutely did not react.

    The car they pulled over was reported stolen. There was no cancellation of the stolen-car report. Because the owner of the car didn't call to cancel it.

    The cops pulled over, for all they knew, two car thieves who might have been armed and dangerous. Understandably, the cops wanted to go home alive after their shifts were over.
  • gidianedwards97 2011/05/06 20:35:26
    Yes, LAPD overreacted handcuffing Hines Ward
    sort of kind of , however, it looks and sound like they did resolve the issue .case closed. in this case driver error.
  • Stan Kapusta 2011/05/06 18:55:59
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    Stan Kapusta
    Better to be safe than sorry! No harm done.
  • Shigyrl but outspoken on my... 2011/05/06 17:50:36
    Yes, LAPD overreacted handcuffing Hines Ward
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    Yes they completely overreacted. Lets be real. The police initially saw a woman with a black male in the passenger seat. In a predominatly white and affluent area. Then they decided to run the tags, because I can guarantee you they had no idea the vehicle was reported stolen till they ran the tags. Once they did that. Then they new they had a valid reason to stop a car with a black man in the passenger seat. Some people may find this hard to believe, but traffic stops like this where black males are involved is quite common. Yes we are living in a modern time. That does not mean attitudes have changed all that much. I'm just glad Hines behaved in a manner that was above reproach.
  • PapaBC 2011/05/06 15:01:27
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    The female need to clear up the stolen car report earlier. Her fault if somebody is to blame.
  • joe 2011/05/06 15:00:49
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    Hines is getting enamored with himself because of this show, and probably jumped into this car with this girl and didn't think about any consequences.Wonder if his wife knows?I am assuming this is standard procedure for the police when a stolen car is involved.
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2011/05/06 15:00:38
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    Seems his friends leave things undone, she should have called the police to report her car found and none of this would have occurred. I believe the police responded as they are supposed too.
  • chief 00 2011/05/06 14:31:43
    Yes, LAPD overreacted handcuffing Hines Ward
    chief 00
    They usually do overreact.
  • Tigger Too 2011/05/06 14:13:55
    Yes, LAPD overreacted handcuffing Hines Ward
    Tigger Too
    Stolen car? Black guy riding in it? Pull out the steel bracelets and the guns, L.A. police! We all know that the LAPD doesn't have a great track record when dealing with black dudes. However, the woman driving the car in which Hines Ward was a passenger was a total dumbass. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to forget where you parked your car, report it stolen and then find the car, yet fail to notify the police that the car was in fact not stolen? Of course, then this ditzy broad could have been charged with filing a false police report. In the end, other than bad press for Ward, nobody was arrested, and nobody got hurt.
  • chief 00 Tigger Too 2011/05/06 14:36:12 (edited)
    chief 00
    This was an overreaction, someone could have got hurt. Police usually over react when minorities are involved and as long as "nobody got hurt" it's alright to some people. Maybe it's alright because this doesn't happen to you but it is never alright when police act this way.
  • Tigger Too chief 00 2011/05/06 14:49:49
    Tigger Too
    Well, I believe I SAID that the LAPD has a bad reputation when it comes to dealing with blacks and other minorities. I also VOTED that this was an overreaction on their part. All I'm saying is no harm, no foul. However, I have a funny feeling that Hines Ward is going to want at least a public apology from the LAPD for taking things too far. The part of the article I found strange was that the cops said, "The police did not file charges against either Ward or the driver...and Ward and the female driver cooperated with the police." It's like, what did they EXPECT them to do? Resist arrest or start a riot? Thanks for your comments, and have a great day!
  • chief 00 Tigger Too 2011/05/06 15:19:13 (edited)
    chief 00
    The problem is the "no harm, no foul" is, as long as that attitude is continued police will continue to pull over and harrass minorities for no other reason than our race. The rest of your post I agree with and raved.
  • Tigger Too chief 00 2011/05/06 16:10:11
    Tigger Too
    Thanks for the rave! Now that I think about it, you're probably correct about my "no harm, no foul" comment. Incidents like the one with Hines Ward only perpetuate the LAPD's bad track record when it comes to dealing with minorities. Although I'm a white tigger, I'm definitely opposed to racial profiling, which IMO, this definitely was. Thanks for making an excellent point!
  • chief 00 Tigger Too 2011/05/06 16:26:45
    chief 00
    Thank you for taking the time to listen instead of just ranting like some of US do.
  • Tigger Too chief 00 2011/05/06 18:18:00
    Tigger Too
    Why, thank you. Never let it be said that THIS tigger is close-minded and too smart not to listen to others' opinions, and perhaps even change her mind!
  • Lesleya 2011/05/06 14:13:36
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    Because the car had been reported as stolen, they perhaps thought the individual responsible would be armed and dangerous. Not far fetched at all. Apparently, Hines has not come forward with any accusations of mistreatment.
  • Shigyrl... Lesleya 2011/05/06 17:54:00
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    Minor problem the only way they knew that car was stolen was when they ran the tags on that car. Unless they were speeding which was not mentioned in the article. They apparently ran the tags because they saw a black male in a vehicle late at night in an affluent predominatly white neighborhood. Lets be real it isn't like they keep a running list of stolen cars on hand all the time.
  • cmdrbnd007 2011/05/06 13:31:39
    Yes, LAPD overreacted handcuffing Hines Ward
    Yep, if it was at gun point they did. I can understand putting him in the handcuffs, I think that's SOP but I see no reason for the gun unless he was being aggressive.
  • Min Carter 2011/05/06 12:59:16
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    Min Carter
    I think that's SOP!
  • Thea 2011/05/06 12:53:51
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    She is a moron. Who misparks a car reports it stolen, then doesn't report that they found it? I bet her boobs and her iq are both 38's.
  • No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    Gยเtคг Plคאєг ( JFK Democrat )
    She should have called back when she found the car
  • keliffa 2011/05/06 12:29:15
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    She reported the car stolen and the occupants were placed in handcuffs until her story could be proven true. Why is that an overreaction?
  • Diana keliffa 2011/05/06 15:17:46
    True but being held at gunpoint without resistance is an excessive use of force
  • keliffa Diana 2011/05/06 20:50:19
    Actually, it's not. And if guns were drawn, I am sure they were holstered once the suspects were handcuffed and no longer a possible danger to the cops.
  • Diana keliffa 2011/05/09 16:55:48 (edited)
    It's not? So let's say that an angry ex reports your car as stolen and you comply with the officer, civilly explaining the misunderstanding yet the officer draws his gun...that's not excessive? I hope you never become a cop. Taking someone into custody until the situation is cleared is one thing but holding a suspect at gunpoint who is not only compliant but unarmed is completely out of line.
  • keliffa Diana 2011/05/10 18:48:34
    And if while the suspect is civilly explaining the .mistake and pulls our a gun?
  • Diana keliffa 2011/05/11 11:47:43
    still excessive force you only need to pull out a gun when you're arresting someone who is resisting or who might be armed/dangerous. If i got pulled over for speeding it would be unnecessary for a cop put a gun to my head while ordering me to present him with I.D.

    You just don't get it do you?
  • keliffa Diana 2011/05/11 12:05:49
    Because they said so??
  • Diana keliffa 2011/05/12 13:34:31
    How does a cop know the driver of a speeding car is not armed and dangerous?!! Yeah, exactly.
  • keliffa Diana 2011/05/12 19:38:58
    So he should take his chances and not prepare himself to pull over someone who just comitted a felony.

    Smart move.
  • oldlady 2011/05/06 12:26:23
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    We had some young Police Rookies killed here for not being more cautious. They (LAPD) did a better job of protecting themselves.
  • ladypuppylove 2011/05/06 12:04:47
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    that was her job for not reporting that she had found it they were just doing their job but i don't live in L A so better luck next time
  • Myrle Hulme 2011/05/06 07:59:36
    Who's Hines Ward?
    Myrle Hulme
    Sounds like SA only he managed to stay alive
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2011/05/06 07:41:41
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
  • carlton999 2011/05/06 07:17:21
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    everytime you report your car stolen the Police tell you..........."IF YOU FIND YOUR CAR BEFORE WE DO.....DO NOT GET IN IT. CALL US AND LET US KNOW THAT YOU FOUND IT OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED FOR CAR THEFT."

    they make a point of saying this to everyone who reports a car stolen.

    I bet she wont forget next time.
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2011/05/06 06:31:12
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    What would you do?
  • DiViews2015 2011/05/06 06:24:48
    Yes, LAPD overreacted handcuffing Hines Ward
    Actually, I checked the wrong one. I think it is standard practice for the offense. She should have called when she found the car. Most law enforcement take care theft seriously.
  • igillum 2011/05/06 06:20:14
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    An unfortunate situation for both the police and Ward.
  • ILovedYouTilTheEnd. 2011/05/06 05:58:07
    Yes, LAPD overreacted handcuffing Hines Ward
    Aha that's ridiculous
  • wolfshadow 2011/05/06 04:57:44
    No, LAPD did NOT overreact
    She didn't report her 'stolen' car found... her bad.

    Thats what they do when people are in a stolen car. Sucks being him, but they do that to all that get in the wrong car.

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