Phyllis Diller Roasts Ronald Reagan

ProudProgressive 2012/08/21 12:37:05
The world lost a comedy legend yesterday when Phyllis Diller passed away at the age of 95. She will be remembered for many things, but near the top of the list are her biting appearances on numerous comedy Roasts. I thought I'd share one such appearance, when she turned her wit on a California Governor named Ronald Reagan. Rest in peace, Phyllis.

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  • Lulu's Mom 2012/08/25 01:20:29
    Lulu's Mom
    Very funny, and Ronny loved it.
  • YourCompanionCube 2012/08/21 13:37:04
    Funny how people smashed Ronald Reagan. Under his term, didn't we have...Record-best Economy?
  • ProudPr... YourCom... 2012/08/21 14:30:00
    No, under his term we had the beginning of the destruction of the American Middle Class, a war on unions that has persisted for 30 years, a TRIPLING of the National Debt, the top marginal tax rate cut in half, the end of the Sherman Antitrust Act, massive deregulation of Wall Street that led to the third largest stock market crash in American history (it was second until George W. beat him), billions wasted on military pork barrel projects like "Star Wars", the destruction of Shuttle Challenger because Reagan didn't want to rewrite a speech, and a slow but steady erosion of individual rights.

    In its historical perspective, Reagan's term was one of the most destructive in American history.
  • YourCom... ProudPr... 2012/08/21 14:37:34
    I'd like to see some proof of your "Accusations".
  • ProudPr... YourCom... 2012/08/21 20:48:37
    That's why they invented Google, I guess. Hint: Debt limits and marginal tax rates are the easy ones.
  • luvguins 2012/08/21 13:25:10
    We will certainly miss her wry humor. Loved her putdowns of her husband she called "Fang". She was a great comedienne.
  • Ekua 2012/08/21 13:16:37
    Govoner Scott Walker needs to see this since he is channeling Regan's spirit in Wisconsin...for now..

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