Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Bronco's. Did he let his Tennessee fans down?

cate 2012/03/19 18:18:54
Yes!  Manning was born to be a Titan!
No!  Manning has Bronco in his heart!
Who's the Manning?!  I could give a Pigskin about Football!
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  • Corsair 2012/03/20 06:24:12
    No! Manning has Bronco in his heart!
    He better do the Broncos good. Been my team since the days of John Elway and Terrell Davis. I hope this is their year.
  • CraigPLewis 2012/03/19 20:16:16
    No! Manning has Bronco in his heart!
    He never has been a Titan. He hasn't let them down.
  • wolf sloan 2012/03/19 19:58:50
    Yes! Manning was born to be a Titan!
    wolf sloan
    Tenn. made a strong bid for him. I thought they had him all things considered.
  • cate wolf sloan 2012/03/19 21:53:16
    That is what I was reading also.
  • 3003573 2012/03/19 18:37:33
  • jimih67 2012/03/19 18:33:35
    No! Manning has Bronco in his heart!
    He let his Tennessee fans down, his Miami fans down, his Arizona fans down, and any team that needs a quarterback that he didn't sign with. But you know what? Screw all of them (myself included, I was hoping he'd sign with the Dolphins). At the end of the day, he has to worry about Peyton Manning. He doesn't owe anybody a damn thing. Look at the Colts. They rode to glory on his back, and as soon as he gets hurt and they have a shot at Andrew Luck, he is out the door like yesterday's trash. Do I blame the Colts? Absolutely not. But this idea that players or teams owe it to anybody is nonsense. It is a business, and Peyton wanted to go where he felt he had the best chance to win. Of course, I hope he is wrong in that assessment, but he made his decision for him, nobody else.

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