Paris Hilton's youngest brother is currently behind bars.

Kyle 2012/07/28 02:38:57
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  • Tella6 2012/07/31 14:46:37
  • disclaimer 2012/07/28 03:45:23
  • Cloud 2012/07/28 03:38:36
    only response i can at the moment to this post is i bet he gets a lot of women and a lot of girls loving him and they love him and a lot of girls and a lot of women send him letters and love letters.

    And no didn't say all i mean most because sadly a lot of girls and a lot of women love guys behind bars to them it's hot and not a good man so they rather have men behind bars i don't know why they do but they do and if you can proof my theory wrong by providing proof then i gladly apologize.

    Maybe i should become a user like Glenn Quagmire if that's the case i might as well since I'm a virgin and they never wait till marriage like i am and they never understand my situations I'm in if i explain it to them i don't know yet I'm facing i should do that and so far nice guys,geeks,nerds and good guys like me will forever finish last oh well and yes nice guys are extinct or at least going extinct :).
  • disclaimer Cloud 2012/07/28 03:44:56
    Yes, you've clearly proved that nice guys are going extinct. I've seen your ridiculous posts on other questions.
  • Tom R 007 2012/07/28 03:17:51
    Tom R 007
    I don't care. Do the crime; do the time.
  • Kyra 2012/07/28 03:07:22
    I had no idea she had a brother.
  • Max7 2012/07/28 02:55:11
    What ashame
  • Karasu the Neko Vampire 2012/07/28 02:51:54
    Karasu the Neko Vampire
  • Me 2012/07/28 02:41:29
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/28 02:40:23
    Sister Jean

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