Paris Hilton's youngest brother is currently behind bars.

Kyle 2012/07/28 02:38:57
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  • taitaFalcon23 2015/02/04 02:50:41
    The littlesh*tface disrupted a flight for 10 hrs to the point of needing to be restrained as he told the pilot and flight crew to f*ck off among other felony offenses. He accused his fellow passengers of being 'peasants' In full view of everyone including the air marshall and crew. He is in jail for now but he won't do a day in prison for his bullspit. Because he's right. The rest of us ARE peasants because he'll get away with the same crap his sisters get away with and his 'daddy' will foot the bill like always.... The day Paris dropped a vial of cocaine on a detective's desk, my 2nd son was boarding a South America freighter with tons of coke and armed gunmen who really not interested in having him nor any member of his team aboard. F*ck the 1 percenters.... In the meantime the cops will shake down or kill another 99%er for fun, practice and profit...
  • Tella6 2012/07/31 14:46:37
  • disclaimer 2012/07/28 03:45:23
  • Cloud 2012/07/28 03:38:36
    only response i can at the moment to this post is i bet he gets a lot of women and a lot of girls loving him and they love him and a lot of girls and a lot of women send him letters and love letters.

    And no didn't say all i mean most because sadly a lot of girls and a lot of women love guys behind bars to them it's hot and not a good man so they rather have men behind bars i don't know why they do but they do and if you can proof my theory wrong by providing proof then i gladly apologize.

    Maybe i should become a user like Glenn Quagmire if that's the case i might as well since I'm a virgin and they never wait till marriage like i am and they never understand my situations I'm in if i explain it to them i don't know yet I'm facing i should do that and so far nice guys,geeks,nerds and good guys like me will forever finish last oh well and yes nice guys are extinct or at least going extinct :).
  • disclaimer Cloud 2012/07/28 03:44:56
    Yes, you've clearly proved that nice guys are going extinct. I've seen your ridiculous posts on other questions.
  • Tom R 007 2012/07/28 03:17:51
    Tom R 007
    I don't care. Do the crime; do the time.
  • Kyra 2012/07/28 03:07:22
    I had no idea she had a brother.
  • Max7 2012/07/28 02:55:11
    What ashame
  • The Colorful Vampire 2012/07/28 02:51:54
    The Colorful Vampire
  • Me 2012/07/28 02:41:29
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/28 02:40:23
    Sister Jean

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