Owl city :)

→♥Andra Scene♥←™ 2009/10/17 22:40:29
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'fireflies' is the best song ever.
it makes me feel all warm & fuzzy.
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  • morgan 2009/11/28 18:51:25
    i love that song, too.
    listen to west coast friendship and hot air ballon there pretty good
  • Mally! OMNOMNOM 2009/10/18 21:06:33
    i love that song, too.
    Mally! OMNOMNOM
    Its not my favorite by him but I do love it (:
    Hello Seattle, Fuzzy Blue LIghts, Umbrella Beach, and THe Saltwater Room pwn.
  • Sodahead's Boring. 2009/10/18 17:01:19
    i love that song, too.
    Sodahead's Boring.
    I love that song. Some of his other stuff is good, too.
  • dr.watsername 2009/10/18 04:17:01
    i love that song, too.
    i watched the music video after i watched mr mongoriums wonder emporium and i thought it would make a good song for it
  • 【ジェシカ。♥】 2009/10/18 02:03:16
    i love that song, too.
    but i also like 'Rainbow Veins' too :)
  • Fallen affect 2009/10/18 00:30:12
    i love that song, too.
    Fallen affect
    its a cute video to :)
  • Saladpants 2009/10/17 22:44:25
    nah, its not all that.
    I liked "Rainbow Veins" better but I don't really like him that much anymore.
  • paenitentia 2009/10/17 22:41:36
    i love that song, too.
    That's like my favorite song! I love Owl City! ^.^
  • demolitionlover13 2009/10/17 22:41:01
    i love that song, too.
    WWWOOOHHH!!!! love that song love owl city!!!!!! they ROCK
  • i love that song, too.
    It's awesome!!!

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