Out of all these songs with one is ur favorite

MajaTron 2009/07/27 18:44:40
Dimonds arent forever      By: Bring Me The Horizon
Dear Hanna By: Metro Station
The Birds And The Bees  By: Breathe Carolina
Classified By:Breathe Carolina
Chelsea smile By:Bring Me The Horizon
I like to spit By:NeverShoutNever
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  • MajaTron 2009/08/11 19:57:12
    I like to spit By:NeverShoutNever
    it awsome!!
  • Carola Is Comfortably Confu... 2009/07/27 22:27:04
    Dear Hanna By: Metro Station
    Carola Is Comfortably Confused :D
    I like all of them but i love Metro station :)
  • ++evanescence++ 2009/07/27 18:57:27
    Dear Hanna By: Metro Station
    i dont like any of them :P if i had to choose i pick this
  • Hannah_x3 2009/07/27 18:51:43
    Dimonds arent forever By: Bring Me The Horizon
    Really! i have to choose between all these songs!
    well dear Hannah is a great song plus it has my name in it!<3.
    NeverShoutNever is amazing!
    Breathe Carolina is good but not my fav.
    So ill have to say Bring me the horison!
    because they are just that good!<3
  • MajaTron Hannah_x3 2009/07/27 18:59:00
    I know I put down just some random songz...And then after i was like what the hell? These are like some of my favorite songz....oh whait they all r my fave songz!
  • Hannah_x3 MajaTron 2009/07/27 19:05:16
    i cant believe you made me choose!
  • Sting Idol 2009/07/27 18:49:08
    I like to spit By:NeverShoutNever
    Sting Idol
  • MajaTron Sting Idol 2009/07/27 18:52:21
    Realy u like the song I like to spit or r u makin' it up?
  • Sting Idol MajaTron 2009/07/27 18:54:24
    Sting Idol
    can you see my comment?
  • MajaTron Sting Idol 2009/08/10 16:28:04
    um.obviosly nawt...
  • Sting Idol MajaTron 2009/08/10 16:28:40
    Sting Idol

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