Orlando Bloom Says Musicians Have it Better Than Actors: Do You Agree?

Music 2011/04/28 21:22:07
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A killer paycheck isn't all it's cracked up to be, if we're to believe Orlando Bloom, who recently explained that being a musician is way more exciting and open-ended than being a world-famous actor.

It's so weird. I don't get it. Wanting to be a rock star, I get it. I'm like, 'Oh, my God, dude! The freedom!' There's a very different creative thing. My experience of singing, as an actor, was that there's a different creative feeling of freedom. The acting thing is a bit more defined and cerebral.

However, he did admit that some of it may just be a simple issue of wanting what you don't have.

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  • MissJo 2011/04/28 23:48:31
    You can be yourself if you're in to music (and avoid controlling labels)... being an actor? You always have to be someone else.

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  • Sue 2011/04/29 18:23:23
    You will always want something that you don't have.
  • Somer 2011/04/29 16:33:01
    They may not make as much money, though, but I think they generally have more creative freedom.
  • somekindofgurl 2011/04/29 16:08:16
    It depends on what you like and okay with. Orlando Bloom is very good actor also he is smokin hot.
    depends orlando bloom actor smokin hot Orlando Bloom shirtless
  • Steve 2011/04/29 15:44:27
    He's not a musician so he can't compare. I imagine that once an actor or musician hits it big they deal with the same pressures and disenchantment. I'm not usually a cynical person but go cry about it over your millions of dollars while the rest of us do REAL WORK! (Oh... I do happen to be a musician too... I just need a day job as well.)
  • holdenf... Steve 2011/04/29 19:10:57
    Why do you think Bloom played such a good, whiny pantywaist in Troy? That's him in real life.
  • Steve holdenf... 2011/04/29 19:27:15
    so he's a method actor?
  • holdenf... Steve 2011/04/29 19:30:18
  • z-Madness-z 2011/04/29 15:25:28
    I think it's harder to get into the music business, but once you're there, you're there. I think it's easier for an actor to become famous, but it's also easier for them to fail.
  • wulfsong 2011/04/29 15:05:25
    WAH!. You all get paid entirely too much money.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2011/04/29 15:01:23
    They both have to deal with the same stuff but in different formats. They both have to memorize things for when they perform. Deal with the media too.
  • cheaperthantherapy 2011/04/29 14:43:48
    It depends what you’re passionate about, and what you’re good at it. If music is your thing then yeah, losing yourself in it is going to be the way to go for you. But acting is an art too and there is something magical about creating a character.
  • Kigan 2011/04/29 13:05:06
    I think they each have benefits and drawbacks that equate them out.
  • TKramar 2011/04/29 12:08:54
    More groupies.

    More likely to marry a supermodel. You don't even have to be attractive (hence Ric Ocasek's musical career path).
  • SASUKE UCHIHA 2011/04/29 12:06:43
  • Resp 2011/04/29 10:59:08
    WTF? Who is Orlando Bloom and why does he have such a fruity name?
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2011/04/29 10:12:05
  • Mrs Reckless 2011/04/29 09:25:29 (edited)
    Mrs Reckless
    as a musician you can express yourself more. what you want to say is mostly in the songs, and the songs dont get speculated on alot, but if as an actor you said what is in some of the songs people write, it would be talked over and criticized maybe?? if i could choose between music and acting, i would soo choose music.
  • Resp Mrs Rec... 2011/05/04 08:09:34
    It rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.
  • Juanb 2011/04/29 08:26:09 (edited)
    Both have $$$ both travel and have groupies and followings but in my opinion Actors have to watch their steps because they can be cut off by their powerful hollywood connections and could end up starving and not finding a role thats why they fear the paparazi airing their dirty laundry all the time, and their always expected to suck up and issue apologies while their very fans turn on them and domonize them like they are doing to charlie sheen for being himself, while musicians can be total train wrecks but as long as they produce music that people like its fine and they could say FTW like johnny Cash,and amy wine house and some rappers,so musicians lead more stress free lives because they can be them selves as long as they could sell,But i believe both have to strive for perfection to be considered good by their public and their peers, lead stress free lives sellbut strive perfection public peers
  • Miz Kellie 2011/04/29 06:45:00
    Miz Kellie
    Well that's because Musicians get to express themselves and Actors are always playing another role of a Character. So FANS of MUSIC are probably inspired more because alot of musicians interact with their fans and they constantly give them what they want. Music that tells a chapter in THEIR life.

    As far as Acting.. there are so many different roles that you play that maybe fans can't keep up, or they never know what these actors will be next. Some people don't like suprises. They want to know what they are getting with their favorite entertainers.

    I, myself, like music better!! La La Laaa! : )
  • freebirdie 2011/04/29 05:14:10
    ooopps...pressed the wrong button and there's no changing it. Having known famous actors and what they go through, I agree that musicians have it better. From what I see, all musicians do is gyrate and sing. Actors must gyrate and pretend to DO and BE everything else. They tend to do it off camera as well~~right Steve?
  • Xinea 2011/04/29 04:57:22
    It depends. Yeah, musicians have more freedom to 'be themselves' but then they risk not selling, because 'themselves' may not be what the public (or what the media creators think the public) wants. Yeah, actors have less freedom, but if they have as much acting talent as a musician has in song, they've pretty much got it made.
  • Sin 2011/04/29 04:22:09
    Being a musician for more than half of my life, I say it's definitely better in many ways.

    1) We are who you want to be without question. We don't have to change for anyone.

    2) We don't have to work on a single project for months and sometimes over a year to get it produced, unless it's a major album set to anticipate.

    3) We actually have fans that love us and like to know what we do in life by asking us, not studying us on the internet.

    4) We are TRUE entertainers. Being on the road for most of our career just to give our fans a good show that they won't soon forget. We're constantly at work, even when not on the bus. Getting on stage and giving the crowd what they paid for is our only goal, so that's all we chase.

    Writing this reminds me why I love doing what I do.
  • Brandon Taylor- Sides 2011/04/29 04:16:02
    Brandon Taylor- Sides
    Being an artist of any form is difficult. It's a living people try to make,especially when you're stuck trying to decide if you're creating your work for yourself or fans. Then trying to see if you will follow specific terms and rules about your own passion.
  • john doe 2011/04/29 04:10:20
    john doe
    making millions being a famous actor or making millions being a famous musicion, the choices are so terrible.
  • Riobhca 2011/04/29 04:08:26
    Most definitely.
  • anthony 2011/04/29 03:24:04 (edited)
  • Phil 2011/04/29 03:14:27
    Who cares if one group of over paid douchebags has it easier or harder then another group of over paid douchebags?
  • Katty Bug 2011/04/29 03:13:18
    Katty Bug
    it just really depends on what type of person you are, if you want the actor life or the music life. I mean some actors and musicians have both. Look at Jennifer Lopez or Hilary Duff they have both.
  • Veritas 2011/04/29 03:05:42
    Really? Rock stars don't have manager's, agent's, producer's, record companies, radio station's and the public to answer to?

    Orlando Bloom should do some homework instead of whining.

    He should look into how Tom Petty's "Damn The Torpedoe's" album came to be. He should look into what Prince had to go through to get a modicum of control over his music.

    He should even take a look at what the now sitting pretty Steven Tyler had to go through in the early days of Aerosmith. "Dream On" wasn't an overnight sensation. That band had to work their butts off to get a record company to give them a second chance.

    Like Kid Rock says "Roll On" . . . "I wanted THIS so now I don't BITCH." Quit whining Orlando and grow a pair.
  • TKramar Veritas 2011/04/29 12:12:09
    KISS sold all their records based on touring. They had a hard time getting anyone to play their stuff on the radio. Not so hard now, perhaps, but in the 70's and 80's, yeah.
  • Veritas TKramar 2011/04/29 13:54:47
    I somewhat agree. I think maybe the music the "machine" sells, (Disney/American Idol) does make it easier as long as those artists are kept in line. I love all sorts of music and a lot of it does not get air play. They are off the grid, so to speak. I catch it sometimes by listening to the Canadian station's available in my area or just by accident. I realize I'm in the minority here though!

    Most of the popular radio stations seem to have a loop of music that is continuously forced on us. Again, maybe that's just me and my eclectic taste in music. Thanks for the response!
  • Mandy 2011/04/29 02:56:22
    I coud see that...but then I've always wanted to be a rockstar anyway.
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2011/04/29 02:49:42
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    I have always thought this way as well, musicians are more free spirited than actors.
  • Matthew Frankwitt 2011/04/29 02:49:12
    Matthew Frankwitt
    My middle school music teacher told us that no matter how bad it gets for a musician you can always fall back on giving music lessons. Or you can always go out and play on the streets to make some cash. You can't really do that as an actor.
  • The Dude 2011/04/29 02:44:10
    The Dude
    I wanted to be a rockstar!!
  • JoeBtfsplk 2011/04/29 02:42:33
    Rock stars rock.
  • Arty 2011/04/29 02:42:11
  • mind-pilot 2011/04/29 02:25:25
    Musicians have more ways to work. More ways to play. That makes it better. But face this: most musicians are frustrated actors and most actors are frustrated musicians. It's better to do a solo gig as a singer/player than it is a single actor.
  • ILuvMonkeys 2011/04/29 02:21:18

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