Orit Fox: Scariest Actress/Model/Porn Star Ever?

Canto 2011/03/28 22:13:18
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SLIDESHOW: Orit Fox: Scariest Porn Star Ever?

Orit Fox
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Orit Fox

Her face just looks so busted.
  1. Orit Fox

    Orit Fox

    Her face just looks so busted.

  2. Orit Fox

    Orit Fox

    Dude. Not cute. Her (fake) books look lopsided and her face...SHE'S the one who looks like a snake!

  3. Orit Fox

    Orit Fox

    I don't even know how old she is, but she looks 50+ here. Bleh.

  4. Orit Fox

    Orit Fox

    Look at her teeth here! Too many things busted, such little time...

  5. Orit Fox

    Orit Fox

    She's an even creepier version of Amy Winehouse here. Oh my god, her face is so frickin scary..

  6. Orit Fox

    Orit Fox

    She's got the creepiest eyes in the world.

  7. Orit Fox

    Orit Fox

    The moment it happened. Haha dude, such a trippy story..

  8. Orit Fox

    Orit Fox

    Gross and scary. Do you agree?

Orit Fox: Scariest Actress/Model/Porn Star Ever?
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Orit Fox is the chick that killed a snake with her fake boobies. How? The snake bit into them and all of the silicone POISONED the snake. Ironic much? I think so.

Anyways, she's pretty hideous if you ask me.

Do you think she's the scariest actress/model/porn star ever? Look through the slideshow if you need some proof.
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  • ivanbarbarosa 2011/05/20 18:30:05
    Yes! Orit Fox is SO scary!
    i am polite so this would be morning cigarete on empty stomach wait morning cigaretes are not healthy so that is what was i talking about, i like morning smoke with disrespect :)
  • Angie Paschal 2011/04/02 09:19:18
    Yes! Orit Fox is SO scary!
    Angie Paschal
    she's very wierd looking and alot of fakeness going on there, hair, boobs, lips, tan.
  • Sionann 2011/03/29 05:47:31
    No, she's not THAT scary...
    In pic #3 she looks awful but in pic #8 she looks great. After looking her up...it seems she has had multiple plastic surgery procedures....obviously from some doctors that cared more about money than the fact that they were destroying her face or they just didn't know what the hell they were doing. Either way...it's sad that she thought she needed it.
  • DollyCarcass♥ 2011/03/29 05:46:52
    Yes! Orit Fox is SO scary!
    I feel bad for her.
  • Shadow's Companion 2011/03/28 22:22:41
    No, she's not THAT scary...
    Shadow's Companion
    The snake survived.

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