One Golden Girl Left: Will Betty White Live Forever?

Music 2010/06/04 00:50:09
Rue McClanahan, the youngest star of '80s sitcom "The Golden Girls," died of a massive stroke today. She was 76. McClanahan played Blanche Devereaux in the series, and was also well-known for her role as Vivian Cavender Harmon on "Maude."

The passing of McClanahan makes Betty White the last surviving Golden Girl. White, the oldest of the four, is still going strong and is working hard at making a comeback this year. She was officially the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live in May, and just signed on to play "Elka the house caretaker" on TV Land's first original scripted comedy, Hot in Cleveland.

"The Golden Girls," which ran from 1985 to 1992, starred McClanahan and White, along with Beatrice Arthur and Estelle Getty. All four actresses won individual Emmys for their performances.

Since Getty's death in 2008, one Golden Girl has died each year. But White, 88, has appeared to maintain excellent health throughout her entire life. Will Betty break the cycle?


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  • Joe 2010/06/04 11:23:37 (edited)
    1. Sleep soundly every night.

    2. Drink a glass of wine every day.

    3. Kill the others.

    1 sleep soundly 2 drink glass wine 3 kill

    Ha ha!

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  • Erin Chase 2015/06/03 00:19:04
    Erin Chase
    I never owned this video on you tube for the golden girls videos so please help me to own them so they can play on my computer. Ok thank you soo much good night.
  • marbleswh 2010/06/04 21:11:27
    you said it wrong betty white wasnt the oldest of the four the lady who played sofia was the oldest duh!
  • Gregory... marbleswh 2010/06/05 03:10:49
    Hey, Sorry to have to correct you Estelle Getty (sofia) wore makeup to look older. THEY can do anything with makeup. :)
  • marbleswh Gregory... 2010/06/05 23:08:33
    true they can do anything with makeup cuzon the first few episodes she looked really different. but im still im gonna look that up!
  • Heather... marbleswh 2013/08/10 08:15:58
    Heather Egan
    No she wasn't jackass. It's always a good thing to know what you're talking about before you post something. DUH.
  • 13 year old smartass 2010/06/04 20:59:26
    13 year old smartass
    old bettyy white
    new betty white bettyy white betty white
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2010/06/04 19:34:46
    I love Betty White and I also love the Golden girls. I am really sad about her death and it is so weird that Betty White is still alive! But I hope she stays healthy! girls sad death weird betty white alive hope stays healthy girls sad death weird betty white alive hope stays healthy girls sad death weird betty white alive hope stays healthy
  • Chonilla it'skri... 2010/06/04 20:10:11
    Is that suppose to be Betty White when she was younger. If so I didn't know she had some melanin in her blood. DAMN Betty White is a sista! :-) Jokes a side that looks like Lena Horne
  • socokid 2010/06/04 19:21:42
    She will break the cycle. At least I hope so.

    I've got $100 on it...
  • RawRsaurus 2010/06/04 18:32:37
    Ugh. All my girls are dying. Every freaking time one of them dies, a piece of me dies with them. I grew up with this show, and I never missed an episode. Yeah, I didn't understand most of the jokes until they began airing episodes on Lifetime, but they were just so vibrant and extravagant! Please don't die, Betty...you are my favorite!
  • H3R3T1CG0D 2010/06/04 18:12:34
    let's hope so
  • Silver35 2010/06/04 17:35:48
    many people can live for over a hundred years, she may become one of them, i hope she does last that long and does break the cycle.
  • kevracer 2010/06/04 17:25:24
    she's a zombie
  • johndoe 2010/06/04 16:48:55
    I hope so.

    Betty White is a national treasure.
  • Rita 2010/06/04 15:39:45
    Betty White has allot of joy in her heart. She was almost ignored their for a while I am wondering maybe she would of died too. Yet now she will be with us. We have a chance to embrace her for a while. She is so awesome for a Lady of her Stature.
  • METALheadMom 2010/06/04 15:19:02
    Betty has an extremely good and healthy sense of humor. But NOBODY, and I mean nobody, is "immortal".
  • xNinjaMonkeyx 2010/06/04 15:13:55
    i son't even like Betty White at all!
  • LindaS 2010/06/04 14:59:40
    I absolutely love these TV show's. They are funny without being vulgar. They will live on in our heart's forever.
  • Domino 2010/06/04 13:57:22
    RIP RUE---- Betty---- may you live another 100 years
  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2010/06/04 12:44:02
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    Every well know celeb lives forever!
  • Laylah 2010/06/04 11:51:22
    Awww Blanch was one of my favourites! She lived to a good age though RIP.
  • Joe 2010/06/04 11:23:37 (edited)
    1. Sleep soundly every night.

    2. Drink a glass of wine every day.

    3. Kill the others.

    1 sleep soundly 2 drink glass wine 3 kill

    Ha ha!
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/06/04 11:21:35
  • ~*Bryn*~ aka AmerikusMonsoon 2010/06/04 06:02:30
    ~*Bryn*~ aka AmerikusMonsoon
    Your all dumb. She's not immortal. She just has good genes and knows how to take care of herself.
  • jazminy ~*Bryn*... 2010/06/04 06:41:15
    I agree
  • ~*Bryn*... jazminy 2010/06/04 06:53:47
    ~*Bryn*~ aka AmerikusMonsoon
    thanks. glad theres at least one person not stupid on here.
  • Cass ~*Bryn*... 2010/06/04 17:19:33
    idiots... all of them! =P
  • Ianstan BN-0 *Obama2012* 2010/06/04 05:51:46
    Ianstan BN-0 *Obama2012*
    She is immortal!
  • Astro-Boy 2010/06/04 05:29:12
    This is just making me sad... =(

    I hope we have Betty White for another 88 years
  • Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET 2010/06/04 05:11:12 (edited)
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    She has to die at some point so yes Betty will break the cycle at some point. (Unless she is immortal then she won't be dying at some point) Hopefully she can continue to live a healthy life (altho I do not want to live to be 88)

    Edit: I realized I was very redundant with "some point" sorry about that hahaha. It's annoying but I am gonna leave it.
  • mglatt 2010/06/04 04:48:45
    God, if anyone knows her secret please let me know. I do believe it's that she has no children.
  • Austin 2010/06/04 04:03:33
    i don't know!
  • beachbum 2010/06/04 04:00:21
    That was a great show - I remember my dad laughing like everything. My mother had advanced Alzheimer's disease at the time, and the show was a great outlet for our dad. The chemistry those ladies had was fantastic - they must have had a great time working together all those years. I still sometimes watch the re-runs.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2010/06/04 03:31:40
    The Winter Sodahead
    I truly doubt that Betty White is immortal
  • R.P. Bliss.::ρнαɛт::.►Ѳиɛ Ħιт Яαɢɛ Ǫʋιт◄
    I hope Betty goes on for a couple more years! To know that only one Golden Girl is left, it's just a true shame. Keep on rocking, Betty!
  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2010/06/04 02:53:51
  • KeithBennett 2010/06/04 02:41:50
    Betty White is young at heart,
  • carrotcat 2010/06/04 02:38:04
    Hopefully Betty will live up to 1,000. We need her
  • Rhea 2010/06/04 02:35:36
    oh I hope so!!
  • GirlyGirl™ 2010/06/04 02:33:47
    This just breaks my heart. I remember going to my Mama's house to help with chores and she wouldn't let me leave without watching "The Golden Girls" with her. That was 22 years ago, and she's been gone for 19. I hope she's up there partying with all three!

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