On average, how often do you pose in a "selfie"?

FoxNews.com 2014/03/03 14:37:00
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This image released by Ellen DeGeneres shows actors front row from left, Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, Peter Nyong’o Jr., and, second row, from left, Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o and Angelina Jolie as they pose for a "selfie" portrait.

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  • emily 2014/03/03 17:30:48 (edited)
    Once or twice a week.
    lol... this is such a dumb question. No doubt whoever thought this up is very unfamiliar with a "selfie". This question doesn't even make sense to people who have "selfie's" built into their normal vocabulary.

    EDIT: to put it in a better perspective for you to understand, that's like asking a woman "How often do you wear you hair up?" or like, "How often do you pick credit vs. debit?"

    Camera's are now in phones. Phones go with us every time we go anywhere. Selfies are popular because I'm not going to ask a stranger to hold my expensive (very important) phone and take a picture. So, I take a selfie. It's like, just dumb. You people are old.

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  • Ang 2014/11/10 19:28:38
    Once or twice a year.
    because my daughter makes me, I hate selfies!
  • Al in St. Lou 2014/05/09 22:35:01
    Once or twice a year.
    Al in St. Lou
    I've had friends or family ask for a picture to see how my latest haircut looks, but certainly never more than twice a year.
  • Obsessive Fan 2014/03/10 21:48:49
    Obsessive Fan
    Wow! I did not expect so many people, the most for that matter, to say never.
  • daphne22221 2014/03/10 20:15:07
    Ok maybe I have once, but I don't normally take selfies selphie
    Selphie lol
  • janet 2014/03/10 20:14:12
    Once or twice a year.
    I do not feel the need to post pictures of myself or my surroundings on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly bases, I have a life. Nor do I want to aggravate my family and friends with self-indulgent pix of myself while on my daily activities, they all have lives too.
  • Flamingolady 2014/03/10 17:51:25
    Once or twice a year.
    I only did about 3 for a picture on FB. Then I didn't use them..
  • Kelsie 2014/03/10 02:33:30
    Once or twice a week.
    Y'all never take selfies? What? I really hate my appearance and I'm extremely insecure and yet I still take quite a lot of selfies.
  • Moejj 2014/03/09 23:38:12
    selfies are LAME
  • Marianne723 2014/03/09 23:16:03
    I am not stuck on myself.

     egotistical  selfies
  • Dave 007 2014/03/09 12:28:18
    Once or twice a year.
    Dave 007
    Sometimes when on vacation. That stupid picture from the Oscars, Bradley Cooper took it and DeGeneres gets the credit. And I would have never seen it if all the media didn't show it for days.
  • L Dub 2014/03/09 06:57:12
    Once or twice a year.
    L Dub
    Or less.
  • Kozmo, Kostable of the Kust... 2014/03/09 05:30:27
    Kozmo, Kostable of the Kustodian
    Only did one that I posted online and not spontaneous. Had to set up a couple desklamps because I didn't want to use flash on a reflection of myself. This is what I wore to Church on Christmas 2011. Have become something 'different' since
    Presbyterian Kozmo
  • randall.perot 2014/03/09 05:28:42 (edited)
    The fact that "selfie" is a word in common usage is depressing in itself and a sad indicator of the state of our society. "Please everyone, look at me!"
  • User Deactivated 2014/03/09 05:26:50
    User Deactivated
    Truthfully, twice in my entire life.
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2014/03/08 13:47:29
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
  • pricklypear 2014/03/07 23:42:35
    Once or twice a month.
    I only mostly have close friends on my instagram, so I don't have many people to broadcast my face to, why would I anyway? But I do sometimes just to use my instagram since I don't have much else to take photos of, I try to take selfies mostly with friends because I just want to remember our time together (Most of my friends live 30 minutes away so I only get to see them one or twice a month).
  • Rick 2014/03/07 21:33:21
    I do not like the word. I hope it does not make it into any dictionary but, I am afraid it will.
  • Twisted Princess 2014/03/07 17:56:39
    Once or twice a year.
    Twisted Princess
    I did it once to see if it was worth the hype. It wasn't.
  • Not A Crybaby Richard <3Fre... 2014/03/07 17:42:59
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
    Because there is nothing more important than myself...
  • Mark5610 2014/03/07 17:10:07 (edited)
    selfie poop
    What 99% of people who do this look like.
  • Roy Mun... Mark5610 2014/03/08 13:48:14
  • janet Mark5610 2014/03/10 20:18:55
    LMAO..Yes this person should never do selfies ,,,EVER!!
  • KLB 2014/03/07 16:50:14
    Ok, so I have been in the middle of nowhere for 3 months, work related, so I had never heard of a 'selfie' until recently. Would not have caught on where I was as 'they' were not permitted to use cameras, in public anyhow.
  • lily 2014/03/07 12:02:18
    Once or twice a day.
    Sad, but true
  • Jimmy lily 2014/03/07 23:35:36
  • Never.
    I have better things to do with my time!
  • kyle.reed.925 2014/03/07 06:38:17
    I have self respect, and don't need excess attention
  • Grammar Freak 2014/03/07 03:33:40
    Once or twice a year.
    Grammar Freak
    Notice how most of them are not looking into the camera but at something off to the right (their right)? There are only two or three looking into the smart phone. Bradley Cooper was holding the phone, so why isn't he looking at it? Ellen, Jared Leto & Brad Pitt are all looking at whatever Bradley is looking at... Meryl Streep too, I think.
    These guys should be used to movie/TV cameras enough to know better than to look into it while posing for a smart-phone.


    I guess they seemed to have fun doing it. I loved Ellen telling Pitt that he was a "camera hog." Very cute.
  • Raymond 2014/03/07 02:01:27
    Never Ever!
  • BigD_U.S.M."HD"Vet. 2014/03/07 01:09:26
    Once or twice a month.
  • mich 2014/03/07 00:30:37
    Once or twice a week.
    I'm an artist and I often shoot my own reference photos.
  • MkB 2014/03/07 00:05:41
    I can't believe the selfie crashed Twitter...but maybe this one will too... get ready, set, tweet!

    hollywood selfie parody
  • Scheißegal 2014/03/06 22:56:24
    Once or twice a year.
    I've done so a couple times in the past few months.
  • TeamEdwardJace 2014/03/06 22:44:46
    Once or twice a month.
    it varies lol
  • s2k 2014/03/06 19:19:55
    Once or twice a year.
    If that
  • vexuda12 2014/03/06 18:37:00
  • happyhappyhappy 2014/03/06 13:22:45
    Once or twice a month.
    I'll admit, I take selfies occasionally. Usually with my sister though or if my hair is funny then I'll send a picture to my girlfriend.
  • LindaM 2014/03/06 13:22:38
    Hate to have my picture taken, even if it's by me.
  • sherjohnlockian 2014/03/06 05:20:40
    Once or twice a year.
    I used to take selfies all the time, but i've moved on from that. Once in a while I will though.
  • memebev1 2014/03/06 03:48:35
    I hate my picture taken let alone a selfie.Just wouldn't happen...

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