Old MCR or New MCR?

JadeyWadey 2008/11/26 16:48:16
Old MCR.
I just don't like any MCR
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As we all should know...The coming of The Black Parade lost a lot of fans...And brought a lot of new fans. Most of them are poserish..But others are fans like me. A person who loves the band for all their music, not just because one of the band members are hot. But of course there is constant debate about not only if MCR is good or not from fans and haters..But which CD, or time is better, another debate within all the fans of MCR. I want to know your opinion.
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  • christine95~sumgirl 2009/09/29 19:01:23
    ALL MCR ^-^
    thats easy enough :-D love 'em always :-D
  • splooeesh 2009/08/31 08:16:50
    ALL MCR ^-^
    I actually don't know
  • red cat 2009/08/16 14:13:58
    Old MCR.
    red cat
    I like the old my chem, when Gerard had that crazy long greasy hair and really didnt give a shit, but it kinda seems like alot has changed now since he has a kid and he is getting older...
  • gerard_mcr_lova 2009/08/15 04:31:06 (edited)
    ALL MCR ^-^
    I was here for them throughout all their years, and i noticed some people i know liking them because i like them (aka my friends) so yes, they are poserish and like the new mcr, but i love them all the time. The fans that are posers and only like the band for the members are fuckers. I really liked The Black Parade, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, and I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. But i dont care about the posers. i only care about the fans, who are always there for them such as my self.
  • MCRfreakakaKayleigh 2009/08/01 16:09:25
    ALL MCR ^-^
    who doesn't like all the albums
  • TheRumor 2009/07/13 23:21:12
    ALL MCR ^-^
    All (: they never get old (: it's all new
  • Creeper 2009/07/10 05:54:35
    ALL MCR ^-^
    i like the old better than new, but I still love the new <3!!!
  • MCR_SAVED_MY_SOUL 2009/06/22 02:17:50
    ALL MCR ^-^
  • SAM 2009/05/29 23:24:53
  • Ena 2009/05/23 15:20:14
    ALL MCR ^-^
    The 'old' mcr is good, the 'new' mcr is good, mcr is good, have always been good, and will always be good =) maybe weird answear but yeah yeah ^^ They change style in every album but they still got the same power xD I like that they change style, i mean look on metallica - many of their songs sound like.. the same (i dont mean that metallica is bad - i like them ^^) But mcr change ^^
  • poisonvioletslove 2009/01/14 16:02:41
    ALL MCR ^-^
    The Black Parade caught me as a fan. Then I heard Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and nearly kicked myself for not paying attention sooner. Then I heard the Bullets album and I nearly died.
    The boys are amazing. Any music they make, they will make work.
    If they release a rap record, I probably WON'T listen to that...........but it won't stop me loving and supporting the band and all they do.
    I think if you are prepared to stop having faith in a band for ONE album that wasn't exactly what you wanted, then you were never really a fan,
    MCRmy for LIFE!!!
  • antanina poisonv... 2009/06/20 16:19:24
    oh crap thats the same freaken way i feel cuz ive heard the black parade and LOOVED it then like yeah 3 three cheers 4 sweet revenge was like damn this is the best music ive ever heard in mi entire life and like i still get this feeling from time that i wished ive known them a lot sooner ( i know im weird but who cares im a freaken obsessed mcr fan!)
  • . 2008/12/01 23:44:23
    ALL MCR ^-^
    They could put out a country album & I'd support it.

    mcr country album support mcr country album support
  • Divia2 2008/12/01 23:00:16
    Old MCR.
    I like the old MCR better, but i still like them anywayz
  • becs [raccoon society] 2008/11/26 18:01:41
    ALL MCR ^-^
    becs [raccoon society]
    its all good :D
  • c e l i s u l l i v a n. 2008/11/26 17:42:29
    Old MCR.
    c e l i s u l l i v a n.
    I pretty much liked the old MCR, but I'm still a fan of them. (:
  • Kelllzerz 2008/11/26 16:55:02
    ALL MCR ^-^
    ALL!!! All of it! YEAH!!
    mcr yeah

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