Of these 10 most highly anticipated new fall TV shows, which are you most likely to watch?

Andrew 2007/09/06 20:39:16
Kid Nation
Bionic Woman
Gossip Girl
The Big Bang Theory
Private Practice
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Here are descriptions of the 10 most anticipated new TV shows, coming this fall.

"Kid Nation"
Cameras follow 40 kids for 40 days, between the ages of 8-15. They are placed in an abandoned ghost town, and attempt to build a new society from scratch. They must survive with no adult supervision or modern luxuries.

"Bionic Woman"
Updating of the 1970s series in which the life of a professional tennis player is saved with bionic technology that gives her superhuman abilities. Modern version examines what contemporary women go through in order to balance all areas of their busy lives.

"Gossip Girl"
Based on the popular book series of the same name, drama looks at the machinations going on among the moneyed adolescent students at prestigious New York private schools.

"The Big Bang Theory"
Two egghead guys - scientifically brilliant but backwards when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex - learn a little bit more about real life from their sexy, newly single neighbor.

On his 21st birthday, a young man learns his parents have pledged his soul to the Devil and now he's obligated to retrieve souls on the earthly plane that have escaped from Hell while working his day job at a warehouse home improvement store.

A private detective who also happens to be a vampire, wrestles with the complications of being immortal, his enemies and his love for a mortal woman.

Soapy drama featuring a power struggle between the man who takes over the rum empire owned by his surrogate family and the family's natural-born son, who feels he should be in charge of the business.

Twentysomething action dramedy featuring an average joe who becomes wanted by the CIA and the NSA after he inadvertently downloads a database of government secrets into his head.

"Private Practice"
Spinoff of the ABC drama, "Grey's Anatomy," featuring the character of Dr. Addison Montgomery. After going to California to visit old med school friends whose personal lives happen to be falling apart but whose medical practice is thriving, she considers leaving Seattle Grace and relocating to Santa Monica to work with them.

Three examples of "early man" living in Atlanta deal with discrimintation and relationships among homo sapiens sapiens. (Yeah, its based off the Geico commercials)
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  • Jon 2009/05/26 04:52:55
    None of the above
    Wait a min. After reading your posted choices, I'm wondering if you meant, for Fall 2008. Out of all of them, chuck and Heroes are the ones that lasted. min reading posted choices meant fall 2008 chuck heroes lasted min reading posted choices meant fall 2008 chuck heroes lasted
  • melee 2008/12/18 02:27:25
    None of the above
    Burned, The Closer, or Saving Grace !
  • Marebear 2008/06/15 03:30:22
    Gossip Girl
    i watch it, still watch it , & LUV IT!!!!!
  • Mountain_Dew 2008/05/13 23:42:00
    None of the above
    no no no!!! you forgot Smallville!!! and Supernatural!!!! those are my fav. reaper is just a lame spin off of supernatural, so if for some reason you LIKE reaper, then you would absolutly LOVE supernatural, its funny, scary at times, and extreamily dramatic!!! sounds like fun doesnt it!?
  • Gun665 2008/05/12 04:57:18
  • Desiree 2007/12/30 06:29:59
    that show is soo funny!
  • anna 2007/12/23 15:41:44
    Honestly, I have watched Moonlight since the beginning. It's time slot really has no competition, but besides that the show is awesome, great chemistry and hot guy! Caveman-hated the commercials; Private Practice, didn't like her on Grey's; Chuck-never saw it; Cane-weak; Reaper-really too cheesy & "teeny"; Gossip Girl-never saw it, but reminds me of 90210 look, "teeny"; Big Bang Theory-not funny; Bionic Woman-can't get into it, tried;Kid Nation-come on, reality is so last year!
  • kcalle 2007/11/20 19:00:54
    this one sounds interesting, the rest are so-so...
  • Cat 2007/11/20 02:49:00
    Moonlight is GREAT ..the rest dissapoint me.......

    Alex O Loughlin can nibble on my neck any time

  • ATM 2007/09/13 22:43:08
    None of the above
    I love New york season 2
  • Piglet 2007/09/12 00:24:20
    Private Practice
    Only because I really love Grey's Anatomy and I figured with the same writers...it's sure to be a big hit!
  • Mercury2120 2007/09/11 03:41:01
    The concept was fun...it really evolved. I like them.
  • cafeblue 2007/09/07 16:43:36
    None of the above
    I want to check out Pushing Daisies and Back to You.
  • ☺that's all she wrote... 2007/09/07 01:29:02
    None of the above
    ☺that's all she wrote...
    Back to You^^ with Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer
  • anna ☺that's... 2007/12/23 15:42:43
    I tried that show too. It started great, but seems to have really wained...You think?
  • ☺that's... anna 2007/12/23 22:27:05
    ☺that's all she wrote...
    Agree. Never really seem to get all the way through it.
    Tried Men in Trees, but it was on the same time as Shark, so that took care of that. Plus, it's kind of a repackaged "Northern Exposure">> old- enough- to- be- married-and-settled-down-by-now Manhattanite goes to Alaska and finds elusive romance with local charmer, but takes forever to get it together.
    Shark is terrific, from last year also, but the football games are throwing off the schedule, so I don't know when it's starting any more.
    Good thing there's Sodahead. Always on, always the right time!
  • mrigor 2007/09/06 22:34:43
    None of the above
    Looking forward to new House season
  • Mercury... mrigor 2007/09/11 03:42:55
    I like House too, although sometimes the character gets too abrasive. I reallly look forward to L&O CI going to USA on Thursday nights. I can't wait.
  • Scott 2007/09/06 22:29:28
    None of the above
    They all sound pretty bad. I haven't had cable for 4 months now and I am less motivated to get it after seeing the line up. Well, college football will be the reason to get it I guess.
  • tmr 2007/09/06 22:17:46
    This sounds interesting. Sort of like some of the books written by Linda Lael.
  • juju 2007/09/06 20:57:25
    Kid Nation
    I love all things reality
  • Rain 2007/09/06 20:55:27
    Kid Nation
    I don't watch much tv other than news but I have been wanting to see Kid Nation...looks interesting
  • Hola 2007/09/06 20:41:28
    Bionic Woman
    Looks very interesting. Still, it seems that these shows are not that great.
  • tmr Hola 2007/09/06 22:23:13
    The Bionic Woman was a fun show back when, but I am not sure about now. The previews appear to depend on graphics too much for my taste. It really is very sad that Hollyweird has to recycle old television shows and movies. I guess they have run out of their own ideas.

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