Oath Keepers. Do you support their mission and in so how?

\V/ 2009/08/08 07:29:32
Politics Government - No Ne...
Yes, I support the mission.
I'm not sure and he's why
I'm activing working to promote them and I recieve the newsletter
I'm too tired, I have iron poor tired blood
All of the above
None of the above
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A group made up of citizens of all political parties that want our military, police, firefighters and all those who serve the country to swear to uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights above all, against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

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  • InoYamanaka 2012/08/19 03:45:42
    Yes, I support the mission.
    Support it very much.
  • DP 2012/08/18 20:18:45
    Yes, I support the mission.
    Finally some people who are serious enough to get off of their butts and do something.
  • gocar 2012/08/18 17:31:37
    None of the above
    What a waste of time. In times of crisis the police are on the side of the authorities. They do not think about the Constitution while controlling a crowd of demonstrators. They can be just as brutal as any foreign army on their own people. Many come to the job with their own right or left leanings and they will determine how they treat private citizens more that any oath swearing.
  • DefendnProtect 2012/08/18 16:27:44
    I'm activing working to promote them and I recieve the newsletter
    They are my heroes!

    I signed up for the newsletter. Because my state (the Netherlands) is not listed I checked the box 'armed forces Europe' ;)

    dont tread on me

    the second protects the first
  • sjalan 2012/06/05 05:45:59
    None of the above
    NO I do NOT support the ultra right fascist movment known as the Promise Keepers. Their roots are based in the Evangelical religious movement of the early 1990's and Just like the RCC they are a very dangerous political movement.
  • \V/ sjalan 2012/06/07 01:00:50
  • sjalan \V/ 2012/06/07 02:07:29

    I suggest you read the article and look at the simularities. The look up the people mentioned. The leader in Arizona is also a member of the Promise Keepers and is an outspoken member of the Tea Party.

    This kind of blatant fascist style of anarchy against the rule of law is totally unacceptable in our society. It begs the quesiton are they as much the problem of uncontrolled terrorists as the Tea Party is political radicals or the coalition of the Corporatist / Repubulicans / radical Evangelicals who are set to form the Fascist Theocracy of the US?

    I'm not so certain but that they are ALL unacceptable and doing absolutely no good for our country; only causing division. From "religious" perspective, that is what Satan the Devil does, divide and conquer.

    Are these people doing any less than causing further division? I'd say they all are, especially when they take matters into their own hands are form anti-government malitia's
  • \V/ sjalan 2012/06/07 03:22:36
  • burning... sjalan 2012/08/22 19:26:15
    "fascist style of anarchy." uh, what?
  • Ahrtal burning... 2013/01/06 15:18:03
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who was wondering about that. A fajita of oxymorons!
  • cancled 2012/06/04 23:53:50
    None of the above
    Uphold who's interpertation of the constitution.
    As there are many different interpertations of the constitution.
    The democrats interpert the constitution one way, and the republicans interpert the constitution another way, and we the people interpert it even another way.
    So who gets to decide what interpertation of our constitution gets followed????
    And that's the problem, everyone want's their own twist on what the constitution is saying.
    Our judicial system interperts the constitution by todays society standards, not by the way we the people see it.
    Because most of we the people don't really understand the constitution's meanings.
    Good luck with that project, it won't amount to a hill of beans the way society is so divided today.
  • \V/ cancled 2012/06/07 01:03:43
  • cancled \V/ 2012/06/07 01:11:30
    The bill of rights is in word only, it really does not esxist in reality to alot Americans because of how it's manipulated by government.
    And that's OK, because most people accept that reality from their political leaders.
    I mean they must, because they put up with it, well that or they are just stupid, and maybe there is a little of both !
  • \V/ cancled 2012/06/07 01:31:36
  • cancled \V/ 2012/06/07 04:55:40
    Hmmmmmmm, well as great as the message of the green Party, and as true as they are, and god bless them.
    Most people think they are some sort of communist party, and though those people are fools, that's what they think, and there are a hell of alot of those fools out there. So the green party, which I use to be a member of ( Ralph Nader ), is not going to even make a good run for it in 2012 I'm afraid.
    Americans today are like children. Ask them which they want to eat, good nutritional vegetables, or a hot fudge sundae, and 90% of them will pick the sundae.
    Like vegetables, the green party might be good for America, but the people don't want it. At least right now, and that's a shame more people can't be responsible, but that's the political truth. Nobody said you had to be smart to vote, and most arn't !!!!
    It's the reality we live in, ignorance is bliss.
    This next election I'm voting for who supports me and my lifestyle, because that how I make my living, and the green party ain't a realistic choice, so it's not them.
    I'm tired of living the dream of "what if", going back to reality!
  • \V/ cancled 2012/06/07 23:15:13
  • cancled \V/ 2012/06/08 13:21:07
    Yes, and so far the two party system has banned Greens from public debates (well any national televised debates that is) because they don't want people knowing the truth. And it's working quite well for them.
    One day will never come if they have their way, and they are getting their way because most Americans are still stupid!!!
  • ConLibFraud 2012/06/04 16:48:42
    Yes, I support the mission.
    DC is chuck full of Oath Breakers and criminals. What is taking so long to arrest all them and put them behind bars?
  • \V/ ConLibF... 2012/06/07 01:05:54
  • ConLibF... \V/ 2012/06/07 01:36:50
    All out of patience.
  • \V/ ConLibF... 2012/06/07 03:23:11
  • ConLibF... \V/ 2012/06/07 15:19:52
    I know my friend. I am out of patience with the lame wimpy dumbed down sheeple!
  • mary E 2012/05/22 06:25:28
    Yes, I support the mission.
    mary E
    I joined as a supporting member. I have not received a newsletter. How do you get the newsletter?
  • Dagon mary E 2012/06/03 18:16:43
  • mary E Dagon 2012/06/05 03:47:24
    mary E
    So do I stand with the Oath Keepers! I joined over a year ago as a supporting member. I haven't heard from them since. I suppose I expected a occasional email update or an opportunity to contribute.
  • Dagon mary E 2012/06/05 04:00:36
  • Kiara 2012/01/11 17:49:38
    I really don't know that much about them but they may be the true Patriots of our Country. I have been trying to learn more about them.
  • holly go lightly 2011/10/19 21:05:42
    Yes, I support the mission.
    holly go lightly
    I have taken the Oath twice.It brought tears to my eyes both times.I will take it again and take it even if I must go under ground to do it.
    It is not a question of partisanship it is a question of LIBERTY.
  • \V/ holly g... 2011/10/20 01:13:59
  • ReconMarine~PWCM*AVA*BTTB*JLA* 2011/06/28 02:48:23
  • \V/ ReconMa... 2011/07/01 04:34:00
  • Linda 2011/04/14 20:09:52
    Yes, I support the mission.
    They're true-blooded patriots in defense of the USA against all enemies, foreign AND domestic. Our Founders knew that we might face the Trojans one day, didn't they?

    We are the only country on this Earth that is endowed by our Creator Who gives us our individual rights-- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our Constitution must be protected and defended. Without it, we are no light on the hill.

    Remember: If government giveth; government can taketh away.

    It's not IF the government will try to overpower American citizens--it's WHEN. The Oath Keepers will be united in her defense, from within to oppose the Trojan.

    And I receive the newsletter. :-)
  • \V/ Linda 2011/04/15 07:03:43
  • Steve J~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/20 23:40:47
    Yes, I support the mission.
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Yes, but how can a liberal progressive, which by definition doesn't support the Constitution, be part of the 'Oath Keepers".

    Isn't that an Oxymoron?
  • Linda Steve J... 2011/04/14 20:17:01
    You don't have to believe in a Creator that endowed you with your individual rights, but you enjoy them everyday whether you believe or not. Now that Constitution confirms those God-given rights and it is what our government is supposed to govern by. Without that government limitation, your rights as an individual to be a liberal progressive or ultraconservative don't exist (except maybe silently in your heart).

    Then the question really is, how could you NOT be in defense of the Constitution?

    PS. And the only oxymoron are the words "liberal progressive."
  • \V/ Linda 2011/04/15 07:10:52
  • largo1 2011/03/20 23:29:01
    Yes, I support the mission.
    If they succeed we won't have any leadership left, it's both sad and inspiring.
  • merlinskiss 2011/03/20 23:24:15 (edited)
    None of the above
    After Vietnam, I swear no oaths to anyone or anything for any reason. Don't believe in them. But, I do fully support worthwhile causes that I choose of my own free will and volition. The Constitution and Bill of rights happen to be two of them. I fully support both! So should our politicians and corporate leaders. But they don't. Their creed is greed and avarice supported through their lobbyists..
  • Wild Kitty 2011/03/20 23:06:54 (edited)
    Yes, I support the mission.
    Wild Kitty
  • holly g... Wild Kitty 2011/10/19 21:08:19
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